Since I’ve Been Gone

I realised last night that its been a long time since I wrote anything other than a list or a bunch of photos, so waking up this morning to the sound of rain and nothing other than an unspecified number of hungover teenagers to deal with (results day…) I decided to postpone getting up for a while longer and have a go at writing something a bit different and a bit more chatty. After all, I was absent from here for about two months, and a lot happened in that time…but for now, I’m back. (try and stifle the depressed groans, pls)

I went to Cornwall with my best friend, which was one of the best trips to Cornwall I’ve ever had…a personal photographer and Disney fan made everything better, and who wouldn’t want to spend three days straight with their best friend when they haven’t seen them in a few weeks?

Straight after Cornwall, I headed to Holland for a week to have a look at universities in Rotterdam, Groningen and Maastricht. I still don’t know if I want to study in Holland or if I can even do the subject I want at a place I like but I know that I still love Holland, especially Rotterdam and Maastricht.

After Holland I had a few breather days where I did my first shift at one of my new jobs (I was so terrified before I genuinely thought I was going to throw up but it went alright in the end)(mainly because there was a lot of free food). I also caught the train down to Plymouth to stay other with two of my best friends and go swimming in the absolutely freezing Tinside Lido. Only in Britain would you willingly freeze to death in a bikini because it’s above 15 degrees and not raining…(yet).

Then I headed to Scotland with my sister to spend five days in Edinburgh with my godparents, which was really fun (and no murder or even too much violence occurred, you can tell my sister and I are getting closer to being responsible adults!), and although apparently my mum requested we were introduced to Prosecco, we were more interested in Pokemon Go. (Heads up, Edinburgh Zoo has an insane amount of Pokestops)

I still didn’t relax after Scotland – within two hours of landing, I was on the train to the beach with friends, then ended up having a sleepover where I was forced into watching a horror movie. SO MUCH STRESS IT WAS SO NOT FUN. (but on the bright side I made a deal that if my boyfriend made me watch a horror movie I could make him watch Frozen. He’s now convinced Olaf is massively depressed and suicidal and has a fully developed theory for how Elsa can take over the world. Alrighty.)

giphy (44)

So apparently this really cute bit just illustrates Olaf’s suicidal tendencies? (via)

I’ve also, in my incredibly exciting summer, made it onto season 2 of 90210 on Netflix without realising it, and finished series 1 of Prison Break. Now to start Making A Murderer

Oh, and I spent a couple of days in Exmouth with friends and met another for lunch at Pizza Express, which was all fun but is making me more and more nervous about leaving the in September. I’m so looking forward to college but it’s hard to deal with the idea that argh I’m not going to have lessons or spend half my day with these people I’ve been chucked together with for seven years but instead I have to make new friends which is terrifying. If this is my last post on here just assume I turned into a weird jelly Thing of Fear. (alternatively I just got really lazy and unmotivated again, that’s probably more likely).

giphy (45)

me when I think about leaving school (via)

Oh, and in the most important news of this whole post, I made rocky road last night, in order to defend my title as Rocky Road Goddess. Some people have never tried mine and don’t believe it is absolutely the best, so I’m going to prove them wrong. Rocky road is my signature dish and I am the best at it. End of. I’m also very modest about my baking abilities, if you hadn’t noticed.

Music of the Month: February


Um, yeah, it’s nearly halfway through March, whoops. In my defence, I’ve been super busy, with Mother’s Day, my mum’s birthday, GCSE Music ensemble performance *and* a GCSE Spanish writing controlled assessment exam. Fun times. Anyhow, here is a condensed version of my Spotify playlist for February – see the full thing here.

Sun Goes Down (ft. Jasmine Thompson) – Robin Schulz

My friend’s been obsessed with this approximately forever, but only recently have I actually started to like it. Now, it’s one of my favourite songs!

Unsteady – X Ambassadors

I feel like I’ve already written about this song, though I’m not sure where?? Anyway, this is another one that someone else recommended to me, and I love it. It took a couple of listens, but now I would definitely recommend listening to it.

Light It Up (ft. Nyla and Fuse ODG) – Major Lazer

This is a seriously good song for running to, or just for those moments when you desperately need cheering up and need to make yourself have a crazy one-person dance party. Just me? Okay then.

Now Is The Start – A Fine Frenzy

I found this from Morgan Matson’s book Since You’ve Been Gone and, as the book says, it’s really good to kickstart a running playlist!

