Summer In Songs

As some of you might already know, and might’ve guessed due to the lack of posts over the summer, I had a veryyy busy few months. It was one of the best summers ever, and as much as I want to (and may still) do a mega write up with tons of photos etc, I feel like as a lot of my memories from the summer are associated with music, it made sense and seemed more interesting to make a playlist of all the songs I have distinct memories of, and explain the stories behind a few. I’m still hoping to do a mega playlist post of all my favourite songs from the summer, but these have all been chosen with a specific even in mind…

All The Right Moves – One Republic

Raging – Kygo feat. Kodaline

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

This, as well as the previous two, were all chosen from the Radio 1 Big Weekend back in May. One Republic, Kygo and Coldplay were all amazing, and that weekend was just a real highlight of my whole year – Thursday was my birthday, Friday I had a birthday meal out with friends, Saturday I did a charity 5K with a friend and then on Sunday I went to Big Weekend with so many friends, which was amazing.

Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo

Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

This and Talk Dirty date back to prom specifically, but really encompass my last three years at school…Talk Dirty has a very specific memory from our Year 9 battlefields trip that involves some ~interesting~ dancing, and Anaconda has music GCSE memories and a lot more attached.

Lovely – twenty one pilots

Bonkers – Dizzee Rascal

I think this has been played at every party I went to this summer, and every time it was amazing. Such a classic.

Mr Brightside – The Killers

I remember everyone wanting to hear this at the end of one party, but not being able to find it, then it ended up making me cry at the last party of the summer because a) it always makes me emotional and b) ALL THE FEELS about leaving school and my friends and it all just kinda hit then.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen 

Same as Bonkers. And everybody always knows the words so it just turns into singalong squad goals.

Step Into The Light – Teminite feat. Jonah Hitchens

One Dance/Hasta el Amanecer – Alex Aiono

This and Step Into The Light remind me of a couple of days with two of my best friends between my trips to Holland and Scotland, when we went swimming at a local lido and absolutely froze and then had the best evening attempting hair chalking and just having a laugh. It’s hard to do it justice in words but it was just so, so fun.

Over and Done With – The Proclaimers

This is the product of a trip to Scotland and finally watching Sunshine On Leith…

XO – Eden Project

Middle – DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This is for one of my best friends and her amazing talent that we discovered at a party – she can rap the entire thing, even under the influence of alcohol, word for word. It’s pretty impressive, ngl.

Dance Wiv Me – Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris

Same as above, except it was just aforementioned best friend and my boyfriend singing and we were all stood there like ‘how do you know these words’. Fun times.

Wonderwall – Oasis

Same party, but at this point we were all sat round the fire with a guitar singing a bit of Oasis, as you do.

Millionaire – Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals feat. Nelly

Good Grief – Bastille

Nobody To Love – Sigma

For some reason I can remember that this was on the radio when we were coming back from a beach trip, and yeah, it just reminds me of that trip.

Forest – twenty one pilots

Bouncy Ball (from High School Musical) – Bad Lip Reading

I know this isn’t technically a song, but it was such a big part of my summer I couldn’t resist…the specific memories involve me, two friends and my boyfriend, blowing up balloons, my friend and I walking back from Waitrose to discover the other two bathing their feet in our (admittedly amazing) bath  and then attempting basketball and smashing a light in the process. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…


Take On Me – a-Ha (Kygo remix)

That moment my friend and I discovered someone else who liked Kygo at my party and just added half his album to the Spotify queue. Whoops…

This Girl – Kungs vs. Cookin’ On 3 Burners

Hair – Little Mix feat. Sean Paul

This reminds me of driving back when my sister picked me up from work on a really sunny day and we got McDonalds and this song was on the radio or we were talking about it or something and for once we weren’t really arguing.

If You Got The Money – Jamie T

How Would You Like It – Lauren Aquilina

I had to include this because a) Lauren’s debut album finally came out this summer and omg it was amazing and b) I had the best time reviewing it with Eve.

Manhattan Skyline – David Shire

The most recent addition, I played this in jazz band yesterday. It’s 70s disco from Saturday Night Fever and the strings are just amazing and it’s just amazing.

Are there any particular songs you associate with your summer? Which of these songs is your favourite?

I’m Freaking Out: An Update


After all the many seriously lovely comments on one of my recent posts about my college-joining nerves, I thought I owed you all an update, now that I’ve done my two days of induction and two days of lessons too.

