Blogging in 2018

As some of you may know, I first started blogging in March 2014 (read my first ever blog post here!), with my blog names Books, Tea and a Onesie’, under the alias of ‘An Overthinking Teenager’. Several name changes later, I took an unplanned break from blogging from around summer 2016 until, well, now – GCSEs made me busy, then I never really got back into the flow of it and then I started studying the IB at college, which meant I was seriously limited for time and honestly just wanted to collapse in front of Netflix when I got home.

But now I’m back, and attempting to get back into blogging regularly – partly because I enjoy getting thoughts out of my head and into the internet, partly because after finishing exams in May I’m honestly getting quite bored and also because I like having it as a kind of time capsule of my life right now, to look back on in however many years.

After two years away though, I’ve discovered the blogging world is quite different to how I left it. During my unofficial hiatus, I’ve only really kept up with reading a few ‘big’ blogs – namely Hannah Gale, Vix Meldrew, Sophie Cliff and Chloe Plumstead – and occasionally chatting to some of my OG blogger friends on Twitter. Turns out, a lot has changed without me noticing, especially amongst the ‘smaller’ blogger community that I always felt I was part of.

Some of the bloggers I used to be good friends with or a keen follower of have stopped blogging, either with a stated ‘goodbye’ or just a gradual tailing off of posts and online presence, like me. Instagram is no longer the golden platform for bloggers it used to be – the general consensus (or at least what I can glean from Twitter) is that Instagram is just not friendly to small bloggers, it’s incredibly difficult to see meaningful growth and engagement and, frankly, it’s just not worth the effort. I can relate to this – as much as I like the visual aesthetic of Instagram, it really doesn’t seem worth the effort to build up my following and spend so much time on social media just for aesthetic purposes – I can do that with my personal Instagram account, after all. Twitter has a much nicer, more engaged community in my experience, and is just so much more rewarding for the effort you put in. It also feels a lot more real – Instagram is full of filters and staged photos, compared to Twitter’s unfiltered thoughts and conversations.

Another big difference is the form of the ‘small blogger’ community itself. When I was starting out (*leans on walking stick and peers through glasses* back in my day…), there was a community of blogs with small followings, building them up slowly and almost all with or Blogger domains. Now, people seem to be starting up blogs and getting thousands of Twitter followers within a month, or going self-hosted right from the start – all at the age of 15+. This is obviously great – who doesn’t want bloggers to be successful, and I ‘ve always secretly dreamed of going self hosted – but I have no idea how people are doing it? I’ve had my Twitter account for around three years, and have just under 500 followers (though admittedly it’s only recently I’ve become really active on there) (PS follow me @mixomuseblog). People are getting hundreds of views a day after just a couple of months of blogging, which is just unimaginable to me. Maybe it’s something to do with the way the internet’s evolved over the last four years, or maybe people are just putting a lot more effort and time into promoting themselves, but it’s definitely something that surprised me.

There’s another difference about my blogging in 2018 versus in 2014 – one related more to me. I still have no idea what my blogging ‘niche’ is, or what I’m doing generally, but I’m a lot more confident in what I’m doing as a person. When I was younger, I was terrified of people finding out about my blog, and although lots of people still don’t know about it – I’ve told a few people over the years but I have no idea if they still read it (hi if you do! Tell me!) – I’m not totally opposed to telling people about it. Depending on whether I actually keep this blog going on a long-term basis, anyway…

Also, does anyone actually use Bloglovin’ or the WordPress reader anymore?

Has anyone else been blogging from 2014ish? Have you noticed much change in the blogging world? If you’re a new blogger, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, @mixomuseblog!

I’m Not Really Freaking Out Anymore (+ things are changing round here!)

You might remember that a few weeks ago, when I was just starting college, I wrote a couple of not-too-cheery posts about how I was feeling (original here and update here – short version, I was terrified and missing everybody and questioning my choice slightly). Now, a month on, I’m feeling very different indeed so I thought I’d give you a final little update bit, in case you were vaguely interested or felt like me when you first started college.

