20 Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now


I’m feeling quite stressed out right now (sneaky twenty one pilots reference fully intended). I’m now on study leave and fully into exam season for the next month and a week exactly (then FREEDOM aka work experience, jazz concert and prom), and today I had my first exam since English Language a few weeks back, biology paper 1. Yippee.

Anyway, long story short I’m feeling stressed and a bit freaked and just kinda trying to forget I have a truckload of exams headed my way over the next few weeks and I thought the best way to do this, whilst also compensating for no April music round up, would be to make a list of my top twenty favourite songs at the moment. So, here you are…(AGH MY BRAIN’S SO FRIED I JUST WROTE HEAR. AND YESTERDAY I CALLED A CUT AN INJURY HOLE. I am just so done)

Right, back on topic. Read this post, stick in some headphones and listen to some of these fab songs and then tell me what you think or give me some ~even better~ songs to listen to.

1. This Is What You Came For // Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna

This song ❤ it feels more old-style Rihanna, pre-Work and all the stuff she’s doing with Drake, and tbh I think it’s way better. Plus Calvin Harris, yay.

2. No Money // Galantis

This song’s just summery and makes me smile and will always remind me of singing it in the car with my best friend when we drove up to London to see Kygo a few weeks ago.

3. Cheap Thrills // Sia feat. Sean Paul

I wasn’t sure about this song at first but now I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Even the video, which is a little random/odd, is growing on me.

4. Hair // Little Mix feat. Sean Paul

This song just makes me smile and kinda helps me keep my sanity when it feels like revision has sucked everything except the Spanish word for ‘town hall’ (ayuntamiento – it’s an Edexcel favourite), the life cycle of a mosquito (gametocyte sporozoite merozoite schizont kill me now), the carbon cycle, the exact value for sine of 60 (0.5)(omg I remembered that maybe I won’t fail further maths), the structure of a flower and maybe a few other bits and bobs out of my brain.

5. Don’t Let Me Down // The Chainsmokers feat. Daya

THIS SONG IS INCREDIBLE. And I’m not the only one who thinks so because, gratifyingly, I got one of my music friends to listen to it and he immediately was like OMG THAT’S SO GOOD so yeah you should listen to it.

6. Raging // Kygo feat. Kodaline

This has been in my head ever since I heard it live but ahhh it’s so good that really isn’t an issue.

7. Waiting Game // Parson James

You might recognise the name Parson James from Stole The Show by Kygo, but his solo stuff is seriously good too. This song has kinda Sam Smith-esque bits to it, and I JUST LOVE IT OK.

8. Slow Dance With The Devil // Parson James

OK so just go listen to his whole Temple EP. But if you’ll only listen to one song, make it this one. But really you should just listen to the whole thing. You won’t regret it.

9. Once In A While // Timeflies

This popped up as a suggested song on Spotify and all I can say is, nice work Spotify algorithms.

10. Fiction // Kygo feat. Tom Odell

The intro to this is just <3. And the rest of it too, tbh.

11. Intro // Kygo

This is the first track off his newly released debut album, Cloud Nine, and while it’s not much of a song in itself, it’s lowkey relaxing with some nice piano stuff in there and it’s a good addition to any instrumental study playlist.

12. Cut To Black // Lemaitre

Although this has a fairly emo name and the video features what I think might be a burning swimming pool, the song itself is just summery and happy and great. The piano intro especially just instantly lifts my spirits.

13. Hell Of A Girl // Grace

This song is just like yay happy strong power motivation yes it’s good.

14. Kicks {Tobtok Remix} // Lauren Aquilina

I didn’t really like this remix at first, and I still think the middle is the best bit, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

15. Up&Up // Coldplay

I just really like this, as with most of the stuff they’ve released as singles from A Head Full Of Dreams so far.

16. Can’t Stop The Feeling // Justin Timberlake

This is more cheesy than a four cheese pizza and, as my friend put it, “the kind of song you’d hear at the end of a film as the credits roll” (which is probably exactly what they were aiming from, as it’s from the new Dreamworks film Trolls), but it’s a damn good song to sing along loudly/stress relief embarrassingly dance to and is just so happyyyy.

17. Write On Me // Fifth Harmony

This song was produced by Kygo, and yeah, it’s summery and I like it.

18. Idfc // Blackbear

I indirectly discovered this song through a friend and yeah, it’s not exactly summery or upbeat, but it’s quite a good song to listen to when you need a bit of catharsis or are just feeling really wound up or annoyed or stressed out.

19. Surprise Yourself // Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt yasss ❤

20. What If I Go? // Mura Masa

THIS SONG IS SO GOOD AND I LOVE IT even if I do think the vocals sound really like Rita Ora.

Thoughts on these songs? Let me know if you like them (Eve can vouch for how much fun impromptu fangirling with me can be) and if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments or email or tell me in person if you know me or something and I promise to trawl through and listen to every single one of them 🙂


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