Looking on the bright side to start with, overall college is great. So far I’m enjoying the courses I’ve started already (except Environmental Systems & Societies…the teacher isn’t great and I’m thinking about swapping to Biology), the work generally seems doable, I’m *beginning* to make friends and get to know people (the IB cohort is only 50 people so you get to recognise people pretty quickly, even in a multi-building college of 4000 people) and my tutor’s really nice. Plus, where else can you get 80p tea and £1 sausage rolls? (probably quite a lot of places, shhh.)  Altogether I don’t think I regret my decision to go to college, which is always a good start!

But…probably naturally, it’s all slightly terrifying and I miss all my friends and my old school so, so much. I miss knowing everyone’s names and knowing the teachers and the teachers knowing me and knowing how stuff works and where to go and everything like that. I just miss the familiarity, the routineness and even the people who I was never really friends with but who were just part of the scenery until suddenly, in the space of a day, they’re not.

I am starting to get to know people, but I’m stuck in that awkward limbo where you’re trying to figure out who you’re drifting away from and who you want to stay in touch with, and you can’t call someone you’ve known for max four days a friend just yet. Add to that the stress of finalising my course choices, a residential to London with a bunch of people I’ve met exactly once next week, all the catch up work from that and the impending doom and stress of ‘when will the mountain of work we’re supposed to get hit’, coupled with all the extra elements of IB like CAS (shoutout to my new photography/writing blog for my creative section), nerves over starting college enrichment next week and general September back-to-school blues and you can probably imagine just how cheery I’m feeling at the moment.

I get that all this is normal – I’ve barely been there properly for two days, I can’t exactly expect to be settled in already – but, and I think it’s especially because I wasn’t forced to leave school, most of my friends left and I actually quite liked it, it’s still making me feel pretty shitty at the moment. I can cope OK during the day, but two days in a row now I’ve had mini meltdowns after college (at least I’m getting into a routine – get home, talk about how great day was (and it genuinely normally is), deny anythings wrong, do homework, freak out, bulk eat chocolate or other sugary substance, hide in cushion fort with duvet and blanket). I know it wouldn’t be the same if I was at school because two of my close friends also left, and the thought of doing A-Levels (my school doesn’t offer IB) makes my stomach feel vaguely sick and fluttery and anxious and panicky, but it’s still not easy.

So yeah, there’s a bit of an update. Not the cheeriest, but accurate. And I know things will get easier, probably even by the end of this week, but until then, things are feeling a little bit bleh. But I promise to update you again sometime, hopefully when I’m feeling a little more settled!

– featured image via unsplash

I’m Freaking Out

I’m sorry that this isn’t a very fun or happy post but I’m freaking out and I need to get some stuff straight in my head, and writing feels like the easiest way to do that.


Maxime Staudenmann / unsplash                                                                                                                   

Today all my friends start sixth form at my old (?!) school, whereas I don’t start college until tomorrow (and then there’s two days of induction before teaching starts next week). And I guess it’s finally hitting me that I’m not with my friends anymore. Almost all of them have gone back to school, ones at a different college which started last Monday and then there’s just three of us waiting to start tomorrow, all doing different subjects and in different tutor groups.

I guess I’m just scared of being replaced, of my friends getting new friends and forgetting about me, which is all kinda expected and natural when moving school but still terrifying. I guess I’m almost a bit jealous of the new people at school, who get to join this friendship group whilst I’m leaving behind seven years of in-jokes and history. Even if you’re not such good friends with someone that you especially want to stay in touch, leaving behind someone you’ve known and who’s been part of your life for seven years is scary and kinda sad.

I know staying on, school would’ve changed – after all, three of my friends also left – and I know I have to at least try college, or I’ll spend the next two years wondering what I missed out on, but I’m nervous about how it’s all going to work, about being slowly separated from all the chat and gossip about school as new, unknown people infiltrate and I slowly become separated. I’m scared that as much as I want to, conflicting schedules or travel complications or just a lack of time and motivation is going to mean I drift apart from all my friends, even the ones I desperately want to stay in touch with. And even though I know I’ll make new friends at college, I can’t just drop my old ones like hot potatoes. Just thinking about all these possibilities is making me so, so tempted just to throw in the towel with college before I’ve even started, and stay on at sixth form. But I’ve said I’m leaving, and I have so many reasons for that, I just have to get through these first few days.