So, first things first – I mentioned I was thinking about it in my update post but I’ve now swapped from Environmental Systems & Societies to Biology (at standard level). I’m enjoying it so far – this sounds kinda twisted but I’ve always struggled a bit with biology, especially during GCSE and I kinda like having the familiarity of that challenge?? I don’t really understand myself but I’m finding it OK so yeah, that’s the main thing. Other than that, I’ve kept my subjects the same and am enjoying almost all of them – we all have a bit of an issue with our maths studies teacher but other than that it’s all good, especially Spanish and Film Studies! (I’m actually actively looking forward tomorrow because I only have two lessons – we’re writing and filming telenovelas in Spanish and then learning how to use the cameras and shooting our film noir we’ve been working on for the past few lessons in Film Studies so that should be fun.) I’ve got the beginnings of a group of friends within IB and a group in the extracurricular academic academy thing I do so that’s good, and the Co-op bags of 5 cookies for £1 are getting very popular.

The missing friends and school, which was a big issue for me to start with has really settled down. I keep in contact with my old friends to varying degrees and have been in to see them at school a couple of times, and I’ve actually found there are some “friends” I don’t miss at all now I’m not forced to see them. It probably also helps a lot of my close friends were from out of school anyway. I do occasionally get pangs of, weirdly, missing GCSEs – I think because the work was easier and there was familiarity and people you’ve known since forever? Idk, it’s weird. College and IB was definitely the right choice for me and obviously I still struggle occasionally but what I’m trying to say is it gets so much easier. Everyone says it and you never believe it but in the last week or so I’ve started feeling so much happier coming home from college and it’s great. I’ve also started trumpet lessons, choir and a thing called Jazz Project at college so I’m just getting to know so many people! So yeah, overall yay 🙂

Now onto the ‘things changing’ bit…I’m going to start being more organised. Or try to at least. So I’m going to try and post regularly on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, with a bonus ‘music of the month’ post at the end of the month. I don’t know if I’ll set a schedule of what I’m going to post, but I’ll see what evolves over the next few weeks and let you know!

Thanks for reading this mega rambley vaguely pointless post…


PS this is my favourite song atm so you should definitely listen to it…

Word Explosions and 500 Followers!


I’m aware I’ve been writing a lot of listy posts lately, and while I like them and they seem to have gone down well, I felt like writing something a bit more personal, if only to get stuff straight in my own head. So yeah, prepare for word vomit. (promise it’s not literal vomit, I got that out when I was ill on Monday)

Most important things first: I GOT A NEW PHONE CASE YAY! I actually ordered it ages ago but it was free shipping from Hong Kong so could take approximately up to a month to arrive…it was actually a week earlier than the deadline so yay for (relatively) quick shipping. I had a case anyway, but it was my mum’s old one (it was her case) and it just didn’t really feel like mine, nice as it was.

*endless heart eyed emoji*

In other news…

It’s actually starting to feel like I’m doing GCSEs now (gulp). At the start of this school year, we were all a bit confused because we seemed to be getting less homework than in year 10 and the workload just wasn’t as hard as expected…but its ramped up now. I’ve got so much coursework going on at the moment – English essays, descriptive writing, music composition x2, starting Spanish controlled assessment tomorrow…eugh. Plus I have to make A Level decisions and find time at weekends for work and occasionally hockey matches. And trumpet practice because I really need to do more than I already am, especially with my GCSE ensemble performance sometime in the next couple of months *shudders* (to be fair, I don’t really mind the performance, it’s just so much work). At least I actually pretty like one of my GCSE music compositions – I’m really proud of my minimalism. My pop song is…bearable, but my minimalism is awesome (in my not at all biased opinion, obvs).

On the bright side, I’m starting to get an idea of what I want to do next year – I’m *strongly considering* the International Baccalaureate (primarily because I’m really bad at making decisions), or for A Levels I’m starting to get an idea of what subjects I want to do. My initial idea of Politics, Geography, Maths and English I unfortunately can’t do because it doesn’t work with the option columns, but I’m now thinking maybe English, Maths, Biology and Geography. Shame about the Politics though, it sounds really interesting. Plus they run a biannual trip to America. Not that I really desperately want to go there or anything (no, not at all). I’ve been talking to some of the sixth formers I do music with which has kinda helped – apparently I’ll like English A Level if I really enjoy English, if I do Spanish I should just learn truckloads of vocab and I should never do a minority (especially not Further Maths, which my school’s actually dropped now, thankfully).

