I really like music. You could call me obsessed (in fact, my Instagram bio does just that). I’ve taken it at GCSE, which requires a lot of dedication (plus the ability to show off your true musical nerdiness by bursting into song, HSM-style, when someone says a lyric in conversation). I’ve got roughly 1000 songs on my phone, am addicted to Spotify for homework and have only *occasionally* used their lyrics function for impromptu karaoke…occasionally.

I don’t have a specific taste in music…I like chart music, obscure minimalism (Steve Reich and Philip Glass, lookin’ at you…), indie stuff, alternative stuff, electronic stuff, singer-songwriter stuff…a really niche, specific style, as you can see! What you should know, though, is that I’m a major Lauren Aquilina, Bastille and Ella Eyre fan, with a bit of Sam Smith, Kygo and Ed Sheeran thrown in too (seen 3/6 live, yasss!)…really, just expect the unexpected when it comes to my musical preferences!

Here’s where you can find my Tracklisting Thursday posts, gig reviews, tales of my time in a youth jazz orchestra (which has so far included trips to Serbia and Switzerland, so is definitely not boring…) and any other musical musings which make there way on here! Feel free to stick around and have a poke through the archives 🙂

What music do you like most? Which of my musical-themed posts do you like best?


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