Celebration Week: A Blog For Every Occasion


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As part of my one-year blogging anniversary celebration week, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite blogs and what they’re good for. If you want to find even more blogs after you’ve read this post, head over here for Elly’s list of her favourite blogs, which originally gave me the idea for this post! I’ve tried to kind of stick with blogs I haven’t previously mentioned, but check out the Blogs I Follow widget on my sidebar or just ask down in the comments for more blogs I’m enjoying right now 🙂

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Time To Dig Out The Birthday Cake: Books, Tea and a Onesie Is One!


Woo! Happy birthday to me! (Or my blog. Whatever, minor differences). Woooowwww…I can’t believe I’ve had this little bit of the World Wide Web for an entire year (and trust me, I’ve been counting down for a few weeks, after realising my blogoversary was coming up). I can still remember debating the merits of names with my mum in the car, I think on the way back from the chip shop…I’m happy to say we had fish and chips again tonight! (I mean, I have had them in the last year. It just felt especially fitting that I just realised that). So, what have I done in that year? Although I’m hoping to put a ‘history of Books, Tea and a Onesie’ post together over the next couple of days (more on that later), I’ll give you a quick rundown of the stats now…

In one year, I’ve:

  • Had 5444 views
  • Had 2420 visitors
  • Published 238 posts
  • Gained 246 followers
  • Had 283 comments, excluding those by me…I think
  • And made a lot of bloggy friends!

To celebrate, this week I’m planning on doing One Week To Celebrate One Year: A Post-A-Day Challenge (gosh, that sounds rather posh, doesn’t it?). Today is obviously this post, if I get my act together (big if), tomorrow will be a special, first-of-three edition of Tracklisting Tuesday, featuring one of my best friends, Wednesday will be a few of my top tips for blogging, Thursday will be A Brief History of My Blog, Friday will be a quick tour of my favourite blogs, and Saturday and Sunday are To Be Confirmed. (I literally just came up with half those ideas, so I think I’m doing pretty well). Possibly some kind of ‘throwback’ post or my plans for the future, or maybe just a weekly wrap up…? Let me know any ideas you have down in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

I’m so so so glad I started my blog. I remember telling my dad about all the awesome blogs already out there by teenagers, and him (possibly a bit sick of all this blog talking but no doing by now) saying yes, but wouldn’t it be so much cooler to have my own blog? And the rest, as they say is (fairly modern) history…

I’ve “met” so many lovely people (at least, I don’t think any of you are axe-murdering psychos) (Axe-murdering. To murder an axe. Interesting turn of phrase…), and read so many fabulous posts…thank you for reading my blog, whether you’re a devout follower (lookin’ at you, best friend code name M there…;) ), read occasionally or have just stumbled across my blog for the first time today. Thanks!

Look out for my full-week celebration posts, and please do drop any ideas you’ve got or anything you’d like to see down below in the comments! (Oh, and shoutout to Invisible2001 who’s blog also turns 1 today!)