I’m also really loving my trumpet lessons at the moment. I’m mainly focusing on two pieces, the Charleston (woop) (and learning to vocalise and play a written-out solo, gulp. I do feel like I’m actually improving though, which is nice) and Begin The Beguine, by Cole Porter. I’m *vaguely* obsessed with the Ella Fitzgerald version, which is actually really helping my playing (I CAN COUNT TO LIKE FIVE NOW. GO ME!). I also have a sneaky suspicion I may have FINALLY cracked a really difficult section of a piece we’re playing in jazz band where three of us play a horrible trio-y solo bit. I practised it for the school Christmas concert (where it went really badly, but I don’t think anybody other than us actually noticed to be honest) but now we’re playing that piece in a competition entry so it’s *quite important* we get it right.

Now a massive change of subject…I’ve been told recently by at least three people and possibly more that I’ve been talking more lately/I get more talkative when I know people better. Took me quite a long time to realise this, but OK. Anyway, I’ve definitely been talking to more people, which is good – there’s a pretty regular group of 3 of us (and sometimes a couple of extras) that walk home together on Wednesdays and Thursdays after our music stuff, I have a fun five-minute walk part-of-the-way-home arrangement with one of my best friends a couple of days each week which is really nice because I only have two subjects with her, and we’re only sat next to each other in one of them so we don’t always have enough time to insult each other catch up and have a chat. Outside of my year, I’ve started talking to three or four other brass players that I didn’t really talk to before, especially in brass ensemble and symphony orchestra (this is pretty significant for me, as I think I was silent throughout almost every symphony orchestra rehearsal last year). They’re actually all pretty nice and we often end up laughing uncontrollably as a section, so when we need to actually start playing (the whole ten bars or so we have in each piece) it doesn’t always go completely to plan. Especially in our Christmas concert in the Cathedral. Oh dear…


giphy (5)


(omg I was just looking for an appropriate gif already in my media library and I found a screenshot from 200 follows. I’VE COME SO FAR.) (and can somebody buy me the top in this gif? please and thanks in advance)

What’s been happening with you lately?


Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Immediately

I was planning on getting a different post up today (and by planning I mean a vague idea came into my head mid afternoon after I had started writing this one) but I was enjoying putting this together, so that’ll wait until tomorrow or possibly never 🙂 For now, here are my top ten (or so) Insta accounts that you should follow right after you finish reading every post I’ve ever published. (except the early ones, they’re just embarrassing. Imagine your 2009 Facebook timeline, but about ten times the length. Yeah. Eugh.)

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Happy New Year: Looking Back At 2015 & Forward To 2016

Happy New Year! I’ve been meaning to write this for the past week or so (especially as I didn’t write a Christmas post…but I will be doing a ‘what I got for Christmas’ post soon, as I’ve now received all but one of my presents) but never really got round to it/prioritised other thing (OMG GUYS I FINISHED CARRY ON IN LIKE 48 HOURS OMG OMG OMG but this isn’t a flailing post (as Eve would say) so I’ll save that for another time)(probs five minutes after I publish this).


For more, take a look at my insta 🙂 (@mixomuseblog)


I finally got my butt in gear because I was asked if I was doing one or not so I stopped searching #Snowbaz on Instagram and taking pretty bookstagram pictures, plugged my laptop in, bought a new phone case and HERE WE ARE. I *may* stop rambling now. (but let’s be honest, which of my posts do not involve excessive rambling?!)

So. 2015 in review. I can’t really remember anything I’ve done, to be honest. Oh dear. I’ll give a list a go anyway.

  • I posted a lot of times – according to the stats helper monkeys, 163, which is about 20 less than last year but still a pretty decent number!
  • Special shoutout to Michelle (TOP COMMENTER WOOO), Elly, Eve, Evi, and Victoria for being my top commenters this year!

    giphy (6)

           {source}           GUYSGUYSGUYS SHERLOCK TONIGHT WHO’S EXCITED?!?

