An Overthinking Baker: Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes

I’ve decided to branch out a bit on my blog, and start posting a few recipes, starting with this nicely Easter-themed (kinda) one. Yesterday one of my best friends came over for a couple of hours, and we made chocolate Rice Krispie cakes. Technically, this isn’t baking, as no oven was involved, but melting chocolate definitely was, which makes it an automatic win in my book! This recipe is based loosely on BBC Food’s ‘Chocolate Easter Egg Nest Cakes’, so head over there for a slightly different take on the recipe!

All images from, although I didn't buy them all from there!

All images from, although I didn’t buy them all from there!


  • 225g chocolate: I used 100g Menier Chocolat Patissier milk cooking chocolate, 100g Menier Chocolat Patissier dark cooking chocolate (70% cocoa) and 25g Waitrose ‘Seriously Rich’ dark chocolate (65% cocoa). I really liked the cakes with dark chocolate, but my mum prefers them with milk chocolate, so just go with whatever suits your chocolatey preferences!
  • 2 tbsp golden syrup
  • 50g butter (I used unsalted)
  • Roughly 60g Rice Krispies (my friend and I made a mathematical error and thought we would need more Rice Krispies than the weight given, but around 61g realised that was an awful lot of Rice Krispies and we’d got our maths the wrong way round!)
  • Raisins – I have no idea how many we put in, just add as many as you want. If you don’t fancy raisins or want a mix, leave the raisins out or split your mixture in two, mixing raisins into one half. If you do this, I recommend colour-coding the fairy cake cases so one colour/design is with raisins and one is without, to avoid confusion!
  • Mini chocolate eggs (for best results, use Cadbury-style ones with a sugar shell – if, like me, Cadbury’s Mini Eggs seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth – or at least, the seasonal shelves of Waitrose – Smarties eggs worked fine as a substitution.)

Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes (1)


  1. Put fairy cake cases in a 14-hole fairy cake tray. The recipe was originally supposed to make 12, but we got 14 out of it – you may get less if you don’t use raisins.
  2. Melt the chocolate, golden syrup and butter, stirring until sufficiently liquid and smooth.
  3. Off the heat, add Rice Krispies and mix until all of them are coated in chocolate and there is a fairly even spread of chocolate.
  4. Add the raisins, and mix until they seem to be evenly spread across the mixture.
  5. Spoon mixture into cake cases, and add mini eggs on to the top in a decorative and overly arty-farty way. Try not to eat mini eggs before and end up two short at the end (not that we did that…)
  6. Leave in fridge for an hour+, until set.
  7. Clear up and eat remaining mixture!

– If you don’t feel like raisins (bleurgh, too healthy!), several recipes suggest adding mini marshmallows.

These cakes taste amaaazing, and are seriously easy to make, with minimal opportunities for setting fire to stuff and melting bowls! (Yep, I’ve done that. Twice, I believe. Skilled, huh?) Let me know if you give this recipe, or the original BBC Food one a go, and feel free to say if you like the idea of having culinary-themed posts!



End of the Week Wrap-Up #4

weekly wrap up

Yay! A post that isn’t about music or poetry!

Just kidding, I’m loving both Blogging Uni: Poetry 201 and An Overthinking Song Challenge. Anyway, onto my first wrap up for a couple of weeks…

On The Blog:

As I mentioned, I’ve been busy participating in a couple of challenges, so they’ve made up the majority of my posts, although I have managed to sneak in a couple of others…

Elsewhere On The Internet:

On Instagram, I posted a picture of my 200 WordPress followers notification…THANK YOU!!! I also shared mine and a friend’s beautifully crafted chocolate and raspberry layer cake…hopefully more about that in a post to come!


My Twitter account really took off this week, as I found a bunch of other bloggers, which was really nice…lots of the blogs I follow seem to have just got Twitter, so I feel like I’m getting to connect with bloggy people outside of my blog, which is awesome!


Reading-wise, I went a bit crazy last Wednesday in town…I got out about 8 books, as well as buying my new favourite T-shirt from Primark (it says “This is what awesome look like” on it and I LOVE it!) and a beautiful swirly-patterned clock. As I also got a load of books passed down to me from my sister, I’m hoping to do my first ever ‘Stacking the Shelves’ sometime over the next week or so!

Other Bloggy Things

I’ve literally just finished reading a post on Teddy’s New Bear about ‘Things I Wish I’d Been Told At GCSE’. As I’m doing my first year of GCSEs at the moment, I reckon some of these tips will be pretty helpful! Appletaile was lucky enough to meet Malorie Blackman and Patrick Ness in the flesh – even though I don’t know many of their books, I know of them as authors and getting to meet them must have been awesome! Morgan EXACTLY mirrored my feelings about Lauren Aquilina and her music, and over at Blurt there was a brilliant Academy Awards winners prediction post.