Teach Me – Bakermat

Like Sun Goes Down, this is another song my friend’s been a fan of for ages, but I’ve only recently rediscovered it and now really like it!

Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

Basically the same story as Light It Up.

YOUTH – Troye Sivan

I really wasn’t a fan of this when I first heard it, but a few listens later and hey presto, it’s one of those songs that I can’t always remember the name of but instantly recognise the opening chords to (that’s a good thing, in case you were wondering).

Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy

I’m slightly concerned that I’m going to hear this on the radio so much that I start groaning internally when I hear it (*ahem*, 7 Years), but so far so good!

All My Friends – Snakehips

Hold Me Up – Conrad Sewell

This is the guy that featured on Kygo’s Firestone and, in short, me gusta mucho.

Lucky Chops/Youngblood Brass Band

I went through a bit of a brass band phase last month, after one of my friends told me about Lucky Chops (well, actually just moaned that I didn’t know them, but y’know, same thing). I subsequently (metaphorically) shoved them down pretty much everybody I know’s throat, because they’re SO GOOD. I especially recommend Funkytown/Feeling Good, Problem, I’m Not The Only One, My Girl and Hello (aka pretty much everything), but just YouTube them to find a load of incredible live recordings. For Youngblood Brass Band, I recommend Ain’t Nobody and Crescent City. 

The Sound – The 1975

Stressed Out/Heavydirtysoul – Twenty One Pilots

So it turns out TOP are named after my GCSE drama set text, All My Sons, and the 21 pilots that are indirectly murdered in it (creds to my friend for that random but awesomely coincidental fact). In terms of their music, I’m finding that it takes a couple of listens for me to like it, but then I love it. According to one of my best friends, their older stuff is even better, so I definitely need to check that out next!

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

Apparently I’ve been listening to this for years without ever realising how awesome the strings in this are, but it’s all good, I’ve finally realised. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go listen to this IMMEDIATELY!


And that’s it! I so want to add loads of stuff I’ve been listening to this month, but I’ll save that for the start of April…or more likely, halfway through!

What have you been listening to this month? Remember, you can see the rest of my playlist HERE, or check out my January music picks HERE.


n.b. feature image background photo via unsplash, by Anthony Delanoix


10 Things That Made Me Happy {week two}

Yes! Hallelujah! I’ve made it to the second week of a new feature! *happy spoon dance* yay.

Anyway, here are ten things that made my week a little bit better…


  1. Books, books, books I got a bit back into reading last week, with Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven both securing places as some of my favourite books (which I already knew about Attachments as it was a reread, but now there’s confirmation). {see my review and playlist for ATBP here} I also read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, though not out of choice…gotta love half term school reading 😦
  2. Lucky Chops/Youngblood Brass Band WHAT IS IT WITH BRASS GROUPS HAVING WEIRD NAMES?!? Seriously?! Maybe it’s an American thing…anyway, I kinda knew of Youngblood before, but I rediscovered them a bit last week…THEY DID A COVER OF AIN’T NOBODY! (I like it, if you hadn’t guessed) And a friend told me about Lucky Chops and omg they’re so good. I *especially* love their covers of Hello, My Girl, Problem and Funkytown/I Feel Good. Even if you don’t like the originals, I highly recommend you check out the covers!
  3. New school stuff *party hat emoji* I got a new bag and pencil case and I love them. NEW STATIONERY MAKES MY HEART HAPPY.
  4. Ben and Jerrys Or as I’ve recently renamed it, Bae and Jerrys. That new chocolate cookie core flavour though…it appears there are some advantages to my sister having A-Level-mocks-breakdowns.       b+j
  5. Goodreads I only got this at the start of this year, but I’m making an effort to keep on top of adding my books and I really like it! It’s surprisingly satisfying to see how much I’m reading and see my progress on my reading goal for this year 🙂
  6. New glasses YAY I FINALLY CAN SEE (I think). After a few weeks of noticing my vision was blurry, I’ve finally got a new pair of *hopefully* the right prescription. I’m just crossing my fingers that any slightly dodgy things I can’t see is just a mental thing…I hope!
  7. Eye Doctor eye mask OK this is a weird one, bear with me please! I have Meibomian gland dysfunction, which just means my eyes are drying out because the glands under my eyes – the Meibomian glands – are getting blocked and stopping oil from getting into my tears. To treat this, I have to spend ten minutes with a microwaved eye mask on my eyes to melt the oil, which is actually really nice. Tonight I’m hoping to have a go with an audiobook while I do it, which should be fun…
  8. Shopping + lunch On Wednesday I met a friend in town (HALF TERM YEAH) and we bought some stuff and went to Artigiano for lunch and it was just really fun. Except the rain. But hey, it’s Britain, what more can you expect?! artigiano
  9. Something terrifying turning out OK I have absolutely no idea why, but on Tuesday/Wednesday I got really stressed out about hockey on the Wednesday. Like, I haven’t got that stressed in years. My theory is that it was loads of stress about GCSEs and coursework and A Level choices all building up and coming out in a really stupid way. But in the end, despite all the freaking out and doing two dramatic slides   that culminated whacking my butt and *hopefully* saving two goals (the pitch was slippy, OK?!), I had a pretty good time. Yay 🙂
  10. I GOT A COLLEGE OFFER! I’m thinking I’m going to go to the local college to study the International Baccalaureate (instead of staying and doing A Levels at my school’s sixth form), and although I’m applying for sixth form and college, I got an interview for college and a place! Even though I think most people get an offer, and I still have to get the grades (which hopefully shouldn’t be too much of a challenge), I’m really happy 🙂 More so than I expected, and I’m now really excited – I think it’s kinda cemented that yes, this is what I want to do (though I am terrified I’ll end up hating it).