  • I’ve already done a roundup of 2015 in popular posts, but according to aforementioned stats helper monkeys my most popular posts (most popular first) were Social Life of a Bookaholic  (I PUBLISHED THIS IN MAY 2014 AND IT’S BEEN MORE POPULAR IN 2015 THAN THEN WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION OF THIS POST?!?), my free chocolate review and giveaway (go figure), the list I did of my Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Wait To Get My Braces Off (woop, I like that post, clearly a relatable subject) (I WAS ALLOWED TO EAT TOFFEE PENNIES AT CHRISTMAS GUYS THIS IS GOOD), the Blog Olympics 2015 announcement which was also my most commented on post of 2015 (not gonna lie, I love the opening bit of this post, though I do appear to have forgotten that paragraphs exist for a reason) and finally my 2nd ever book tag – the Book Lover’s Questionnaire.  (check out the my full 2015 year in blogging report HERE)
  • I had visitors from 85 countries (FIST PUMP), primarily the UK, US and Canada. (The UK won though. Probably because I don’t have any stalkerish friends in the US or Canada.) (That I’m aware of, at least)

    giphy (7)

    {source} Hey, stalker friends.

  •  I had a vaguely ridiculous 8247 views, more than double what I had last year, 3668 visitors (again, approximately double), 2080 likes (almost FOUR TIMES what I had in 2014) and 884 comments (271 in 2014). WHOA GUYS. THANKS!
  • I spent the whole of February doing An Overthinking Song Challenge, spent April (I think) doing Camp NaNo (actually wrote a bit, woop), the Blog Olympics in I think July and from June onwards was part of The Feministas (I’ll post on there soon, promise). The Blog Squad was also created at some point, and I AM SO GLAD THAT EXISTS BY THE WAY I LOVE YOU GUYS.

  • I hit 300 Twitter followers, 200 Instagram followers and created a Facebook page.
  • Away from the blog (OMG, you mean you actually have a life outside the internet? *insert emoji where person is screaming in fear and looks blue*) I spent fiveish days in Serbia which was both character building (THE ACCOMMODATION/THE FOOD/THE SHEER QUANTITY OF GROSS BREAD *insert same emoji*) and ridiculously awesome (THE FLIGHT/PLAYING ON THE MAIN STAGE (in a thunderstorm :/)/HAVING AN AUDIENCE OF LIKE 300/LOADS OF STUFF/THE ONE DAY WHEN WE WENT TO THE BEST POOL EVER AND HAD THE BEST FOOD EVER AND SOME PEOPLE DID A GIG IN A MOUNTAINY PLACE FILMED BY THE EQUIVALENT OF THE BBC AND THEN WE HAD A GROUP PHOTO ON  A BRIDGE THAT WAS DISTINCTLY UNSAFE), I spent just under a week on an RAF camp that was…interesting (but good in the end) and probably did some other stuff, but I can’t really remember any of it. *shrug* I guess that’s what the end of the year does to you.


(back to the future!)

Last year I set out a few goals for my blog in 2015 that can be found here and generally, I think I gave stuff ago but wasn’t overly successful – I wanted to book blog a bit more, which I tried but just didn’t enjoy that much, I wanted to comment more, which I kinda didn’t really improve on, I wanted to use more pictures, which I think I did (woop!) and I wanted to post more regularly and soon after events. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Maybe a post about summer RAF camps and trips to Serbia coming your way in 2016…

Now for my 2016 plans…

  • I want to comment more! I WILL DO IT THIS YEAR!
  • Same for posting sooner after events!
  • I want to post more about my everyday life
  • Maybe more Top Ten Tuesdays
  • I want to try and grow my Instagram account a bit more…I’m getting quite into book photography now! (Follow me @mixomuseblog to give me some motivation ;))


    Another snap from my insta @mixomuseblog

  • I want to interact more on Twitter…having said how fabulous the Blog Squad are, I need to make more time to talk to them!
  • Review more books! I think I’ve found my style now, kinda…just extreme fangirling! I did this for The Knife of Never Letting Go and really enjoyed it, so am planning on giving it a go for Carry On too 🙂 (HAHAHA I JUST REREAD THAT POST AND IT MAKES ME SMILE SO MUCH)

  • Find more blogs, then share them with you guys. This is kinda a specific post I have in mind but it *WILL* happen, I swear!
  • *maybe* tell more people about this blog. Big maybe. I mean, I’m planning on applying to the journalism academy at college where I’ll have to tell them about my blog and possibly submit some writing from here so…scary. I have an idea of what I’ll send it, but still. SCARY PEOPLE MAY JUDGE, GUYS (except they’re adults so they probably won’t). But there are some other friends I’m becoming increasingly close to that I want to tell as well. Hmm. We’ll see.

