I’m Going To New York!

As I hinted at in this post, I’m going to New York next January! Like, actual New York City! With Manhattan and the Empire State Building and stuff like that! Eeek!!!

I’m going for six days with my college on a media trip that I managed to get a place on and I am insanely excited, especially as two of my college friends are also going. I think we’re staying in Manhattan and going to some film museum place, having a tour of TV/film locations, visiting the Empire State Building, 9/11 Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty as well as having a tour of the NBC studios AND maybe seeing Aladdin on Broadway and watching Good Morning America filmed live. HOW AWESOME IS THAT I’M DYING OF EXCITEMENT ALREADY. Oh yeah and you might remember I’ve made a NYC bucket list before? I’m going to modify that and tick off as many as I can!

And as if my 2017 travel plans couldn’t get any better…I’m going on a tour of France and Switzerland with my jazz orchestra – we’ve been invited to play at both the Vienne Jazz Festival, who are also giving us tickets to the main stage in a Roman amphitheatre (!) and then the Montreux Jazz Festival, which will be my second time playing there and I am so, so, SO excited.

Have you been to any of these places? Any recommendations of things to do? Have you got any travel plans for 2017 or the rest of 2016?


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