What made your week good? Let me know in the comments!



Very Blogger Problems

OK, so carrying on from my previous post on trumpeter problems, I thought I’d write about an issue I suspect will be waayyy too relatable for most of you – blogger problems. It’s when you experience moments such as the ones I’m going to list that you know you’re a fully fledged blogger – your WordPress addiction has been cemented, you’re more likely to check your stats than Facebook and you spend ages desperately trying to take passable Instagram photos despite a complete lack of natural light because January + school = only at home in darkness. Yay. Anyway…

  • Getting weird looks when you force your friends to stop for a coffee cup photoshoot. Honestly though, how can you miss the classic three-black-coffee-cups shot? @mixomuseblog
  • Having THE BEST blog post idea, mentally noting it, being sure you’ll remember it and then guess what? You forget it. Wave goodbye to the post that would’ve made you viral, for sure.
  • When you’re filled with inspiration but can’t write a post because either a) used up all your data for that month already or b) your bedroom is the only room in the house where not one of your five wifi networks can be relied upon to be foolproof.
  • Wanting to rave desperately about that awesome book you just read but trying to keep your review spoiler-free so more people will read it.
  • Finding a new blog you’re addicted to but being terrified of copying their writing style.
  • When OMG YOU GOT NEARLY 500 FOLLOWERS but very few of your friends either care or understand.
  • Constantly having to try and stop yourself from writing your inner monologue in a way that reveals your identity. Damn you, anonymity.
  • Telling your friends about something only to be interrupted by them saying, “I know, I read your blog”.
  • Living slightly in fear of having to talk about your blog in public, especially with family. *pleasedon’tbringituppleasedon’tbringituppleasedon’tbringitup* “Oh, you have a blog?”

    giphy (13)

    No, I do not want to discuss my fabulous online alter ego with you ~source~//via Giphy

  • Also living in fear of accidentally using someone else’s photo or not crediting something properly and making people angry.
  • Your phone’s camera roll consisting of at least 35% Instagram rejects.
  • Taking photos of anything and everything because they’ll either work for your blog, Instagram or, if you’re a really pro photographer, both.


    Me @ my cup of tea anywhere and anytime ~source~

  • Having to sacrifice blogging for revision and school work 😦
  • Wanting to participate in multiple events per month, e.g. both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo and ending up doing neither because you couldn’t decide.

    giphy (11)

    I feel like this should be my new life motto ~source~ (via Giphy)

  • Never having enough time to read AND blog AND do school stuff AND read other blogs AND comment on people’s posts.

    giphy (12)

    ~source~ // via Giphy

  • When a post you don’t expect to be popular is and one that you thought would go down well barely anybody sees.
  • TRYING TO EMBED GIFS AND INSTAGRAM POSTS ETC AFTER WORDPRESS CHANGED. Mr WP, I understood you before, now you “don’t support that file”. THAT’S NOT COOL. I think I’ve finally got my head round it though…
  • Never being able to meet up with your bloggy friends in real life because a) anonymity and b) turns out lots of people live in places like Australia and New Zealand and America. But one day WE WILL ALL MEET UP. (this day may just come sooner for the British)

What are your typical blogger problems?