And that, my friends (or enemies. you choose. let me know your choice, just so I know where I stand), is all I can think of for now. I shall see you most likely at the end of 2016, when I suddenly remember that yes, I have a blog, and no, I haven’t posted at all for a year, let alone fulfilled these goals!

How many of your goals for 2015 did you fulfil, and what are you hoping to achieve in 2016?

Happy New Year!


2015 In Popular Posts


I’m feeling a little bit meh for a few reasons but I wanted to try and get a post up, and I saw somebody else did a post like this (though annoyingly I couldn’t remember who…), so I thought I’d highlight my most popular posts of 2015 for any new readers or if people just want to have a read!

Here goes…{I chose the posts based on my personal opinion of them, how many likes/comments they got and how many views they got}


  • The Social Life of a Bookaholic Somehow this post about my local library reopening after being closed for 2 years was my second most viewed post this year (after the general home page/archives), despite being published in May last year. I’m honestly so confused as to why it’s had 402 views this year (it got a grand total of 20 last year), but feel free to head over here and try and figure out what all the fuss is about…
  • Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Wait To Get My Braces Off Although I’m now (thankfully) brace free, this post seems to have struck a chord with a lot of you as since being published waaayyyy back in February, it’s had 136 views. Yay. Check it out here.
  • My 2nd Ever Book Tag (I Think): The Book Lover’s Questionnaire 87 views since being published in April, yayze. (no, I have no idea what that word was either). By the way, in my first answer I asked if ~ had a name. I NOW KNOW THEY DO! THEY’RE CALLED SNARKS AND ARE USUALLY USED TO EXPRESS SARCASM! #funfactoftheday. See lots of snarks and more here!
  • A Discussing Teenager – Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover I’m pretty proud of this post about trying not to judge people without getting to know them, but how we all do it anyway, so I’m pleased it’s made the list with 79 views since May. Let me know your thoughts on it!

An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors | Books, Tea and a Onesie

  • An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors Again, I’m really pleased with this post – I wrote it in response to something kinda negative that happened to a blogger I’m friends with, and I feel like I got a really good post out of it. It’s had 70 views, so I’m guessing a fair few of you guys agree! (Plus, it has a pretty picture, so go check it out!)
  • An Overthinking Interview: Lauren Aquilina Getting to interview Lauren over email was basically life goals, especially then getting to see her live in October. Now that the album she talked about in the interview is starting to become a reality, why don’t you find out a little bit more about her?


  • A Blog For Every Occasion Talking about my favourite bloggers and sharing the bloggy love. What more could you want from a post?!?
  • Oh Hi There, Holidays! + Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger This post got a really positive response so it isn’t really as surprise that it’s had 45 views since October…and that November’s equally well received follow up has had 44 views!
  • Solidarité I’m seriously proud of this post – I’m actually considering submitting it as my application for a writing academy thing that I may be doing next year. I’m really pleased that I managed to articulate my thoughts on the Paris attacks in a way that (I think) made sense, so if you’d like to read it then check it out here!
  • 50 Things I Can’t Wait For This Autumn This post had an unexpectedly good reception – 42 views yay 🙂 although it’s more into winter now, a lot of what I wrote about here counts for December onwards as well, so it’s still very much relevant if you want to give it a read!
  • You Were Born To Be Real, Not To Be Perfect I can’t believe it was March when I wrote this! It’s still 100% relevant though, and I suspect I could end up rereading it as I approach my GCSE mocks after Christmas…*jumps for joy*
  • What Do We All Think We’ve Got And Then Lose In A Sudden Breakdown? Oh Yeah, Body Confidence! This post was really hard to write, but also really rewarding. It got 14 comments, so I’m guessing you guys found it helpful too! 🙂
  • Wetsuits, Ice Creams, Fish & Chips and the F-Word Remembering the incident this post was about still brings a smile to my face after five months, so if you feel like some swearing-related humour…check it out!
  • How To (Successfully) Fly A Plane For The First Time Without (Completely) Freaking Out This post is from one of the coolest things I’ve got to do – go flying back in June! As in, actually control the plane! Pretty awesome, right? I then wrote this post in a slightly different style to my normal writing style, kinda listy with *a LOT* of sarcasm (though let’s get real here, that’s hardly different to my normal style), so it’s nice that it went down so well 🙂 check out my top tips for that everyday activity that is flying a Grob Tutor here!


