The Start Of Summer: Radio 1 Big Weekend

Wahey, wahoo, callooh, callay (sneaky Rainbow Rowell reference totally intended), I’m back and alive and blogging again, yay. (I didn’t die or anything, just, y’know, GCSEs…although my social life has improved dramatically during exams, which I’m pretty sure isn’t meant to happen).


But back to the point – about two weeks ago, in fact right before I wrote my last post, I went to a day of the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend at Powderham Castle, in my lovely sunnyish home county of Devon. Yay. And now I’ve finally got round to writing about it…


I technically went with two of my friends, though by the end of the day we’d picked up four more and kinda temporarily met a bunch of others – because it was such a local festival, it felt like half the people I’d ever met were there, which was quite nice.  Anyway, we went on the Sunday, and after arriving, getting food because we’re teenagers and permanently hungry and meeting up with the others, we headed to the main stage, we watched One Republic, who were actually a lot better than expected…as they were the openers for some reason I didn’t think they’d be that great, but they actually completely surpassed my expectations.


After OneRepublic more food was bought because some people didn’t get round to having breakfast and why not, and then we met up with five or six more friends to watch Kygo at the main stage while a couple of people went to see Panic! At The Disco on the In New Music We Trust stage. Kygo was just as good as I’d hoped (though not quite as good as when I saw him on his Cloud Nine tour in London) and there was a suitable amount of confetti…we all just stood in a line a bit off to the side of the stage and danced for the whole set, so yeah, that was a laugh.



After Kygo, the group shrunk back to being five of us and we went to the INMWT tent to watch Jack Garratt, though we only managed the first fifteen or twenty minutes of his set because, well, the tent was hot and full and we all got a bit too sweaty, to put it bluntly, so we moved outside and sat in the shade for a half hour or so until Alessia Cara was due on (/we got sick of the Star Wars theme tune being played every time the ride next to us started). I think it was also here that we saw some people dressed as hot dogs/ice cream cones and a guy in short shorts and electric blue tights who made one of my friends get up and do the “hashtag dance” (FOR THE LOVE OF THE HASHTAG) so, uh, yeah.

Alessia Cara was one of the artists I’d most been looking forward to (I think I might know all of the lyrics to the deluxe version of her Know-It-All album off by heart…) and she definitely lived up to my expectations. I just really love her music and how relatable her lyrics are and she seemed so down-to-earth when she was talking between songs, which was really nice (plus we were nearer the front but at the side, so there was less of a heat problem). I think my favourite songs of hers, from what I can remember, may have been Here, Scars To Your Beautiful or River of Tears (I swear part of the chord sequence of the latter is the same as some other really famous song, Snow Patrol or something, but I can’t quite figure it out and it’s seriously bugging me so if anyone can figure it out please feel free to put me out of my misery). Oh, and we briefly met about five more friends there so yeah, that was nice.


oh, and her hair and style and everything is just so great and I want it

After Alessia Cara we headed back to the main stage to watch Iggy Azalea who was, well, rubbish. You could tell because the camera never panned to the audience after the first five minutes because pretty much everyone was just stood there like is this over yet but hey, I got a decent photo of the stage so I’ll stick that in here anyway and we’ll just forget she ever actually performed.


About halfway through Iggy four of us decided we’d had enough and headed back over to the INMWT stage (via the churros van because ahem who says no to churros and Belgian chocolate sauce? NOT ME, THAT’S FOR SURE) to meet back up with a friend we’d seen earlier and watch the first bit of Skepta’s set before heading back to the main stage for The 1975. In the end we only caught about two minutes of Skepta before we left so the friend we’d met up with, a diehard The 1975 fan, could get back to the main stage and as close to the front as possible for the start of their set which, incidentally, was quite good.


Oh, by this point I think we’d also decided to invest in getting our faces PVA’d and glittered because hey, what better to spend £5 on? (it did look pretty damn awesome and the PVA smelled weirdly good (I’M NOT A GLUE SNIFFER PROMISE) and it came off surprisingly easily so yeah, it was worth it, even when it felt like half my face was covered in some weird face mask thing). Anyway, after The 1975 we met back up with the two friends we’d ditched for Skepta and got some lovely, slightly undercooked pizza and chips for dinner. Yum. We then just chilled in the sun whilst Ellie Goulding was on with even more people we knew that we found along the way, before heading back to the main stage for the end of The (very sweary) Weeknd’s set and to await Coldplay (YAY!).


For some reason I wasn’t actually that excited about Coldplay (I think Alessia Cara, Kygo and Jack Garratt were the people I was most keen to see) but, as pretty much goes without saying, they were phenomenal. They really upped the confetti game with rainbow confetti, and fireworks, and it turns out that when 25,000 people get out their phone torches at the same time it looks pretty incredible, as proven during The Scientist (oh boy, you know you’re hormonal when you nearly start crying watching that back…please help me, for my own sanity). Oh, and if you watched it on TV and saw an inflatable shark right near the start, I one or two people in front of that :). (and is it just me that thinks one of the Coldplay guitarists looks really like Andy Murray?!)

So yeah, I guess you could say it was a good day and a pretty decent thing to do a few days after your birthday 🙂

Here are a just a few more snaps from the day, some courtesy of my friends…

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