PS I know I’ve been doing a lot of listy posts recently…they seem to have gone down well, but I will be changing it up a bit, don’t worry!

2015 In Popular Posts


I’m feeling a little bit meh for a few reasons but I wanted to try and get a post up, and I saw somebody else did a post like this (though annoyingly I couldn’t remember who…), so I thought I’d highlight my most popular posts of 2015 for any new readers or if people just want to have a read!

Here goes…{I chose the posts based on my personal opinion of them, how many likes/comments they got and how many views they got}


  • The Social Life of a Bookaholic Somehow this post about my local library reopening after being closed for 2 years was my second most viewed post this year (after the general home page/archives), despite being published in May last year. I’m honestly so confused as to why it’s had 402 views this year (it got a grand total of 20 last year), but feel free to head over here and try and figure out what all the fuss is about…
  • Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Wait To Get My Braces Off Although I’m now (thankfully) brace free, this post seems to have struck a chord with a lot of you as since being published waaayyyy back in February, it’s had 136 views. Yay. Check it out here.
  • My 2nd Ever Book Tag (I Think): The Book Lover’s Questionnaire 87 views since being published in April, yayze. (no, I have no idea what that word was either). By the way, in my first answer I asked if ~ had a name. I NOW KNOW THEY DO! THEY’RE CALLED SNARKS AND ARE USUALLY USED TO EXPRESS SARCASM! #funfactoftheday. See lots of snarks and more here!
  • A Discussing Teenager – Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover I’m pretty proud of this post about trying not to judge people without getting to know them, but how we all do it anyway, so I’m pleased it’s made the list with 79 views since May. Let me know your thoughts on it!

An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors | Books, Tea and a Onesie

  • An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors Again, I’m really pleased with this post – I wrote it in response to something kinda negative that happened to a blogger I’m friends with, and I feel like I got a really good post out of it. It’s had 70 views, so I’m guessing a fair few of you guys agree! (Plus, it has a pretty picture, so go check it out!)
  • An Overthinking Interview: Lauren Aquilina Getting to interview Lauren over email was basically life goals, especially then getting to see her live in October. Now that the album she talked about in the interview is starting to become a reality, why don’t you find out a little bit more about her?


  • A Blog For Every Occasion Talking about my favourite bloggers and sharing the bloggy love. What more could you want from a post?!?
  • Oh Hi There, Holidays! + Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger This post got a really positive response so it isn’t really as surprise that it’s had 45 views since October…and that November’s equally well received follow up has had 44 views!
  • Solidarité I’m seriously proud of this post – I’m actually considering submitting it as my application for a writing academy thing that I may be doing next year. I’m really pleased that I managed to articulate my thoughts on the Paris attacks in a way that (I think) made sense, so if you’d like to read it then check it out here!
  • 50 Things I Can’t Wait For This Autumn This post had an unexpectedly good reception – 42 views yay 🙂 although it’s more into winter now, a lot of what I wrote about here counts for December onwards as well, so it’s still very much relevant if you want to give it a read!
  • You Were Born To Be Real, Not To Be Perfect I can’t believe it was March when I wrote this! It’s still 100% relevant though, and I suspect I could end up rereading it as I approach my GCSE mocks after Christmas…*jumps for joy*
  • What Do We All Think We’ve Got And Then Lose In A Sudden Breakdown? Oh Yeah, Body Confidence! This post was really hard to write, but also really rewarding. It got 14 comments, so I’m guessing you guys found it helpful too! 🙂
  • Wetsuits, Ice Creams, Fish & Chips and the F-Word Remembering the incident this post was about still brings a smile to my face after five months, so if you feel like some swearing-related humour…check it out!
  • How To (Successfully) Fly A Plane For The First Time Without (Completely) Freaking Out This post is from one of the coolest things I’ve got to do – go flying back in June! As in, actually control the plane! Pretty awesome, right? I then wrote this post in a slightly different style to my normal writing style, kinda listy with *a LOT* of sarcasm (though let’s get real here, that’s hardly different to my normal style), so it’s nice that it went down so well 🙂 check out my top tips for that everyday activity that is flying a Grob Tutor here!


