Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger // Part II


I don’t know if you recall, but a few weeks ago (at the start of half term *sheds a tear for lost holidays*) I wrote a post discussing how I felt about telling people I’m a blogger.

Since then, I’ve told a few more people. And y’know what? It’s been fine. Good. Not a problem. Nothing’s really changed, except occasionally I find myself thinking “ooh, do I want to write this when I know x or y might read it?”. But the philosophy I’m trying to stick to is that my blog’s always been the place where I don’t really have to censor what I’m saying (except for obvious stuff, like my identity etc.) and my style of writing’s already got me over 450 followers, over 5000 visitors and over 11,000 views. I’m clearly doing something right, so I don’t want to change who I am or how I write. Besides, what’s the point in hiding what I really feel about stuff or who I am? Is there really any advantage? If anybody’s actually bothered about me and what I’m doing, then that’s their problem, not mine – after all, nobody has to read this blog! (But y’know, thanks to all 450-something of you that do. It is pretty cool to know there are people that actually like my style or writing and what I write about enough to regularly (well, occasionally) stop by and have a nose around here. And some of my bloggy friends are THE BEST and now I feel like I’ve been neglecting you so GET READY TO BE BOMBARDED WITH MESSAGES SAYING HI).


But now onto what I actually meant to write about…I don’t know how many people I know in “real life” read this, or even know that it exists. I have no idea how many people know that it exists (from Instagram, or whatever) but have never bothered having a look. To be honest, I think I’m probably happier that I don’t know. I still find it awkward talking about my blog in ~real life~ (YOU MEAN STUFF EXISTS OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET?) so I try and avoid it as much as possible. But y’know, I’m getting better at it.

What’s your opinion on being a public blogger vs. hiding away in the big ol’ WordPress cave and hoping that nobody you know happens to stumble across you?



100 Days of Happiness {day 69} – A Good Day

On Sunday, my sister was away at her Model United Nations conference-thingy, and my dad was doing a pinball tournament thing, so my mum and I had a fun day together. Through her job at the local university, my mum had signed up to be assigned a foreign student to talk to, just so they can learn more about English culture. Our student was Chinese and has been studying in England for four years, and she came over on Sunday. We got a yummy coffee and walnut cake from Waitrose, and the weather was sunny and warm enough to sit out in the garden.

When she’d left, we went to a local beach for a walk and chips. Whilst we were down there we discovered there was a craft market, and I managed to get a birthday present for my friend and some stuff for my room, along with a really nice pink, bicycle-printed scarf really cheaply 🙂

We were going to get chips at a particular cafe, but there was a rather, shall we say, peculiar smell, so I settled for a raspberry ripple ice cream instead 🙂

As I’d had a weird day food-wise, I had another chicken caesar salad for tea – Waitrose owes at least half its caesar salad sales to me! Thinking of ideas for Christmas presents, Mum got me to make a chocolate mug cake, which was nice but a bit of a fail – I didn’t realise you were supposed to mix it separately from the mug, and near the end of eating it we discovered a massive chunk of un-mixed-in flour…ah well!

Sunday was a very good day 🙂

An Overthinking Teenager

100 Days of Happiness {day 55} – These Boots Were Made for Walking…

and that is what they’ll do! (Or at least these Converses were!)

Yesterday I went for a walk on the seafront with my family, which was good. It was really nice to have some time which was solely about family time, which seems pretty rare these days, as everyone is just ridiculously busy!

I also rearranged my desk which was exactly my kind of fun!

Ah, lazy Sundays 🙂

An Overthinking Teenager

100 Days of Happiness {day 49} – Exercise and Improvisation

I went for a run on Monday, which I enjoyed, but probably the best thing was my trumpet lesson. I was doing jazz improvisation again, and it was awesome 🙂 I also had a homemade chicken caesar salad for lunch, which was amaaaazing. Me and a couple of friends also had fun brainstorming ideas for a piece of GCSE English coursework, which featured polar bears and penguins joining a midnight beach party for animals. We’re hoping it’ll be worth an A* just for making the examiner laugh!

An Overthinking Teenager

100 Days of Happiness {day 45} – Colouring Time!

Just kidding. Well, not really, because geography is just colouring in, and I was on a geography field trip to gather data for a practice GCSE controlled assessment. We visited a local tourist attraction/beach, which is home to several geographical features, including headlands, bays, wave cut notchs, wave cut platforms and arches. We spent the day filling in sheets and getting in up close and personal to various geographical features and storm defences. Unfortunately, the big headland/rock that protects the spit had recently become visibly unstable, meaning we couldn’t go through the arch. It was a fun trip with chips, doughnuts and free ice cream, and non uniform 🙂

The weather was amazing, really warm and clear, but I managed to get sunburnt! Takes a certain skill…

The obligatory field trip shoe shot.

The obligatory field trip shoe shot.

See that beautiful blue sky? That beautiful, back-of-the-neck sunburn-inducing sun? Yeah, it hurts.

See that beautiful blue sky? That beautiful, back-of-the-neck sunburn-inducing sun? Yeah, it hurts.

Picturesque English coastline...

Picturesque English coastline…

An Overthinking Teenager (I almost wrote overthinking field trip then! Oh dear…)

100 Days of Happiness {day 18} – Crepes, Arcades and Ice Bucket Challenges

Today was the last day of our French exchange student’s week with us, and my dad took the day off work to take us bodyboarding in Cornwall. Unfortunately, the weather was grey, wet and miserable, so we gave the actual bodyboarding bit a miss. We wandered around Perranporth and Newquay, including a stop at the Ben & Jerrys cafe. Cherry Garcia waffle sundae with chocolate sauce and white chocolate polar bears, since you asked. For lunch I had my first ever savoury crepe, ham and cheese, which was delicious (though not as good as French ones, or so I’m told!). Yum! 🙂

In Newquay, we checked out the local nightlife  amusement arcades, but unfortunately didn’t win anything. (Much to my mum’s relief!) When we were on our way home, my sister and I discovered we had both been nominated for the ice bucket challenge, which our parents took great delight in inflicting on us. I chose to donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association (text ICED55 to 70070 followed by the amount you want to donate). It was freezing, but suprisingly fun 🙂 Following it with traditional British fish and chips in front of the Marines programme on TV was a bonus, of course.

Have you done the ice bucket challenge, and what were your opinions on it? What’s your programme of choice for a TV dinner?

An Overthinking Teenager