Add all these feelings into nerves about starting college tomorrow and restarting hockey tonight (I feel like I should be more nervous about college but nope, anxiety levels about hockey are way higher) and you can imagine what a bundle of joy I am right now, imagining my friends school routine as I stay at home, thinking about everything I’m missing out on.

I know that within probably a week, everything will feel very different. I’ll probably feel a lot more confident about college and friends and hopefully less jealous and worried about staying in touch, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough. It’s just so scary that the situation I’ve been thinking about (/avoiding thinking about) for the last six months+ is finally here, and about to start for real tomorrow. But today I’m just going to concentrate my nerves on hockey (totally healthy) and try and relax.


15 Things I Learnt This Summer

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve had an incredibly busy, incredibly fun summer. Amazingly, even more has happened since I wrote that post – GCSE results day, having some Danish people stay with us, four more parties (including one of my own), two more shifts at new jobs as well as some at my old job, some college induction stuff and another horror movie evening (we watched Insidious then turned around and saw a freaking huge spider on the curtain and all freaked out a teensy bit, especially when it RAN AWAY AND DISAPPEARED). I’ve also got hooked on another Netflix series, Jane The Virgin and found even more music I love, but I’m planning on saving all that for a bumper ‘favourites’ post in the next week or so.

giphy (51)

me @ all spiders everywhere (via)

Anyhow, over the summer I guess I’ve learnt a few things, and I figured I’d be a nice person and put them all in a post to share my wisdom…(in the loosest sense of the word)

  1. Your closest friends may not be exactly who you think they are and you may drift apart from some people, but that’s OK. Everyone changes and your friendships evolve to reflect that.

2. Black and white filters flatter everyone, no matter what the situation is.

3. Carling lager is gross, gets better the more you drink it but is then absolutely disgusting warm.

4. Tents are bloody uncomfortable, especially when there are 16 teenagers in a 6 man tent and the tent starts leaking in the middle of the night.

5. Crunchie spread is A+ 10/10 would eat again (which is handy, as I’ve got a whole jar of it).

6. Liquid eyeliner is just as hard to apply as everyone says, if not more.

7. On that note, putting an eyeliner pencil in the freezer because it’s a bit melty won’t have much effect.

8. And eyeliner pencils can stain carpets.

9. Crappy Netflix series (Jane the VirginPrison Break, the marginally less crappy Making A Murderer) take up so much time but are amazing, especially with a duvet on hand.



Prison Break feat. ice cream and blankets

10. The only limit to the amount of tea you can drink in a day is your level of mental preparation.


11. New things are scary and horrible but most people are actually pretty nice and/or equally terrifying.

12. It’s perfectly possible to bond with people over a mutual fear of icebreakers, a lack of willingness to talk to other human beings and social anxiety.

13. Outdoor swimming in a bikini in a non-heated pool in Britain in July on an overcast day is absolutely freezing and a really bad idea but really fun anyway.

14. Ditto for the sea, even on a sunny day.

15. Time really, truly does fly when you’re having fun.


What did you do this summer?




The Good Life

I’ll warn you now: this is a soppy post, so if you can’t deal with extreme soppiness, just stop reading now. I won’t be offended, promise.The last few weeks, month or so have felt kinda weird. On the one hand, I feel permanently stressed and under pressure and like only the tiniest thing needs to happen for me to just flip out. I’ve been revising a lot and neglecting this blog a bit which makes me kinda sad and not reading as much as I’d like to which is a bit disappointing (though tbh, I’d like to read pretty much 24/7, so I’m likely to stay disappointed until at least the summer, if not forever). On the other hand, just as I’m leaving my friends I seem to be having the best times with them (the cynic in me wants to say something about that being relief at leaving them but I’m sure it wasn’t). There’s been three birthday meals with them in the last few weeks (mine and two others) and every single time its just been really fun. Today it was like 19 degrees (good effort Britain, I salute you) so we all went and sat on the Cathedral Green and it was just so lovely for some indescribable reason. (I feel like there’s something wrong with the fact that my social life seems to be at its liveliest in the middle of GCSEs…oh well)

There’s been other stuff too – we had a Eurovision party which is now definitely going to become an annual thing, I did a 5K charity run with one of my friends last weekend, we’re planning on going to a roller disco thing in a couple of weeks (because why the hell not) and saving the best to last, last Sunday I spent a day at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend with a bunch of my best friends and it was one of the best days of my life. (seriously, I’m rewatching OneRepublic’s set now and nearly crying because I want to be back there what the hell is going on with my hormones please send help)(Ryan Tedder is the Superman of songwriting though you have to admit and his vocal range is incredible).


