Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of…{my nyc bucket list}

As some people that know me *may* know, I really seriously desperately want to go to New York City. I want to go to America in general, but NYC is like my ultimate dream. My sister went last October on a school trip (the jealousy was unreal) and I just read about Eve’s recent trip and got all the wanderlust. So I thought I’d be vaguely productive about it and make a big post full of NYC love, including a wish list of stuff I’m going to do when I go there. Because unless I die very, very early (is that too macabre? soz) I will go to New York, no ifs or buts about it. AND I’M SO EXCITED FOR WHEN THAT TIME FINALLY COMES.




NYC bucket list

(apologies for the cut off top of that graphic. It was fine until I downloaded it. WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME CANVA?!)

My NYC Bucket List

  • Go to the Hummingbird Bakery (I’ve been to the one in London, but y’know, gotta have those international brownies)
  • See Lucky Chops (unless I can do this in England. Even so, seeing them in New York would be awesome)
  • Go up the Empire State Building (day + night)
  • Visit Ellis Island
  • Go shopping, obvs
  • BARNES & NOBLE!!! (I know this is basically the US equivalent of Waterstones but I still want to go there SO BAD)
  • Go to The Strand bookstore (as featured in Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares)
  • Visit as many interesting places from books that I can (aforementioned Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares, The Mortal Instruments series, The Luxe etc)
  • Go to Central Park (ice skating if it’s winter
  • Go to Times Square! nyc
  • Walk the High Line
  • Go to the 9/11 memorial
  • Try Ray’s Pizza (on Hannah’s recommendation)
  • Ditto re Tick Tock Diner
  • And Shake Shack
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Top of the Rock @ the Rockefeller Centre
  • Visit Grand Central Station (on Sophie’s recommendation)
  • Visit The Cheesecake Factory. Because you should all know by now that cheesecake is the way to my heart.
  • Visit the Mast Brothers chocolate factory. I literally know nothing about this but I read NYC chocolate factory in a Buzzfeed post and I was sold.
  • Smorgasburg (the food spinoff of the Brooklyn Flea Market which, incidentally, would probably also be pretty awesome to go to)
  • Visit Nitehawk Cinema – (which involves FOOD AND FILMS AT THE SAME TIME)
  • Take the subway through the old City Hall station
  • Take the subway in general
  • Museums!
  • Go to all the famous squares
  • The Williamsburg Bridge (ALL THE ICONIC BRIDGES!)
  • See a Broadway show(?)

Phew. Long list. And I didn’t actually run out of things, I just stopped myself from looking at any more ‘things to do in NYC lists’. I SO WANT TO GO. But, at least, now I know some of the stuff that I’m gonna have to do.

Have you got any recommendations for things to do in New York? Have you been? Do you know of any other books set in NYC?


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10 thoughts on “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of…{my nyc bucket list}

  1. barefootmegz says:

    ooooh yes! NYC is one of my favourite places to travel. I went to the Barnes & Nobles in Union Square last year and yeah, even though it’s basically a chain store IT STILL BLEW MY MIND. It was sooooo huge! And then Strand as well: AMAZING. (I spent a whole day just in those two.)
    I’ve only been to NYC (and as a result to Central Park) in the summer but it’s so lovely. If you like running, it’s also a great place to get your heart racing.

    And if you go, have a look at what is showing at Discovery Times Square. Last year I went to the Body Worlds Exhibition there, but they’ve had a Hunger Games exhibition too, and all sorts of things.


  2. Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

    …THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN’T DOO, NOW YOU’RE IN NEW YOORK. Ahem. Excuse my sudden burst of singing. But YAY NYC this is an Excellent bucket list. *nods* Strand bookstore & the High Line are awesome! McNally Jackson is also a very aesthetically-pleasing & lovely bookshop. And I thoroughly recommend eating brunch at some point because BRUNCH. Pancakes, Mmm… Ooh, I didn’t know about a chocolate factory — that sounds FAB. I’m sending good luck for completing this bucket list someday! 😀


  3. pollykingdom says:

    Tick Tock diner is friggin AMAZING! Best bits are milkshakes and pancakes hands down <3. I highly recommend broadway if you can! Like any show will be amazing, popular or not! I didn't see Rockafella on there, which was way better than the empire state IMO as you could see more of the city :D.

    My fave parts were central park and the bus tours weirdly! Learnt and saw so much of the city in one go.


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