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Two Years Later…

Happy Blogoversary, me! Yep, it’s been (just over) two years since I started my blog, amazingly. I don’t really know where the time went, to be honest…it feels like only yesterday I was writing my one year blogoversary post, and barely the day before that that I started my blog! I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to commemorate it, but I am thinking of a Q&A if you’re interested, so let me know if you have any questions down in the comments 🙂


I figured that to make this into some kind of blog post worth reading, I would a) hand out free cake and b) list a few things I’ve achieved and a few things I’ve learnt over the past two years…

  • I’ve had a slightly incomprehensible  (18% of which are on Sundays and 12% of which are at 10pm, in case that’s the kinda thing that interests you). Yikes.
  • I’ve posted 358 times.
  • I’ve had 6543 visitors.
  • The most views I’ve had in a day was 111 views, on 4th August 2015.
  • I’ve got 525 WordPress followers, 338 Twitter followers, 52 Facebook likes and around 250 Instagram followers as of time of writing (these figures, especially IG, can fluctuate fairly rapidly).
  • I’m not surely exactly how many comments I’ve had, but it’s approximately 1247, which is A LOT.
  • Excluding my home page/archives (5238 views) and my ‘About Me’ page (502 views), my top three most popular posts of all time are Social Life of a Bookaholic (May 23rd 2014, 532 views) (if anybody can solve the mystery of why that post is so incredibly popular, I will be forever grateful), my Top 10 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait To Get My Braces Off (February 23rd 2015, 217 views) (am I the only person getting slightly creeped out that my two most popular posts were published on the same day of the month as each other?!) and, surprise surprise, my chocolate review and giveaway (August 22 2015 (NEARLY THE SAME DATE AGAIN), 200 views).
  • I’ve learnt that bookstagram is a wonderful thing, and it has been the sole cause of me taking lots of photos of books.IMG_1373
  • My graphics and design have improved no end. Some of my early graphics…*shudders theatrically*.

    No comparison really, is there?!

  • I’ve started (and actually occasionally remembered to post on) a collaborative blog.
  • I’ve discovered all the best places for blogging resources and copyright-free photos.
  • I’ve got a lot better at taking photos and promoting content on social media generally, though I’ve still got a lot to learn. (Hint: it’s all about finding the white backgrounds in your house!)
  • I’ve made loads of really good internet friends – special shoutout to all of the Blog Squad, but especially Eve (I LOVE your header by the way), Elly (ditto) and Evi (ditto) (when did everybody get such nice graphics?!), my blogging twin!

Overall though (and here comes the cheesy bit…) I’ve improved my writing (I think/hope) and really, really enjoyed becoming part of such a lovely community. *lots of the sending love emoji thingy*

Thank you for reading all of that, and help yourself to some celebratory cake! And remember, if you’ve got any questions for a Q&A, stick them in the comments for me 🙂

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Celebration Week: A Blog For Every Occasion


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As part of my one-year blogging anniversary celebration week, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite blogs and what they’re good for. If you want to find even more blogs after you’ve read this post, head over here for Elly’s list of her favourite blogs, which originally gave me the idea for this post! I’ve tried to kind of stick with blogs I haven’t previously mentioned, but check out the Blogs I Follow widget on my sidebar or just ask down in the comments for more blogs I’m enjoying right now 🙂

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Celebration Week: A Short History of My Blog

And, unlike Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, it really will be short. In the grand scheme of things, at least. By the way, I didn’t post this yesterday as originally planned because at the last minute I decided to go to a choral concert my sister was involved in (which I surprisingly really enjoyed) and didn’t get the chance to write it. So either I’ll double post on one day or shove everything back by a day!

So, I wrote my first blog post on March 16th 2014. I think I started it up because I’m interested in journalism, and my mum said it could be a good thing to have in order to practise writing to an audience. I then spent ages looking at ‘teen blogs’ on Google, and reading articles on How To Start A Blog and What Your First Blog Post Should Be On. Needless to say, these weren’t terribly helpful. Nothing really caught my eye in terms of a blog post, the only advice on what you should write a blog on was “whatever you know about and enjoy”, and all the teen blogs listen were famous ones or at least ones which had several hundred, or often thousands of followers. Thanks, Google.

I think the thing which probably kickstarted me into just writing a post was me telling my dad how awesome all these other blogs were, and him replying, “yes, but you know what would be more awesome? You writing your own blog!”. I decided to write my first ever blog post as just a general “Hello?!?” kind of post, shortly followed by a slightly wacky “A Lyrical Story” post, which was not originally intended to be called that, I just put it in the title box in lieu of an actual title and forgot to change it!