It was just awesome, it started off as me and two friends, then we picked up a friend of a friend and two more of my friends and then throughout the day we just kept gaining and occasionally losing people. One of the highlights of the day (apart from Coldplay obvs) was watching Kygo because a) Kygo (my sister doesn’t get why like him so much it’s so annoying) and b) we met even more people from school and there was just like ten of us in a line dancing just off the to the side and it was the most fun I’ve had in ages, it just felt like there was something really special about it. (I warned you this post was soppy alright) (more on Big Weekend in another post ~coming soon~)

I have some pretty awesome friends out of school too. (This is where it gets really soppy) I have no idea how I ended up so close with somebody two years older than me, especially after only knowing her for two years, but 90% of the time she’s one of my favourite people in the whole world. She’s funny and lovely and gives me the best birthday presents and writes the best cards and gives the best motivational pep talks and is always there for me to talk to and gives me large quantities of chocolate and is generally fantastic and knows exactly who she is so if she’s reading this, thank you so much for being a wonderful person who I can always rely on and who I’m so glad to be joining at college next year but so sad that you’re going to uni soon 😦 (motivation to learn to drive quickly…)

I guess there’s not really a lot of point to this post, other than to say that I’m so happy I have such great friends that I do. I’m so happy that, at school, I’m in a group of friends that keep the bitching to a minimum and don’t tend to air any issues we have with each other publicly but are always really supportive. I’m so happy that my friends know me well enough that they get me the perfect presents – eg a legitimate TEAPOT, TEA LEAVES (separate and completely uncoordinated but brilliantly coincidental), the new Kygo album and the one of the prettiest journals I think I’ve ever seen. Oh, and a truckload of chocolate and a massive mug for all the tea that I drink. I’m so happy that I have friends that I can talk music and books and fanfiction and blogging and how-the-hell-do-you-apply-eyeliner-without-stabbing-yourself and how-beautiful-are-my-prom-shoes with and friends that just get me. I’m generally really, really happy that I have the friends I do and I just have no idea how I’ll cope next year without seeing the majority of them every day.

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Things GCSEs Taught Me

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Things GCSEs Taught Me

I had my last day at school yesterday, before going on study leave, doing my GCSEs and then college in September. It was quite emotional, but today’s almost been worse – the realisation that I’m never going to have a lesson with these people again has kinda been hitting me incrementally all day and triggering mini bouts of sobbing each time, yay. At least it livens up revision a bit…

Anyway, I thought I’d commemorate the occasion with making a lil’ list of all the most important things GCSEs have taught me over the last two years…

  • You can try as many times as you like, but there are some things you’ll just give up ever understanding and just learn the precise words to regurgitate in the exam. For me, that’s transformers, generators and motors. I’VE TRIED SO MANY TIMES BUT I JUST CAN’T GET THEM AND IT’S SERIOUSLY BUGGING ME NOW.
  • You can probably get away in some exams with just learning the revision guide. At least, this is what I’ve been told I can do for music by people in the year above so I’m hoping they’re right because I’m kinda relying on that to pass…
  • Talking of music, that’s the subject to pick for the best student perks. There’s cake rotas, the occasional cup of tea in lessons, the added benefit of the teachers being cool with you nicking the hot water from the kitchen for your Pot Noodle on concert nights, the only student computers in the school with access to YouTube and Spotify installed, the ability to spend lunchtimes in the music block without feeling awkwardly out of place because you belong to the *music squad*…it’s truly great.
  • On the subject of music, music teachers are definitely the most quotable and music lessons definitely have the best *banter*…for example, “let’s go bang a piano”, “leave a finger space”, “what begins with ‘d’ and ends with ‘ick’? Diatonic!” (though that’s more of a verbal one to be honest), the time my (colour blind) composition teacher put on the board a colour blindness test that spelled our ‘f*** the colour blind’ but couldn’t read it and wondered why we all went quiet, and the time a boy in my class tried using an online song name generator to name his GCSE pop song and came up with such gems as ‘Greasy Grace’ (which led to the brilliant message on my leavers’ shirt, ‘stay forever greasy, my Grace’) and ‘Unforgettable/Inflatable Drag Queen’.
  • There gets to be a point when High School Musical goes from being cringey and awful to the film you make your form teacher play songs from every morning, prompting group singalong and dancing in the classroom. Seriously, on Tuesday We’re All In This Together almost made me cry (THE CHOREOGRAPHY THOUGH) and on my last day Gotta Go My Own Way got me seriously emotional.
  • Even if you aren’t really friends with the people in your form group, after two years a certain kind of bond forms between you. The kinda bond that makes you happy to sing along to HSM with them and club together to buy your form teacher a year’s adoption of an orangutan from the local zoo as a leaving present.
  • Teachers being nice when you leave is the sweetest thing ever. Our geography teacher said we were her favourite group and gave us specially sharpened pencils with string taped to the top for our geography exam, our biology teacher gave us food and biology pencils with fish on, our English teacher gave us a lot of cake, our form teacher (who we all thought semi-hated our class) gave us food and a sweet thank-you card each, our maths teacher let us watch Tangled and gave us cupcakes and our physics teacher nearly teared up when the boys presented him with a turnip (because if you’ve done something stupid, he’ll call you a turnip).
  • People in the year above are nowhere near as scary and intimidating as they seem (well, most of them aren’t). Some of them can even end up becoming pretty great friends…for example, my friend who’s sarcasm levels almost match mine, and the one who’s laugh is so *interesting* it’s become a legend in the music block…
  • Some boys are actually OK to talk to. Some of them even have decent taste in music and books and can become friends.
  • The older you get, the more you wonder why you even bothered turning up to lessons in year seven, let alone revising for exams…
  • Sorry to end this on a soppy note, but I had to say…I have some truly fab friends, some of whom I’ve known for seven years, and some of whom I’ve known for three. My best friend gave me a leaving present and card which nearly made me cry, and they bought me and my other two friends who are leaving a (delicious) chocolate cake and put our initials on it in Skittles. I’m going to miss them so much, every time I look at what they wrote on my leavers’ shirt I tear up…especially now, as I have You Are The Music In Me playing in the background. I think I may be cultivating a slightly unhealthy HSM obsession…
  • Talking of leavers’ shirts, I think I’ve discovered the secret to universal popularity…



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Why You Should Focus On The People Who Matter (+ Figuring Out A Few Things)

This post feels kinda awkward/cliché/cringey/weird to write, especially as I have so many other posts I need to get written, but it feels like this post has been trying to literally jump out of my head for the last few days, so I feel like I should stop mentally writing it and just get it out here. Sorry in advance if it sounds awks/embarrassing but just bear with me…

Right, OK. Here goes.


In the last few days I feel like I’ve reached  some kind of conclusion or turning point. It feels like something’s happened, though I’m not quite sure what. On Sunday I had the best evening I’ve had in a long time, going to Nando’s for a pre-birthday dinner with my best friend and then watching the new Miles Davis biopic, Miles Ahead (through which I discovered I share a birthday with the one and only Miles Davis. We’re like twins born approximately 74 years apart. It’s a sign, I was clearly meant to play trumpet…) and then having a mini High School Musical karaoke session on the way home. Good times. My point is, it feels like a long time since I’ve enjoyed something that much. I just felt mostly unselfconscious, and happy, and not like I was trying to live up to a bunch of expectations or pretend I knew all seven or however many jazz modes, or trying to play down the nerd reputation I feel like I sometimes have at school or just be anyone other than the music obsessed, bookworm blogger that I feel like I am at my core. So yeah, that was one thing that just put me into a really great mood.


As well as that, I read an article by TV/radio presenter and now actress Jameela Jamil, about taking advantage of and putting ourselves forward for as many opportunities as possible. I guess the article wasn’t really telling me anything I didn’t already know, but somehow it felt different to hear it from a celebrity, for someone that well accomplished to say that it’s OK to fail, that if you never take advantages of some opportunities then yes, you could escape failure and embarrassment, but you could also miss so many great experiences. Something about reading that just cemented in my mind what I think I already knew deep down, that unless I don’t have some massive change of heart between now and September, I’m leaving school and going to college next year, which means I have approximately one week of school left.

(not gonna lie, that makes me terrified. And I fully expect I’ll come home when we finish for study leave and cry and freak out. But hopefully I’ll have consumed enough last day cake to soften the blow and the thought of trying something new will be enough to keep me feeling positive about next year.)

