End-of-the-Week Wrap Up vol.#10

weekly wrap up

Hello peoples!

As promised (OMG I KEPT A PROMISE I MADE ON MY BLOG) I have returned with my first end of the week wrap up for a rather long time…oops. Anyway, on we go!

On Le Blog

This is going to date back over a week, because I haven’t done one of these for ages and I want to self-promote (sorrynotsorry), and M8 I LIKE LIVING ON THE EDGE. Sorry, don’t know what’s got into me with all this caps lock. #THUGLYFE *weird music you hear in Thug Life videos on Facebook*. Right, what was I on about? Ah yes, self promotion…

  • Um, this is embarrassing…a whole MONTH ago, I gave you an installment of Tracklisting Tuesday that involved mahoosive (MAHOOSIVE? REALLY? WHAT HAS GOT IN TO ME LATELY? I can only apologise…) fangirling over the AWESOME producer Kygo. JUST LISTEN (to quote a Sarah Dessen book title…)
  • I then posted about going to Zizzi for my bezzie’s birthday party, followed by Pitch Perfect 2. Best day ever, amiright? Get ready for drool-worthy chocolate cake photos…
  • I did my first book review that I’ve been contacted and asked to do. WOOP WOOP. Look out for another one soon…Need a reason to click on that ^ handy link? Go support my excitingly fantastic milestone! 🙂
  • I brought back A Discussing Teenager to talk about the human tendency to be pretty judgmental at times.
  • It was the half term holidays, which heralded birthdays, burgers, revision and instant cameras…
  • I kinda-half-not really-got distracted half way through-participated in Armchair BEA…see my intro post here and my discussion about characters and my use of social media for this blog here.
  • I recycled an old TT post, An A-Z Of My Music Library, which seemed to go down well.
  • I reappeared! *waves* Hello there! This post was a general update and bunch of links to #CoolStuff. (It has a #, therefore it’s cool. It belongs on the #CoolWall. WHO GETS THE REFERENCE?)
  •  I had a random outburst of blog love. GO HERE FOR HAPPY FEELS.
  • I reblogged an awesome post by Look Through My Lens on why illness is never a joke. This blog has such reblog-worthy posts, it’s amazing. Go read, people.
  • A new blog happened, all because of Twitter. YAY FOR THE #BLOGSQUAD, PEOPLE! 🙂
  • I reblogged a post from said new blog.
  • I flew (like actually controlled) a plane, and wrote a post basically telling you how not to do it.
  • I wrote an open letter to all the keyboard warriors out there. Hip hip, hooray for my first open letter, everybody!
  • Yesterday I just wrote a couple of quick things, including asking for fanfiction recommendations.
  • AND THAT’S IT! FINALLY! *collapses in a heap of exhaustion, dehydration and starvation* *is essentially dead*

Now, I’m running out of time before I’m sent to bed, so I’m going to skip my normal roundup of other stuff around the internet, and the normal awesome gifs…though I shall try and edit them in at a later point! School is just calming down for me now really, with the end of exams (they went OK…A* in further maths, anybody?!? Shh, no need to mention an A was about 54% and A** is totally a possible thing in the messed up world of further maths). Unfortunately, as I’m Doing My GCSEs, homework and actual classwork is still a thing, especially in Spanish. And my physics teacher is threatening an end of topic test. Double boo. Still, at least I now have more free time. In which to procrastinate. Heehee.

In other news, I had Chinese takeaway for dinner (yay!) which resulted in accidently eating a FLIPPING SPICY JALAPENO PEPPER, which resulted in lots of milk drinking and awkward hopping around the kitchen.


How has your week been? What’s been your fave thing from around le interweb lately?


An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors | Books, Tea and a Onesie

An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors

Hey, here’s a slightly more serious post in a different style to usual. Let me know your thoughts on the topic! Oh, and if you want to read more of my thoughts on social media, check out this post!

An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors | Books, Tea and a Onesie

Dear Keyboard Warriors,

You piss me off. Sorry, I don’t normally swear on this blog, but I’m feeling really flippin’ angry right now. You’re everywhere – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, even, sadly, WordPress.

Sometimes, you’re just trolls – that’s better, I reckon, as everyone knows you’re just doing it to be annoying. It’s when you’re legitimately horrible and unreasonable that it gets me. When you’re bashing out your baseless accusations and pounding your illogical hatred into words, do you ever stop and consider how the person on the receiving end of your torrent of abuse will feel when (if) they read it? I understand that if the person in question is a mega celebrity, it’s much more likely to be a case of if rather than when, but you never know. I even don’t mind if you have a reason for saying what you’re saying, or are giving your opinion after being asked, or are politely disagreeing. But if you’re completely overruling someone else, forcing your opinions down other people’s throats, or being rude, then sorry but I have no respect whatsoever for what you’re saying. The way you’ve said it completely negates your opinion.