  • ~SPOILER ALERT~PATRICK NESS, YOU BROKE MY HEART AND STOPPED ME FROM BELIEVING IN LUCK {The Knife Of Never Letting Go} ~SPOILER ALERT~ Okay, last post. {in case you didn’t notice, this contains spoilers, so only click if you’re okay with that and won’t murder me in my sleep for ruining the plot!} (please just don’t do that anyway) This was a major outpouring of OMFG PATRICK NESS WHYYYYYY after I finished The Knife Of Never Letting Go and…yeah, it contains A LOT of capitals. (sorry-not-sorry). It’s kinda different style to my normal writing, in that’s it’s a bit more inner-monologuey, and is just an explosion of squealing fangirlness and HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME. I’m pretty impressed it’s had 25 views when I only published it on the 3rd December, but I guess that’s just testament to how my blog’s grown. Anyway. go check it out HERE!

What posts of mine have stuck out for you from 2015? 





(probably not)





{via good ol’ Amazon}



(prepare for a post full of random, uncoordinated thoughts)

So it took a little while for the action (namely, Todd meeting Viola and everything happening) to kick off, but to be honest I think that was probably necessary, and there isn’t loads of intro stuff. Without Todd’s internal dialogue on the way to the swamp, we wouldn’t know so much about his knowledge of Prentisstown, etc, and obviously he wouldn’t have discovered ~the silence~.

I think the whole concept of Noise is pretty awesome, it adds a whole extra dimension to the difficulty of running away. And the slow release of info, when Todd’s been told how a boy becomes a man but we still don’t know. And how Todd refuses to read his mother’s book and I’m just there like HELLO TODD OVER HERE I’M CURIOUS PLEASE READ IT ALREADY.

AND OMG THE WHOLE 13 MONTHS THING THREW ME SO MUCH. I was just like, sorry what? I had to do a quick mental check that yes, years were 12 months long, I’m not getting excited about Christmas a month early, it’s all good. And just the whole sci-fi thing! Like, it’s not obviously completely about aliens etc etc, but maybe as it’s all Todd’s ever known, it feels like it *could* be Earth. And the whole thing about the spaceships and just YES it feels like it could not unreasonably actually be Earth’s future, which isn’t really good, to be honest. But effective in a book.

AND AARON. IS HE FLIPPING IMMORTAL OR SOMETHING? (*may* have used some slightly more explicit language ranting about him to a couple of friends) Like, seriously. PRETTY SURE IT’S NOT BIOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE TO KEEP CHASING PEOPLE WHEN HALF YOUR HEAD HAS BEEN RIPPED OFF. THINK OF THE BLOOD YOU’D LOSE. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK, HMMM, MR NESS? It did add a few interesting levels to the book though – firstly, you kept getting your hopes up and then being bitterly disappointed, which kept you really engaged with the book. On the other hand, it did get a *teensy* but farcical by the end. Plus them constantly being caught – like seriously, what happened to luck???

I do like how Ness wrote about the settlement, Carbonel Downs or something, with the weird thing about women. Like, it’s pretty much expected and only small but the way he made both Todd and Viola so disgusted made the feminist part of me kinda happy 🙂 yay!

BUT BEFORE WE PRAISE HIM TOO MUCH WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT MANCHEE. PEOPLE SAY JOHN GREEN IS THE HEARTBREAKER BUT NOT HERE. I never really fully ~got~ it when people going on about animals dying being sadder than human deaths, UNTIL NOW. Like, yeah I was sad when Viola died and when I heard Cillian died (though obviously not about Aaron, he 10000000% outlived his welcome) (but going back to the farce thing, I was so expecting Davy Prentiss to turn up again next to the Mayor at the end) (hey, I haven’t read the next book yet…) but when Manchee died? I WAS SPEECHLESS.

I took a leaf out of Todd’s book (sorry in advance), messaging my friends saying something like “MANCHEE EFFING DIED”. (I only said effing, honest).






*tries to insert tragically crying gif to show emotions in interesting and engaging way but FLIPPIN TYPICAL WORDPRESS WON’T LET ME SO JUST IMAGINE ME BAWLING MY EYES OUT (but metaphorically because I have a heart of stone and books don’t *actually* make me cry, they just make me feel like I want to)*

It was one of those moments when you REALLY WANT the impossible to happen (*ahem* lookin’ at YOU, Aaron with his nose ripped off and a hole in his cheek yet who’s STILL FLIPPING ALIVE HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK) and for Manchee to come scampering up going “Todd? Todd? Poo, Todd.” Alas, it never happened. PATRICK NESS, YOU BROKE MY HEART AND STOPPED ME FROM BELIEVING IN LUCK.



But generally, I liked it. That church under the waterfall sounds ~incredible~. And I REALLY HOPE Ben doesn’t die in the next book. (HE BETTER NOT, I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN COPE). And it’s so damn quotable. The whole thing between Todd and the knife. The way the Noise is written out on the page. All so effective, all so awesome.


(that was me just throwing up all the awesomeness I ingested reading this book)

So yeah, I kinda liked it.

What do you think of it? Is the rest of the series as good/hideously heartbreaking? (But please, NO SPOILERS! :))

As I suspect this post proved, “without a filter, a man is just chaos walking”


Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger // Part II


I don’t know if you recall, but a few weeks ago (at the start of half term *sheds a tear for lost holidays*) I wrote a post discussing how I felt about telling people I’m a blogger.

Since then, I’ve told a few more people. And y’know what? It’s been fine. Good. Not a problem. Nothing’s really changed, except occasionally I find myself thinking “ooh, do I want to write this when I know x or y might read it?”. But the philosophy I’m trying to stick to is that my blog’s always been the place where I don’t really have to censor what I’m saying (except for obvious stuff, like my identity etc.) and my style of writing’s already got me over 450 followers, over 5000 visitors and over 11,000 views. I’m clearly doing something right, so I don’t want to change who I am or how I write. Besides, what’s the point in hiding what I really feel about stuff or who I am? Is there really any advantage? If anybody’s actually bothered about me and what I’m doing, then that’s their problem, not mine – after all, nobody has to read this blog! (But y’know, thanks to all 450-something of you that do. It is pretty cool to know there are people that actually like my style or writing and what I write about enough to regularly (well, occasionally) stop by and have a nose around here. And some of my bloggy friends are THE BEST and now I feel like I’ve been neglecting you so GET READY TO BE BOMBARDED WITH MESSAGES SAYING HI).


But now onto what I actually meant to write about…I don’t know how many people I know in “real life” read this, or even know that it exists. I have no idea how many people know that it exists (from Instagram, or whatever) but have never bothered having a look. To be honest, I think I’m probably happier that I don’t know. I still find it awkward talking about my blog in ~real life~ (YOU MEAN STUFF EXISTS OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET?) so I try and avoid it as much as possible. But y’know, I’m getting better at it.

What’s your opinion on being a public blogger vs. hiding away in the big ol’ WordPress cave and hoping that nobody you know happens to stumble across you?



THE Most Embarrassing-Yet-Oddly-Hilarious Situation Ever

For those of you that are new here, or maybe just aren’t deranged stalkers avid fans that know every detail about my life (What, you mean some of you just come for the music recommendations, rather than my sparkling wit and sarcastic humour?) (Me, sarcastic?) (NO, NEVER), you may not know but I have a job waitressing at a local football club. It’s not the best job in the world but hey, it’s a job and money and for a 15 year old that’s not bad, eh?

Anyway, what’s that got to do with embarrassing situations we can all have a giggle over, I hear you ask? (“what’s that got to do with embarrassing situations we can all have a giggle over?”). Well, ask and thou shalt receive and all that, so here you go:

At work today, about half an hour, twenty minutes before the end (luckily!) I was clearing one of the boxes with the girl I was working with, and we were chatting to another girl who works there. I was just having a glass of water and she was eating a chicken wing that was leftover from a buffet (leftovers are basically the best part of the job, to be honest). I had earlier told her that they were really spicy, and she immediately put it down. Now, however, she went “How do you know these are spicy” (Spoiler: I’d had them in a buffet there a week or so before, when my mouth was left on fire). She picked one up and started eating it, getting about halfway through before her face changed and she went “Crap, they really are spicy!”. You probably had to be there, but it was just hilarious, her face…

Unfortunately, at this point I was at mid-swallow with my water, and in an effort not to spray it all over the tablecloth, I ended up semi-choking which, I can assure you, is a highly unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, water then started leaking through the hand clamped over my mouth in a desperate attempt to stem the flow of any kind of liquid. But the body doesn’t obey the brain, and sadly this doesn’t work. I ended up actually being semi-sick, although I didn’t realise this at first – I thought the only thing coming out was water! Sadly, as a few of the other girls confirmed, this wasn’t the case 😦 (they described it as white and lumpy – ew – though apparently I managed to swallow most of it, if that’s any kind of consolation…). Pretttyyy embarrassing, huh?

However, for some reason this was absolutely hilarious to the other girls and me…when I coughed afterwards I was immediately like, “THAT WAS ONLY A COUGH GUYS, DON’T WORRY” and the whole thing got vaguely farcical when our boss dealt with it by essentially just telling us to air-freshen the room to oblivion and a couple of the girls mistook a soap sud on one of the chairs for sick, and freaked out. Hahaha.

I think it’s safe to say, however, that I’m glad it happened near the end, and I will be VERY mindful about how I drink water in the future! Luckily there were no guests in the (executive and expensive) box, because that could’ve been VERY awkward (moreso that it already was, it that’s even possible…). Irritatingly, even though I’ve changed clothes and now had a bath, there’s still a faint scent of sick clinging to me. *sigh*…

Oh, one last thing! I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone in the Blog Squad for checking I was OK (before I explained I wasn’t ill, as such, and it wasn’t full-on vomit-fest, if that makes sense), especially Elly, Sydney, Jill (also thanks to Jill for the uncontrollable and infectious virtual laughter), Samantha and Life of a Secret Girl (sorry if I missed anybody out!)

Well, I hope this post made a few of you laugh…what embarrassing stories can you share to make me feel better about mine? 🙂 Thanks for reading, I hope I haven’t grossed you out too much!


Feeling A Bit Bleh

Hey, guys.

I’m gonna warn you now – this post is a bit more personal than normal, but I just wanted to write something and this felt right.

Some of you may know that I play the trumpet, and that I play in a youth jazz orchestra, which I’m now in my fourth year of playing for. within the orchestra, there are two bands – one for older, more experienced jazz players and one for younger ones – a training band, if you like. Everyone, with only a couple of exceptions goes through the younger band for at least a year before being promoted to the senior band.

So what’s this got to do with me feeling rubbish?

Well basically, last year three of my close friends went up to the older band. This year, my other three close friends have too. And I’m still in the younger band. There are probably reasonable reasons for this – three of my friends are at least a year older than me, there are new playing laws about ages for performers and there are only limited places for trumpets. One of my friends that went up this year is a bari sax player, who hardly have much competition, one is a trombone player (same thing applies – there are only I think four trombone players in the whole band) and then the others are sax players, all older than me but one who’s just stupidly talented, and there are generally more openings for sax players than brass. But I’m still feeling a bit shitty (sorry) because two trumpets went up, one of whom’s younger than me and both of them have only been in the orchestra for a year. Granted, they both played trumpet one last year (I played 2) and the younger one is a music scholar, but still. I guess I just really wish I’d moved up, as it feels like it’s now just me and a couple of others left behind in the younger band.

I’m also nervous about the social side of it. The rehearsal days are okay, because there are lots of breaks when I can chat to them absolutely fine, but what about the concerts? We rehearse at different times, so I’m not going to be able to go to the shops or hang around with them much at all.

I’m just nervous.

But I know there are advantages to staying in the younger band – more time to improve my improvisation, more soloing opportunities, the chance to play trumpet one. And I’m sharing trumpet one with the same person as I played 2 with last year, so that’s a laugh. I just feel kinda inadequate, like I’ve been playing for longer than most but still haven’t gone up, like other people are laughing at me. And that’s probably not true, but it doesn’t really change how I feel.

Wow. I felt better writing this than after the rehearsal earlier today, but I think this has helped. Sorry about the slightly more heavy post, but it feels good to get it off my chest.

Thanks for reading,

An Overthinking Teenager

Oh Hey There, Facebook

Hey, guys!

As some of you keen Twitter users (or members of the ab-fab Blog Squad (BLOG SQUAD, ASS-EEEEMBLE!)) may have noticed, BOOKS, TEA AND A ONESIE JUST GOT FACEBOOK! (“Can you say yeaa-hhhh?” ” YEEAAA-HHH!”). So, if you have FB, I would LOVE YOU FOREVS if you could go and ‘like’ my page. If you could be active on it as well, well, I would be forever indebted to you. SO DO IT. 😉 (that’s a Fat Amy wink).

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Thanks everyone, and I should have a proper post up tomorrow! Drop a comment down below in the meantime with your social media links. 🙂

An Overthinking Teenager

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