Nando’s cheesecake? Well, I’m never gonna say no to cake…

Also, I played trumpet yesterday. Like properly, not just a cursory play through some scales and lip slurs and the piece I’m doing in my lesson that week, but digging out all my old books and just playing for the sheer joy of it. It’s the first time I’ve done that for a while and it was great. I don’t know if I just felt especially inspired after watching Miles Ahead, but I just felt the urge to play and so I did. It was great. I forgot how brilliant it is to play just for fun, until my lip’s gone and it hurts and I’m tired and my right shoulder’s cramped up (pretty sure that’s not a good thing, but I’ll just put it down as me getting too involved in the music…)

  And there’s one more thing. This is a bit random, and here’s where the cringiness comes in, but I’ll say it anyway. I think I’ve finally realised that, to an extent, I should do what I want to do and what I deserve. I’m not sure that really makes sense, but what I’m trying to say is that I shouldn’t stop myself from doing something because of what I’m scared other people will think. I should wear what I want, and try not to be too self-conscious, except, y’know, within reason. I should enjoy having the fab friends that I know I have, and just forget about the people where everything is full of drama or barbed comments, because they’re not worth me wasting my time on. I should stop focusing on the people that I feel only talk to me when it suits them or the people that I’m never quite sure where I stand with, and spend time focusing on and talking to the people that want to be friends with me, that start conversations, that are interested in what I have to say and care about what I’m doing. People that I know will stick with me through the hard times, or at the very least won’t drop me as soon as someone more interesting comes along like I’d drop a maths textbook the second the exam’s over. That doesn’t mean I have to ignore or shut anyone else out. It just means I’m not going to waste time and energy on people who, in the end, I’m unlikely to still be in contact with in three years’ time. Instead, I’ll invest that time in the people who matter or are interested.

So I’m absolutely not saying drop all your friends because you think you’re above them or accuse people of not being invested enough in your friendship, but if there’s someone who seems like more trouble than their friendship is worth, maybe reevaluate your approach. Remember that it’s so much more worthwhile to spend the time you’d normally spend arguing with them or stressing over something they did (or didn’t) say or do cultivating a friendship with the people who matter.


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March In Photos

March In Photos

Although I don’t really want to do a full-on March wrap-up (for all my posts published in March, have a look here), I did want to write something to kinda consolidate the month and so I decided to write this, a mashup of a general life update and talking about some stuff that’s happened this month as a bit of a photo diary. So, here goes…

March In Photos

The Easter holidays arrived, and with them, lots of chocolate and revision. I reckon my GCSEs are going to be powered by 50% tea and 50% chocolate…


Lent ended, and with it, my self-imposed ban on (most) social media (hence the 172 seconds of snapchats) and my group decision to give up swearing! Unfortunately, Google lied about what time sunset was…but on the bright side, across me and my friends we raised about £5o for a local cancer charity! (On the not so bright side, that means we swore quite a lot, given it was 20p per swear word)


I read lots of brilliant books, managed to restrain myself from buying even more (BUT THEY’RE SO CHEAP ON AMAZON) and took lots of pretty pictures of books.

I visited Hubbox twice in a week and I don’t even regret it. THE FRIES/ONION RINGS/BURGERS/EVERYTHING ARE SO GOOD!

I went prom dress shopping today! The only thing we physically bought were my shoes (which omg are so beautiful I think I’m in love) but we ordered three dresses online for me to then try on in the right colour/size and then choose which one I want. THEY’RE ALL SO NICE THOUGH I HAVE NO CLUE HOW I’M GOING TO CHOOSE.


I discovered that I have some of the best friends in the world. I’ve already told them this here, but y’know, just in case they didn’t get the memo the first time round. And blog squad people, you lot are pretty awesome too 🙂 ❤ (DMC = Deep and Meaningful Conversation, by the way…).

IMG_2600 (1)

And finally, I had my two year blogoversary! I honestly have no idea where two years have gone, but it’s such a nice milestone to reach 🙂

What’s been going on in your life this month?