That said, I do have a lot more respect for somebody who, say, says something kinda mean, but then realises the effect their opinions has had, and apologises. Bonus points if you’re new to the online community and didn’t know how to approach it! That in itself takes guts, and slightly restores my faith in humanity – mistakes don’t matter, so long as you realise you’ve made them and learn from them (that is, as my trumpet teacher says, so long as they aren’t fatal).

So here’s my final message to the keyboard warriors out there: before you press post or publish or reply or whatever button applies to you, think. Are you handling this right? Does it really need to be said? How’s the other person going to feel, whether they actually read it or not? After all, the whole idea of say something nice or don’t say anything at all isn’t one of the most well known cliches for no reason.


An Overthinking Teenager

On a kinda similar but much happier note, I saw something that made me very happy on Facebook – Sprinkle of Glitter posted about a lovely letter she had received from a superfan who hadn’t been able to get tickets for Louise Live. Someone then commented saying that they couldn’t go anymore and would like to sell this ticket to the girl in question. A bunch of people then helped find the girl, by finding her Tumblr and Twitter and replying to the comment to keep it at the top. Most of all, no one faked being that girl to try and get the ticket, and I think the original ticket holder decided to just give the girl the ticket for free. HOW LOVELY IS THAT, PEOPLE?!?

Tweet Tweet!


I just added a lovely new image to my sidebar (seriously, it took way longer than it should’ve to make it. Helped partly by the fact my laptop kept running out of battery…), showing all the places where you can stalk me on the internet!

Visit Me!

As I know a lot of people rely onthe WordPress reader, and so won’t actually see it, I thought I’d do a little post to show you guys :). Please feel free to comment your usernames below, I’ve started following more and more of you on Twitter and I want to be able to follow even more of you! 😀


End-of-the-Week Wrap Up vol.#3

weekly wrap up

Hello, and welcome to my life…


On the blog:

30 Day Song Challenge- Books, Tea and a

This week I’ve published several posts, all instalments of my ‘An Overthinking Song Challenge’ February music challenge. Check them out using the following links:

February 1

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February 7

February 8

Some of my favourite posts from this week included Appletaile’s thoughts and experiences on worrying about weight, Elly’s first ever weekly wrap up (woo! You’ve joined the club!), Camila’s nomination post for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award, Nichola’s post where she talked about sunsets in the UK compared to Singapore, Emily’s blog-o-versary post and Hermionefowl’s review of The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell.

Most of my week has been preoccupied with maths revision for a test tomorrow and rehearsals for my school’s production of six of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, using the Carol Ann Duffy adaptation. It finished its two-night run last night, and I had such a great experience doing sound on the technical desk. Plus, of course, the added bonus of the headmaster giving the tech desk ice cream at the interval for both shows! The rest of the cast and crew were seriously annoyed…

How has your week been?

An Overthinking Teenager

End-of-the-Week Wrap Up vol.#2

weekly wrap up

Hello, and welcome to my life…


On the blog:

This week I’ve published two posts, both about music: A Beginner’s Guide To 8tracks on Tuesday (yes, actual Tracklisting Tuesday! On a Tuesday! *falls to knees in shock and awe, worshipping Tuesday and a lack of procrastination*) and a YouTube video of ‘Short People’ by Randy Newman.

Elsewhere on the internet:

On Instagram, these momentous events happened:


Some bird made a noise about this over on Twitter:


Books-wise, I managed to get hold of copy of Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park, which I’m currently reading and is just so adorable! Some of my favourite posts from this week included the return of Bella’s Love List, Camila’s ruminations on What Is Love? (feat. awesome music by To Kill A King), this FAQ post for the beginner book blogger by Ashley and this post about the importance of having a sense of humour by KokkieH.

School was manic as usual, with a Spanish vocab test and Biology end of topic test on Breathing & Respiration (followed by stop-motion animation of the nervous system) and the chance to sing ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin in my singing lesson. Who doesn’t like a good old bit of Disney, eh? We also finished reading All My Sons, our iGCSE set drama piece by Arthur Miller in English…wow. Shock ending! Has anyone here read/seen it? Oh, and I saw The Theory of Everything, a film about Stephen Hawking, yesterday at the local Odeon with a friend…it was amazing! Plus salted caramel popcorn, always a bonus!

How has your week been?

An Overthinking Teenager

Just Something That Makes Me Happy…

There are lots of things about blogging that make me happy…long comments, awesome stats, likes, satisfying posts, but there is one thing that makes me happiest – the community created around blogging. Purely through comments and likes, I feel like I’ve developed internetty-friendships with many of the bloggers that I like best. Some of my internetty friends include Appletaile, Evi, BearNextDoorZ, The Writing Hufflepuff, Kayleigh and littleonionwrites (at least, they’re bloggers I admire and I think we’re friends…).