  • ~SPOILER ALERT~PATRICK NESS, YOU BROKE MY HEART AND STOPPED ME FROM BELIEVING IN LUCK {The Knife Of Never Letting Go} ~SPOILER ALERT~ Okay, last post. {in case you didn’t notice, this contains spoilers, so only click if you’re okay with that and won’t murder me in my sleep for ruining the plot!} (please just don’t do that anyway) This was a major outpouring of OMFG PATRICK NESS WHYYYYYY after I finished The Knife Of Never Letting Go and…yeah, it contains A LOT of capitals. (sorry-not-sorry). It’s kinda different style to my normal writing, in that’s it’s a bit more inner-monologuey, and is just an explosion of squealing fangirlness and HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME. I’m pretty impressed it’s had 25 views when I only published it on the 3rd December, but I guess that’s just testament to how my blog’s grown. Anyway. go check it out HERE!

What posts of mine have stuck out for you from 2015? 


Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger // Part II


I don’t know if you recall, but a few weeks ago (at the start of half term *sheds a tear for lost holidays*) I wrote a post discussing how I felt about telling people I’m a blogger.

Since then, I’ve told a few more people. And y’know what? It’s been fine. Good. Not a problem. Nothing’s really changed, except occasionally I find myself thinking “ooh, do I want to write this when I know x or y might read it?”. But the philosophy I’m trying to stick to is that my blog’s always been the place where I don’t really have to censor what I’m saying (except for obvious stuff, like my identity etc.) and my style of writing’s already got me over 450 followers, over 5000 visitors and over 11,000 views. I’m clearly doing something right, so I don’t want to change who I am or how I write. Besides, what’s the point in hiding what I really feel about stuff or who I am? Is there really any advantage? If anybody’s actually bothered about me and what I’m doing, then that’s their problem, not mine – after all, nobody has to read this blog! (But y’know, thanks to all 450-something of you that do. It is pretty cool to know there are people that actually like my style or writing and what I write about enough to regularly (well, occasionally) stop by and have a nose around here. And some of my bloggy friends are THE BEST and now I feel like I’ve been neglecting you so GET READY TO BE BOMBARDED WITH MESSAGES SAYING HI).


But now onto what I actually meant to write about…I don’t know how many people I know in “real life” read this, or even know that it exists. I have no idea how many people know that it exists (from Instagram, or whatever) but have never bothered having a look. To be honest, I think I’m probably happier that I don’t know. I still find it awkward talking about my blog in ~real life~ (YOU MEAN STUFF EXISTS OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET?) so I try and avoid it as much as possible. But y’know, I’m getting better at it.

What’s your opinion on being a public blogger vs. hiding away in the big ol’ WordPress cave and hoping that nobody you know happens to stumble across you?



Oh Hi There, Holidays! + Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m on holiday!

Yup, it’s already half term for me – my school gives us a two-week October half term, YAY. We broke up yesterday, and even though I have an absolute ton of homework (at least one piece from all subjects bar physics and chemistry), including a GCSE Spanish oral to study for, I’m still VERY excited to be on holiday, even though it barely feels like any time since the summer. When I go back to school it’ll be November – how mad is that?!?

Today it didn’t really feel like half term, as I spent most of the day rehearsing with my jazz orchestra and then came home to a load of ironing and a few Further Maths practice questions, but the evening’s been nice, watching The Apprentice. My main plan for the next couple of days is to knuckle down and get as much homework done as possible, so I don’t have it hanging over me

For the rest of half term, I’ve got a few plans…I’m going to see Lauren Aquilina live (EEEK! Anyone else?), I need to tidy my room and hopefully do a few DIY bits and bobs, I’ve got a 3 day residential with my jazz orchestra and then a Halloween party, which I’m really looking forward to! I’m also going to go and see Spectre, the new James Bond film, with my family which should be fun.