Now, I’m really glad I chose to start a blog. I’ve discovered some awesome bloggers that all the “top teen bloggers” lists have missed off, made several friends who I kind of wish I could know in real life and text and talk to and everything, and reached so many milestones that have made me really proud and excited. Now, after a year of blogging, here are some stats:

  • 5536 visits
  • 347 followers combined from WordPress and Twitter (fun fact: my Twitter account was originally for one of my hats, named Geoff, before I rebranded it for my blog)
  • 295 comments (excluding ones by me)
  • 249 WordPress followers
  • 241 posts published
  • 98 Twitter followers
  • 79 Instagram followers
  • 4 Bloglovin’ followers
  • Views from far-flung (at least to me!) countries such as Pakistan, Hungary, the Philippines, India, Norway, Nigeria, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Qatar, South Korea, Martinique and Macau (SAR China). Yikes, that’s not even all of them!
  • Awesome and random search terms including “pharrell williams creepy”, “twin atlantic annoying accent”, “rainbow cakes song”, “bearamy on the road” (go Build-A-Bear!) and “onesie exchange students”
  • Participation in three blog challenges, 100 Days of Happiness (*ahem* 70 something…), Poetry 201 (hoping to attack the prompts I didn’t get round next week, as we’ll be on Easter holiday then) and An Overthinking Song Challenge (go and check out Elly’s continuation of my legacy!)
  • Received three emails through the ‘Say Hello‘ page on my blog, one from the aforementioned Elly asking for blogging tips, one setting up an interview which unfortunately fell through at the last minute, and one from Cheerful Dalek (BEST.SCREEN NAME.EVER) saying thanks for checking out their blog and discussing having a love-hate relationship with the Top 40 chart. All of these correspondences (*red lights flashing* POSH WORDS ALERT! POST WORDS ALERT! 😉 ) have been really nice to receive, because it’s just so lovely to know that someone heard about your blog through word of mouth, or likes your blog enough to ask for advice, or just bothers to fill in the contact form. Hopefully, I shall have another *interesting thing* coming up soon, linking to email and all that…

I love my blog so much, and I just want to say thanks to my friends (and family!) who read it devotedly (and one in particular, who can practically quote passages of posts from months ago back at me…), everyone who follows me, everyone who’s read a post and all my bloggy friends! 🙂


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Time To Dig Out The Birthday Cake: Books, Tea and a Onesie Is One!


Woo! Happy birthday to me! (Or my blog. Whatever, minor differences). Woooowwww…I can’t believe I’ve had this little bit of the World Wide Web for an entire year (and trust me, I’ve been counting down for a few weeks, after realising my blogoversary was coming up). I can still remember debating the merits of names with my mum in the car, I think on the way back from the chip shop…I’m happy to say we had fish and chips again tonight! (I mean, I have had them in the last year. It just felt especially fitting that I just realised that). So, what have I done in that year? Although I’m hoping to put a ‘history of Books, Tea and a Onesie’ post together over the next couple of days (more on that later), I’ll give you a quick rundown of the stats now…

In one year, I’ve:

  • Had 5444 views
  • Had 2420 visitors
  • Published 238 posts
  • Gained 246 followers
  • Had 283 comments, excluding those by me…I think
  • And made a lot of bloggy friends!

To celebrate, this week I’m planning on doing One Week To Celebrate One Year: A Post-A-Day Challenge (gosh, that sounds rather posh, doesn’t it?). Today is obviously this post, if I get my act together (big if), tomorrow will be a special, first-of-three edition of Tracklisting Tuesday, featuring one of my best friends, Wednesday will be a few of my top tips for blogging, Thursday will be A Brief History of My Blog, Friday will be a quick tour of my favourite blogs, and Saturday and Sunday are To Be Confirmed. (I literally just came up with half those ideas, so I think I’m doing pretty well). Possibly some kind of ‘throwback’ post or my plans for the future, or maybe just a weekly wrap up…? Let me know any ideas you have down in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

I’m so so so glad I started my blog. I remember telling my dad about all the awesome blogs already out there by teenagers, and him (possibly a bit sick of all this blog talking but no doing by now) saying yes, but wouldn’t it be so much cooler to have my own blog? And the rest, as they say is (fairly modern) history…

I’ve “met” so many lovely people (at least, I don’t think any of you are axe-murdering psychos) (Axe-murdering. To murder an axe. Interesting turn of phrase…), and read so many fabulous posts…thank you for reading my blog, whether you’re a devout follower (lookin’ at you, best friend code name M there…;) ), read occasionally or have just stumbled across my blog for the first time today. Thanks!

Look out for my full-week celebration posts, and please do drop any ideas you’ve got or anything you’d like to see down below in the comments! (Oh, and shoutout to Invisible2001 who’s blog also turns 1 today!)