So thanks for being awesome, and for writing awesome posts!

An Overthinking Teenager

Obsession…it takes control

As I briefly alluded to in my post ‘A Lyrical Story’, I have a borderline creepy obsession with a band called Bastille, and decided to write a blog post about them for a number of reasons; first of all, I’m obsessed and need to introduce other people to them. Secondly, I think my friends are getting just a little sick of me playing them on repeat at breaktimes and of my constant stream of ‘did you know…..’s.

I first discovered them when their fourth, and most successful single, Pompeii stormed the charts and reached number two (also check out this awesome acoustic version). I then discovered and subsequently bought another of their singles, Things We Lost In The Fire, and listened to it a few times before allowing them to drop under my radar again. When their debut album Bad Blood came out I was lucky enough to come across it at my local library, enabling me to listen to all their released tracks several times for merely 50p-bargain! However, as is my habit with the few albums I buy, I tended to stick to a few select songs- namely ‘Pompeii’, ‘TWLITF’ and ‘Laura Palmer‘.

When they released their tour dates I noticed they were playing relatively near me, but unfortunately missed out on tickets. At this point, I still wasn’t mad about them but nonetheless asked for, and duly received, their extended version of their debut album, ‘All This Bad Blood’. After still not fully exploring all the album, I saw their performance with Rudimental at the Brits, and then later was doing some ironing at the end of the February half term (oh, the hard life of a teenager), when I was seized with the sudden compulsion to listen to every single one of their tracks-and there began my obsession.

I now know the lyrics to 85% of the album, have listened to most of the songs countless times and have youtubed ‘bastille interviews’ a frankly worrying number of times. Listening to an entire double CD album is a serious achievement for me, as I rarely buy physical albums, much less from a band that I subsequently love every song from.I’ve introduced several friends to the delight of this amazing band, one with unmitigated success, and have grown more addicted by the day-so much so that I’m using the lyrics to their song ‘Weight of Living Pt. 1‘ for my music composition.  The friend that is now nearly as obsessed with them as me has said they’re in her top five favourite artists-result! I’ve also downloaded one of their free ‘Other People’s Heartache’ mixtapes for free-unfortunately, the other seems to have been taken down for legal reasons. As you can see, I just can’t get enough of them!

‘But why are they so good?’ I hear you asking plaintively, having read a very long and rambling post that can be simply paraphrased to ‘I love them and have an extremely worrying obsession with them’. To me, their lyrics are what truly stand out. Yes, the catchy hooks and awesome musical talent help, but the lyrics are what really make the tracks what they are.  After spending months listening to arguably very catchy but completely meaningless Top 40 hits from the likes of Katy Perry, One Direction and Pitbull (don’t get me wrong, I love  a lot of whats currently in the UK Top 40, and it has a strong presence on my iPod), I loved Dan Smith’s meaningful lyrics, especially when they weren’t all constantly about love and broken hearts, as so many songs are.

For example, hit single Pompeii has been described by the band as a ‘feelgood conversation between two corpses’ (don’t knock it till you’ve heard it), and presents a fairly accurate picture of Vesuvius erupting.  ‘Icarus‘ rewrites the ancient legend of Icarus and Daedalus, (I got very excited listening to that, as we studied it half to death last year at school) and the ‘Weight of Living Pt.I’ has strong references to the notion of an ‘albatross around your neck’ (yes, the lyrics and title are depressing. No, the song isn’t. As the band put it, they found themselves with a really depressing set of lyrics, so framed it in a catchy pop song to cheer it up a bit. Oh dear, I can quote them-I told you I was obsessed!). ‘Poet‘ includes the beautiful lyrics ‘and you will live forever/in eyes not yet created/on tongues that are not born/I have written you down/now you will live forever’.

flaws lyrics by me

I feel that Bastille and their music go against all the people who say that all modern music is awful-yes, a lot of it may be catchy beats and nonsensical lyrics, but there are some truly brilliant gems of bands in there, if only you look hard enough to find them.

Thanks for reading my ramblings…I’m sure my friends will be grateful I’ve vented my crazy obsession to the internet rather than them!

An Overthinking Teenager

+ Bastille’s album, Bad Blood, and the extended edition, All This Bad Blood, are both out now- I highly recommend you check them out.

+Other bands and artists I would really recommend to check out are To Kill A King  (especially Choices, featuring, you guessed it,Bastille!), Jack Johnson, and Lauren Aquilina.

+What are your current obsessions? Share in the comments below!

N.B. Title is from ‘Poet’ by Bastille

Background Image Credit:By Tom Bayly from England via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons