The Best Night Of My Life: Kygo @ Brixton O2 Academy

(apologies in advance if this post involves some incomprehensible squealing/fangirling, I’m currently slightly chocolate drunk and possibly sleep deprived so yay)

Last night I saw Kygo at the Brixton O2 Academy with one of my best friends and omg IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I’ve not entirely decided, but I think it might’ve been the best gig I’ve been to and maybe possibly even the best night of my whole life (so far). Like, I can’t think of anything to top it except maybe Bastille at Boardmasters last year and it might even *gulp* have been better than that (that’s high praise indeed, coming from me).

It was pretty awesome.

I left school early on the Friday afternoon (meh, who needs chemistry tests and CCF #priorities) to drive up to London, get checked into the Hammersmith Premier Inn we stayed at (side note: the breakfast was amazing and the guy from Kashmir at the Polish supermarket over the road was really nice) and then catch the Tube to the O2.

I can’t remember what order he played songs in or anything (except he opened with his remix of Younger by Seinabo Sey and closed with an acoustic version + a little bit of the normal version of Firestone) but he managed to play a ridiculous amount in the roughly hour and a half he was on, especially considering the length of some of his songs. I don’t know if it was because there wasn’t a lot of interaction with the audience (there was a little, but he mostly left that for the guests he had) or if he just managed to bend time somehow but he played so much, it was brilliant. It wasn’t just his singles either, he played a load of the remixes of his you can’t buy, like No Diggity, and some unreleased stuff off his album, eek. From what I can remember, he played Stole The Show (with Parson James as a guest), Coming Over (with James Hersey as a guest playing guitar), Raging (with Kodaline), Stay (with Maty Noyes), Firestone (with some random girl – I think Anna of the North, one of his support acts?), his remixes of Miami 82, No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop, Often, I See Fire and Sexual Healing, and Nothing Left, I’m In Love, Carry Me, Oasis and some weird-but-good Happy Birthday thing that he did with John Legend for his album.

I think my favourites were No Diggity, Raging and Stole The Show, partly because I just love all of those songs (and Raging continually gets stuck in my head – when it came on the radio on the way home my friend and I accidentally screamed/squealed out loud) and also Parson James was really good as a guest for the latter, he just had really great stage presence. I also loved that we all got those automated flashing wristbands (with the Kygo logo woop), and there were fireworks, fire, confetti, and giant inflatable beach ball things. Plus the graphics were SO GOOD. IT WAS ALL JUST SO GOOD. AND WE WERE IN THE SECOND ROW. I REPEAT, SECOND ROW, DESPITE GETTING THERE RELATIVELY LATE, ABOUT 45 MINUTES BEFORE KYGO CAME ON. *squeals excitedly ad infinitum* I have to say, although I mentioned in this post that Firestone is my least favourite of his original songs, I’ve changed my mind. I mean, now I don’t really have a least favourite, but the live version really changed my mind and yup, I love it now. Me being classic geeky me, I also got excited about some of the live stuff on the big screens because you could see all the equipment and stuff and as I discovered yesterday, I’m nerdy enough for that stuff to interest me. Maybe that’s a future career possibility…

ugh I’m in major post-concert depression mode right now.

BUT I do get to see him again at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, yay – originally I wasn’t that excited because I thought that after seeing him once I wouldn’t be that bothered about seeing him again but nope I am seriously excited. Just got to get through half my GCSEs first…

I’m now going to bombard you with photos (mostly mine, some from Kygo’s Snapchat but it’s fairly obvious which is which) because I NEED TO RELIVE IT OKAY. (sorry for the dodgy orientation of some of the photos)

(majorly sad I’m not going to the show tonight :()

(above photos courtesy of Kygo/Brixton O2)

Also, we saw a holy wall, aka the Scott Mills bridge at Fleet Services. Woop. The wall of the gods.


So yeah. Fangirling explosion over (phew)(until May, at least). What are your thoughts on Kygo (if you haven’t heard his music why are you not on YouTube/Spotify already like seriously)? Have you been lucky enough to see him live? Are you going to the Big Weekend, or have you got any other concerts lined up? Let me know in the comments!


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8 thoughts on “The Best Night Of My Life: Kygo @ Brixton O2 Academy

  1. emislost says:

    Wow sounds awesome! I really want to go to Boardmasters and R1s Big Weekend this year but Boardmasters is a bit far away and I can’t get tickets for Big Weekend. But I am going to see Catfish and The Bottlemen in the summer which I am soooo looking forward too!


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