Oh, and I got myself a signature!

I’m back to school after a week off for half term tomorrow, so I’m going to leave this here…hope you had a great week!


100 Days of Happiness {day 73} – Sleep!

As I mentioned in this post, we got back from London around 2 a.m. on Thursday morning, meaning we all slept in. A lot. As in, woke up at midday. Ah well, what else are holidays for? Because mum and dad both had the day off of work, we went for a walk in a local forest park place, and stopped off at the cafe afterwards – I had an absolutely monster size brownie and a delicious-but-freezing smoothie! We then had Chinese/fish and chips for tea (I went with Chinese, and had chicken chow mein with a spring roll :)), which was delicious!

And then I slept again 😉

An Overthinking Teenager

100 Days of Happiness {day 72} – London: Cakes, Poppies and #Aquostic!

Wednesday was non-stop gogogo! (apart from the 7-ish hours in the car, that is!). My dad is a big Status Quo fan, and had managed to book tickets for the first ever ‘Aquostic’ gig, live from Camden Roundhouse for BBC Radio 2. My dad’s liking of the Quo is a bit of a family joke – my mum can’t stand the noise levels, and my sister radiates extreme disapproval whenever they are mentioned! However, my mum said it was much better at the drastically reduced noise levels that come with playing acoustic, and apparently witnesses saw my sister half-enjoying it at times! Whilst mum and sis were sat down, I was with my dad and a family friend on the ground floor, about halfway back. There was one terrifying moment – dad had gone to the loo and our friend was joking with some people around us about how they’d never get back if they left for the loo. Holding up a beer cup, they suggested an alternative solution…*shudders*.

Other than that, the concert was really fun and a novel experience!

Earlier in the day we visited the Tower of London installation ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’. For those of you that haven’t heard about this, it is an evolving installation of ceramic poppies, made by ceramic artist Paul Cummins and set by stage designer Tom Piper. Each poppy represents a British and Colonial soldier killed in the First World War, and 888,246 are being installed between August 5 and November 11th (Armistice Day). After the installation ends, the poppies are being sold for £25 apiece, to raise money for six charities associated with the Armed Forces. There is also a Roll of Honour being done each evening where the names of public-nominated soldiers from the Commonwealth armies are read out. The poppies make a truly spectacular sight-visit them if you can!

We also stopped by the Harrods Montreux Jazz Festival Cafe, although we didn’t stop to eat – at £15 per head for coffee and cake, I was happy with just looking! As possibly one of the best surprises ever, my dad planned for us to visit the Hummingbird Bakery. My sister has one of the HB cookbooks, and my dad knows how much we love the brownies from their recipe 🙂 Our parents had coffees, whilst my sister and I both had hot chocolates. She also had a very fruity slice of rainbow cake, and I had a mouth-wateringly delicious vanilla and raspberry cheesecake brownie. I think that was it’s official title!

For lunch we went to Pret-A-Manger – I had an amazing chicken raita wrap, and my sister had macaroni cheese in a cute little box! Tea was pizza in Camden – yum! Although we didn’t get back till somewhere between 1 and 2 a.m., I did manage to sleep in the car and we slept in until midday on Thursday 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you hear any of Status Quo Aquostic on the radio, and have you visited any of the places I went to?

An Overthinking Teenager

100 Days of Happiness {day 69} – A Good Day

On Sunday, my sister was away at her Model United Nations conference-thingy, and my dad was doing a pinball tournament thing, so my mum and I had a fun day together. Through her job at the local university, my mum had signed up to be assigned a foreign student to talk to, just so they can learn more about English culture. Our student was Chinese and has been studying in England for four years, and she came over on Sunday. We got a yummy coffee and walnut cake from Waitrose, and the weather was sunny and warm enough to sit out in the garden.

When she’d left, we went to a local beach for a walk and chips. Whilst we were down there we discovered there was a craft market, and I managed to get a birthday present for my friend and some stuff for my room, along with a really nice pink, bicycle-printed scarf really cheaply 🙂

We were going to get chips at a particular cafe, but there was a rather, shall we say, peculiar smell, so I settled for a raspberry ripple ice cream instead 🙂

As I’d had a weird day food-wise, I had another chicken caesar salad for tea – Waitrose owes at least half its caesar salad sales to me! Thinking of ideas for Christmas presents, Mum got me to make a chocolate mug cake, which was nice but a bit of a fail – I didn’t realise you were supposed to mix it separately from the mug, and near the end of eating it we discovered a massive chunk of un-mixed-in flour…ah well!

