Things GCSEs Taught Me

I had my last day at school yesterday, before going on study leave, doing my GCSEs and then college in September. It was quite emotional, but today’s almost been worse – the realisation that I’m never going to have a lesson with these people again has kinda been hitting me incrementally all day and triggering mini bouts of sobbing each time, yay. At least it livens up revision a bit…

Anyway, I thought I’d commemorate the occasion with making a lil’ list of all the most important things GCSEs have taught me over the last two years…

  • You can try as many times as you like, but there are some things you’ll just give up ever understanding and just learn the precise words to regurgitate in the exam. For me, that’s transformers, generators and motors. I’VE TRIED SO MANY TIMES BUT I JUST CAN’T GET THEM AND IT’S SERIOUSLY BUGGING ME NOW.
  • You can probably get away in some exams with just learning the revision guide. At least, this is what I’ve been told I can do for music by people in the year above so I’m hoping they’re right because I’m kinda relying on that to pass…
  • Talking of music, that’s the subject to pick for the best student perks. There’s cake rotas, the occasional cup of tea in lessons, the added benefit of the teachers being cool with you nicking the hot water from the kitchen for your Pot Noodle on concert nights, the only student computers in the school with access to YouTube and Spotify installed, the ability to spend lunchtimes in the music block without feeling awkwardly out of place because you belong to the *music squad*…it’s truly great.
  • On the subject of music, music teachers are definitely the most quotable and music lessons definitely have the best *banter*…for example, “let’s go bang a piano”, “leave a finger space”, “what begins with ‘d’ and ends with ‘ick’? Diatonic!” (though that’s more of a verbal one to be honest), the time my (colour blind) composition teacher put on the board a colour blindness test that spelled our ‘f*** the colour blind’ but couldn’t read it and wondered why we all went quiet, and the time a boy in my class tried using an online song name generator to name his GCSE pop song and came up with such gems as ‘Greasy Grace’ (which led to the brilliant message on my leavers’ shirt, ‘stay forever greasy, my Grace’) and ‘Unforgettable/Inflatable Drag Queen’.
  • There gets to be a point when High School Musical goes from being cringey and awful to the film you make your form teacher play songs from every morning, prompting group singalong and dancing in the classroom. Seriously, on Tuesday We’re All In This Together almost made me cry (THE CHOREOGRAPHY THOUGH) and on my last day Gotta Go My Own Way got me seriously emotional.
  • Even if you aren’t really friends with the people in your form group, after two years a certain kind of bond forms between you. The kinda bond that makes you happy to sing along to HSM with them and club together to buy your form teacher a year’s adoption of an orangutan from the local zoo as a leaving present.
  • Teachers being nice when you leave is the sweetest thing ever. Our geography teacher said we were her favourite group and gave us specially sharpened pencils with string taped to the top for our geography exam, our biology teacher gave us food and biology pencils with fish on, our English teacher gave us a lot of cake, our form teacher (who we all thought semi-hated our class) gave us food and a sweet thank-you card each, our maths teacher let us watch Tangled and gave us cupcakes and our physics teacher nearly teared up when the boys presented him with a turnip (because if you’ve done something stupid, he’ll call you a turnip).
  • People in the year above are nowhere near as scary and intimidating as they seem (well, most of them aren’t). Some of them can even end up becoming pretty great friends…for example, my friend who’s sarcasm levels almost match mine, and the one who’s laugh is so *interesting* it’s become a legend in the music block…
  • Some boys are actually OK to talk to. Some of them even have decent taste in music and books and can become friends.
  • The older you get, the more you wonder why you even bothered turning up to lessons in year seven, let alone revising for exams…
  • Sorry to end this on a soppy note, but I had to say…I have some truly fab friends, some of whom I’ve known for seven years, and some of whom I’ve known for three. My best friend gave me a leaving present and card which nearly made me cry, and they bought me and my other two friends who are leaving a (delicious) chocolate cake and put our initials on it in Skittles. I’m going to miss them so much, every time I look at what they wrote on my leavers’ shirt I tear up…especially now, as I have You Are The Music In Me playing in the background. I think I may be cultivating a slightly unhealthy HSM obsession…
  • Talking of leavers’ shirts, I think I’ve discovered the secret to universal popularity…



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7 thoughts on “Things GCSEs Taught Me

  1. Melody says:

    Omg I get that feeling so much recently! I’m also leaving (high) school really soon, and some days I would look at my friends and think, how can I bear leaving them and going to different schools? *sobs* I guess when we are forced to stay at a place with a bunch of other kids and learn stuff, it’s hard not to love them even though things can get tough, and it’s always a special kind of memory. Gosh, I’m getting emotional here :p .
    (I really love the turnip thing, though, it’s so adorable and hilarious!)


  2. emislost says:

    Glad to know someone else doesn’t understand motors and generators – physics sucksssss also transistors are horrible. This post was really cute, I expect I will find myself being suddenly really emotional about leaving school in a few weeks too. Good luck with your exams!! 🙂


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