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Thinking Ahead

Ten Things That Made Me Happy {week four}

This week’s generally been pretty good, but it has had its ups and downs…there’s been the obligatory I-don’t-know-what-I-want-to-do-next-year-everything-I-thought-I-wanted-to-do-I-don’t-know-anymore freak out (but they’re practically routine by now so not an especially big deal), a couple of other indirectly stressful things happening with other people and just the odd things that haven’t gone so smoothly. Plus, Easter holidays = GCSE revision, yay 😒. BUT, depressing and stress-inducing other bits and bobs may be, there’s definitely been at least ten good things from this week. So, without further ado…


1. New Kygo music, + the start of his Cloud Nine tour…

WHICH MY FRIEND AND I ARE GOING TO IN LONDON and there’s less than a month left to wait and omg I’m so excited. Brixton O2 Academy, we’re coming for ya! Also, his new Cloud Nine album is now available to preorder and I discovered that a) there’s a new single from it, Fragile ft. Labrinth (which I love) and b) there’s loads of live recordings of stuff from the album on YouTube, which again, I love. Squeee

giphy (24)

{source} *excitement levels are high*

2. My music lesson went OK

I had my normal trumpet lesson on Wednesday and err, ahem, I probably didn’t do as much practise as I should have *awkwardly shuffles feet* BUT it turned out OK…I mean, my playing was apparently spot on, there was just the small issues of being about three beats behind the piano accompaniment. Whoops. However, my teacher was surprised that I managed to stay in time with myself, if not the piano, so yay for small victories!

3. Meeting up with friends

From the looks of it, I’m going to see more friends than usual this holiday (probs not a good thing, given I’m meant to be revising) – I’m meeting one who I haven’t properly seen in weeks for lunch and shopping on Tuesday (there goes all the money I earnt at work last Friday…), and hoping to meet at least one other for a revision and gossip session (which will consist of probably five minutes of actual revision, but y’know, that’s better than nothing, right?!). So yeah, that’s something to look forward to besides revision.

4. Easter

I say Easter, but what I unashamedly really mean is chocolate. Although weirdly I’ve barely eaten any today. I don’t think there’s an awful lot more to say about this anyway, except that I’ve officially decided Cadbury Mini Eggs are the preserve of the gods and I have no clue how I’m gonna survive when they’re not in the shops anymore. Plus, Easter means hot cross buns and the first proper Sunday roast since Christmas so woop for that.

5. Friends

*Prepare for soppiness* Y’know I mentioned this week’s been a tad stressful? Well, it’s also been brilliant because I’ve discovered how fab my friends are. Their reaction to me feeling shitty is HEY LET ME JOIN A GROUP CHAT WITH PEOPLE I DON’T KNOW TO MAKE MY FRIEND FEEL BETTER. In short, I love them more than my love chocolate and cheesecake and raspberries and pizza  and Haribo Tangfastics combined (even when you’re including chocolate and raspberry cheesecake) and that’s a lot of love. So yeah, basically you know exactly who you are and how fab you are, I owe you a lot and I’m never going to be able to think of tomatoes, ketchup and bowling balls in the same way. Plus because of you lot I’ve been told some of the nicest things ever, so yeah, big hugs to you because you’re awesome.

6. In a kinda similar vein, the blog squad

Because I quit Twitter (amongst other things) for Lent, I hadn’t spoken to these fab people for around forty days, and I really missed them, more than I expected. So yeah, it’s nice to be back in touch with them and to catch up on all the gossip I missed.

7. Down by the river…*breaks into song*

Now that the obligatory musical reference is out of the way…

Yesterday, although it wasn’t planned, I ended up going for a walk by the river with a friend in the rain, which I was kinda surprised by how much I enjoyed. There’s something about being out in the rain out of choice that’s really calming and soothing, and the same goes for just talking about stuff. Plus there were lots of cute dogs around, which made me realise how much I miss having a dog to walk and cuddle and just have. So yeah, if anyone’s looking for someone to give/lend their dog to/someone to walk their dog for them, then hiiiii 👋

8. Reaching 14,000 views

14,000 is a lot, guys. Although I strongly suspect about five of my friends of making up about 7000, still, thank you 🙂

9. Being perfectly in sync with your best friend

Going back to the friends thing, I thought it was worth mentioning the fact that one of my best friends and I know each other so well we both sent each other exactly the same screenshot of a news article at the same time. We’re just that close.

10. This live performance

I’ve been a fan of the 3ème Gauche series of acoustic performances in Paris and I rediscovered this one in my liked videos today and I just love it so much. I like the song anyway, but as a number of the comments point out, what really makes this video brilliant is the sheer passion and love for music that radiates out. It really makes a difference and makes me smile!


What’s made your week a good week?


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