Sunday was a very good day 🙂

An Overthinking Teenager

100 Days of Happiness {day 58} – A Truly British Evening

G-B-B-O! G-B-B-O! G-B-B-O! G-B-B-O! G-B-B-O! G-B-B-O!

This cry can be heard from all over Britain, as the winner of the Great British Bake Off 2014 was announced approximately forty-five minutes ago. Now, as I’m a kind, lovely person, I won’t spoil the result for anybody. But DAMN IT WASN’T WHO I WANTED!!!

Ahem. Angry reality television-induced shouting over.

Today I also had two tests (chemistry – the Periodic Table and Spanish – the Preterite Tense), which I think went OK (don’t quote me on that when I get 1/12 or something when I get the tests back next week though!). I got a bit more of my music composition homework done, which I’m happy about, and had an interesting conversation with my composition teacher about the Sibelius composing software, how some instruments are easier to write for than others and the different tessituras (ranges) of various instruments. In English, I started writing a poem about an elderly relative, which I’m very proud of.

I also had yummy homemade carrot and lentil soup for lunch and did an ‘interesting’ dance club with my friend…for her sake, I shall not elaborate any further!

All in all a good Wednesday.

An Overthinking Teenager

+Bonus points to anybody who can spot the additional widget on my sidebar, new today…

100 Days of Happiness {day 44} – Great British Bake Off

I have to admit, I can’t remember a lot from Wednesday, except for the Great British Bake Off.

*spoiler alert!*

Although I really liked Martha, and obviously wanted her to win, I think it’s amazing that a 17 year old studying for A Levels could do so well, with such comparatively less experience. Anyway, I’m now rooting for Richard…how about you?

An Overthinking Teenager

100 Days of Happiness {day 23} – Cake and Catching Up

Today was the big, scary back-to-school day. Suprisingly, it was actually OK. I didn’t freak out too much this morning, I listened to my current favourite song (Comeback – Ella Eyre, if you were wondering) on the way to school, and my brilliant friend brought back an awesome ‘Georgia’ magnet from her holiday in America. Yay, presents! It was good catching up with my friends, and one had brought in some homemade chocolate birthday cake, which was amazing 🙂 All my teachers seemed pretty much OK, and as a bonus we missed the first three lessons!

We also got given super-awesome new homework diaries, which include, among other things, a word of each week, a quote for each week, a tip for each week, lesson timings, timetable, homework timetable, several maps and a whiteboard!!! (I may need to do an entire post on this awesome planner.)

What do you love/hate most about going back to school or work after a long holiday?

An Overthinking Teenager

Artist Spotlight on Tracklisting Tuesdays: Ella Eyre

I’ve decide to put the spotlight on the brilliant Ella Eyre for today’s Tracklisting Tuesdays because I’m lucky enough to be going to see her on tour this October! I’m going with a friend (who blogs on beauty and baking over here, go check her out!), and we are sososososo excited! I first noticed her when she collaborated with Rudimental on Waiting All Night, and then again when she performed that with Bastille at the Brit Awards back in February, and when I heard her vocals on the two covers by Bastille, ‘Free’ and ‘No Scrubs’. I really liked her single ‘If I Go’, released a couple of months ago, and when I saw the video for her upcoming single ‘Comeback’, I fell in love with her music. I mean, it’s soul-pop, she has the coolest hair ever, and her music videos involve her smashing up a house to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend. Yes, Ella!

As well as ‘If I Go’, she’s released a debut EP titled ‘Deeper’. The music on this is slightly more laid back and chilled, and although I wasn’t as immediately hooked as I was for ‘If I Go’ and ‘Comeback’, the tracks are beginning to grow on me. As well as amazing musical talent, Ella seems to have an awesome personality, which makes her likeable, and feeds my love of her music. The fact that she’s accomplished so much at the tender age of 20 just shows how amazing her voice is. Follow Ella on Twitter @EllaEyre , check out the ‘Comeback’ video here, or check her out on SoundCloud here. But for now, I’ll leave you with the brilliant track and debut single that is ‘If I Go’.


What do you think of Ella Eyre, and who are you desperate to see on tour?

An Overthinking Teenager

100 Days of Happiness {day 15} ~ Baking and Cup-caking!

Yesterday me, my sister, a friend and our French exchange student made some cupcakes:






Our exchange student also showed my sister and I how to make some really pretty friendship bracelets, and here’s mine –


What was your last baking project?
An Overthinking Teenager