Ooh, also, I’ve discovered two awesome new things I want to share:

  1. On Google Chrome, if you get the ‘page couldn’t be found’ error page (with the little T-Rex cartoon) and press the space bar, IT TURNS INTO A GAME. HOW COOL IS THAT. (VERY)
  2. Secondly, a friend’s introduced me to my new favourite book – or should I say, fanfiction. It’s called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and is available to read for free at, either normally or as a PDF. I highly recommend it, it’s sooo good!

And another thing…

I’ve been thinking a bit about my blog, and how public I am with it. My parents and sister and a few other family members know about it, as do my close friends, but I’m not especially forthcoming about the fact I have one and, frankly, am a bit embarrassed about it?! I’m not really sure why, I just am. Maybe it’s because I feel like I kinda have a different online personality and I want to keep those two sides to me separate? But now I’m feeling a bit like I shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, that I should mention it loudly and proudly. I guess that if I possibly want to be a journalist in the future, I should get used to people reading my writing.

Sometimes I kinda feel like I want to tell people, especially if I’m becoming quite good friends with them, but I’m scared. Scared they’ll judge, scared they’ll hate it, scared they’ll just think it’s weird. Plus I feel kinda awkward about it, it means I have to be more careful about what I write. But to be honest, I do that anyway as quite a few people do read it regularly – my parents, my friends…my best friend once managed to quote me to myself without me realising it!


The Renaming


I’ve decided to change my blog name, before thinking about buying a custom URL. Don’t get me wrong, I love my current name, but I feel it puts too much weight on books and none on music. So I’m trying out a few new ones for size, and here’s one of them – Mixolydian Musings. Mixolydian refers to jazz music – as Wikipedia says: Mixolydian mode may refer to one of three things: the name applied to one of the ancient Greek harmoniai or tonoi, based on a particular octave species or scale; one of the medieval church modes; a modern musical mode or diatonic scale, related to the medieval mode.

Anyway, I’ll try and sort out a new header in the next few days but for now, what do you think of this name? I would LOVE some feedback! Thanks 🙂

An Overthinking Teenager

Where I Went & Where I’m Going

where i'm going

Hey guys!

As you may have noticed, I’ve kinda semi-disappeared over the last few weeks. First I was in Cornwall, then I was in Serbia, and since I got back from Serbia on Monday night, I just haven’t really been feeling the blogging vibe.

However, I have been thinking about my blog, and I’ve come up with a few things.

  • I’m going to forget about the sponsored posts and stick with what I love. Lately I feel a little bit like I’ve been focusing on making all my posts about something very specific, and not necessarily going with what I want to write about. Maybe it’s the Blog Olympics, I don’t know. But although it felt like a great honour to do a few sponsored posts – there were a couple of book reviews, and there’s a chocolate review and giveaway going up tomorrow – I feel like I haven’t written about what I want to write about for a long time. So I’m going to forget about restrictions with sponsored posts etc, and just do what I want. Maybe get back into the habit of Tracklisting Tuesdays. We’ll see.
  • I want to read and comment on other blogs more. I feel like with my writing, so too has my reading fallen by the wayside a bit. I also want to, instead of just thinking about what I could write as a comment, actually commenting it.
  • I want to change my blog name. (and maybe go self-hosted). I do really like Books, Tea and a Onesie as a name, but I feel like it puts unnecessary weight on books, and doesn’t mention music at all, which is a bit of an issue. I also want to maybe try going self hosted, but I want to be really sure about my name before I do that. So, as I’m at a bit of a dead end…any suggestions?
  • (Seriously, I would really like suggestions)

So the main gist is that I just want to forget about boundaries a bit, and go back to just blogging for the fun of it, which I felt I’ve lost a bit recently. With any luck, my blogging motivation will be back soon – watch out WordPress, I’m coming for ya!

(Again, please, any name ideas? ;))

Bye for now!