Introspection: Songs for Sundays


Today’s been quite a good day, nice and relaxed and a decent start to half term. Unusually for me I stayed in bed till about 11:30 (I normally start feeling guilty about everything I need to do and wasting time after about half an hour of extra sleep) and I had the whole day to myself, as le parents were up visiting my sister at uni. I did some helpful stuff like ironing, some scanning for le parents to earn money for my Travel Fund (I’m actually really truly going to NYC in January!!!!!!!! And performing at Montreux/Vienne jazz festivals in the summer). Then I went for a wander down by the river (I had to take a photo of something for geography half term homework) and while I was there, listening to Spotify on shuffle, began doing my thing of mentally compiling a playlist. I’m a relatively introverted person, but while I often like being alone for a while, I then start to think a lot and sometimes start to feel, not down but like my head’s kinda cloudy and then you’re in that mood when you get kinad lost inside your own head? Idk, it’s hard to describe, but here are some songs that matched my mood today…

Middle DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine

Make You Feel My Love Adele

The One Kodaline

Hallelujah Jeff Buckley

Life Support Sam Smith

Higher Love State of Sound, Viktor Noren

Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran

Stay Kygo feat. Maty Noyes


XO Eden Project

listen on spotify here


6 thoughts on “Introspection: Songs for Sundays

  1. Victoria says:

    This is such a good play list, I completely know the mood you mean! It’s nice being home alone, for a certain amount of time. I can’t wait to hear about your trips, make sure you post about those!! 🙂


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