5 Things To Watch On Netflix (That Aren’t Riverdale)

Spoiler alert: I don’t like Riverdale. I mean, I only watched half an episode and didn’t really pay attention (sleep beats Netflix, always) but meh. I haven’t bothered watching it since, even though at least two of my friends are vaguely obsessed with Cole Sprouse and my social media has become inundated with photos of him/Riverdale stuff, but I have got into a few series lately…

Master of None

I binge-watched the entire series of this over the Easter weekend and loved it. Mega bonus that I only discovered it now and after a two-year gap, series 2 is coming out next month (how good are my psychic powers?!)


I only started watching this last night and so it’s perfectly possible that after binging six episodes I won’t watch any more, but I enjoyed what I’ve seen. It’s not particularly intense or intellectual so it’s good for when you’re in the mood for TV but not really sure what.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I started watching this with my boyfriend because we were trying to find something to watch and I’d heardย it was good. I can confirm that it’s good, but seriously weird, especially to begin with (after a few episodes you kinda get desensitized to the weirdness). It’s funny though, and the musical numbers (available on Spotify omg) are basically my new life goals.

Fresh Meat

I’ve actually not watched this in about two months, because I watched the whole first series in a couple of days when I was feeling really ill and now I can’t really face it anymore. HOWEVER, it was funny and just what I needed to distract me when I was feeling rubbish so I recommend it for some light evening viewing.

Designated Survivor

omg this series. my favourite. my new Jane The Virgin-level favourite. But it’s only new episodes weekly which is absolutely gutting. It’s about the US Capitol being blown up and the designated survivor being forced to become president and was interesting from the start, even more so now there are more twists and turns being added into the plot. Plus, they have actual former member of the Obama administration Kal Penn as both a cast member and advisor so it feels pretty realistic. Plus I just love Seth and Emily and everyone and I have no idea until I’ll wait till next Thursday for a new episode. Also fun fact: I like this series so much I broke the cardinal relationship rule and watched it without my boyfriend even though he first suggested it (but he did that with Prison Break so it’s okay).

Also, honourable mention goes to House of Cards which I’ve watched a few episodes of but not yet had a chance to get properly into. It’s good though, and I especially love the little asides to the camera.

Have you got any more Netflix recommendations??


12 thoughts on “5 Things To Watch On Netflix (That Aren’t Riverdale)

  1. Love, Soph says:

    Fresh meat is great, I love it!! Another good one is skins, I’m a riverdale lover sadly ahah but another good (and quite short) series to watch is pride and prejudice with Colin firth because oh my goodness he’s gorgeous!! It’s a lovely story too!

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  2. Michelle says:

    I still watch Riverdale, but it’s not one of the best shows so I can’t blame you for giving up lol. It’s quite problematic and the writing isn’t great. It’s mostly a guilty pleasure show and I like some of the characters. I’ve heard good things of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so I’ll check that one out!

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  3. Inspired Teen says:

    Hey! I was wondering whether to start watching Girl Boss this morning and since you’ve given it a recommendation after only a few episodes and one night then I might definitely give it a watch! So, thank you!

    As far as other Netflix recommendations go, I mean, I’m not really sure what your requirement for TV shows is and since you’ve already shown a strong dislike of Riverdale, I know that’s not your thing but one TV show available on Netflix that I absolutely LOVE is ‘How To Get Away From Murder’ – which you may have heard of or even watched but it’s just amazing, it’s about a lawyer and five of her students (because she’s also a law professor at a university) and she’s training them and giving them work experience and every episode they’re handling a different case but at the same time there’s a second (the main) storyline happening and it’s a murder mystery and every episode you get a new cliff-hanger to the murder and I could (and in fact do) watch it over and over again! It’s true genius!

    If you enjoy watching supernatural TV shows then I would highly recommend Teen Wolf, I mean, I cannot praise it enough! At first glance it’s very easy to dismiss it as ‘just another one of those teen human/werewolf romance things’ but that isn’t what it is AT ALL! The writing is amazing, the storylines are clever, the actors are INSANELY talented, it’s funny, dramatic, emotional, action-packed and romantic all packed into one and there is a great range of characters and storylines as well as there being a new evil every single season – it’s truly one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen!

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