An A-Z Of My Music Library {the 2016 edition}

As, well, probably very few of you remember, maybe a year ago I did an A-Z of my music library. As you’ve probably (hopefully…) guessed, I’ve decided to have another go, and do an updated 2016 version. Because, well, it’s 2016, and I only recently stopped using Spotify Premium and all my music got screwed up when I got my new phone, this is actually from my Spotify library. Anyhow, without further ado…


A // Best: Ain’t Got Far To Go – Jess Glynne or Adore – Jasmine Thompson (yes, I am incapable of sticking to only one song)

       Worst: All Fired Up – The Saturdays. When I was younger I really liked The Saturdays but now I can just take them or leave them, really.


B // Best: Bloodsport – Raleigh Ritchie or Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson. Both of these songs just kinda calm me down and help me relax for some reason, plus Banana Pancakes is just full of spring-summer relaxed kinda vibes.

        Worst: Bomfalleralla – Afasi & Filthy. I chose this purely because I don’t actually know what it is, I only have it saved because it was on the The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack. There are a couple of other songs I have saved just because they were on an album, but yeah, I chose this one.

C // Best: Coco (Live) – Lucky Chops. I’m listening to a full Lucky Chops set on YouTube at the moment and omg I just don’t know how I survived without them. Honestly, just the first few bars of one of their songs helps me to smile, breathe more deeply and generally calm down whenever I’m stressed or upset. I could happily spend my whole life listening to them, I love them so much.

        Worst: Dear Future Husband – Meghan Trainor. On the one hand, this song is vaguely catchy; on the other hand, the lyrics are just like what?! Really not helping anything to do with feminism, Meghan *eye roll*

D // Best: Don’t Worry (ft. Ray Dalton) – Madcon. This song just makes me think of exercise and running and stress relief. and that kinda feels like a good thing. Alternatively, I also love Do It Now by Jasmine Thompson and Daniel In The Den by Bastille is kinda the song that I always end up going back to at some point or another.

        Worst: Don’t You Worry Child (ft. Shweta Subram) – The Piano Guys

E // Best: Echoes {Edeema Remix} – Lauren Aquilina. I love Lauren Aquilina and because of her I discovered Edeema and yeah, basically a match made in heaven. This song is amazing.

        Worst: Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King. I originally really liked this but then I think I heard it on the radio too much and it just got to the point where I hear it and go eugh. Hopefully, eventually I’ll recover and I can like it again :). Another candidate for worst was Everybody Hurts by Paul Anka, just because although I love his ‘Rock Swings’ version of Jump, I don’t think I’ve actually listened to this.

F // Best: Fast Car – Jonas Blue feat. Dakota. This is just the ultimate summer song. Another possibility is I Feel Good/Funkytown by Lucky Chops, except I’ve already waxed lyrical about them, or Fragile by Kygo feat. Labrinth (I’ve got endless heart eyes for that song).

        Worst: Oooohhh this is hard…this feels like treason, but narrowing it down to songs I actually know, maybe Firestone by Kygo? Don’t get me wrong, I like the song and I love Kygo (LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TILL I SEE HIM LIVE) but I never really got the appeal of Firestone – maybe it got too overplayed?

G // Best: Ghost – Halsey (I’ve seriously neglected this song, I need to listen to it way more often) / Games Continued – Bakermat (+the album art for this is so pretty)/

       Worst: Gravity {Acoustic Version} – DJ Fresh feat. Ella Eyre. As much as I love Ella, I just don’t think this song packs quite the same punch or works as well acoustically.

H // Best: SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. Here – Alessia Cara, Hello – Lucky Chops, Heavydirtysoul or House of Gold – Twenty One Pilots, Home – Ella Eyre, Hard Time – Seinabo Sey and Happy Home {Sam Feldt Remix} – Hedegaard/Lukas Graham are all such good candidates I can’t even choose.

        Worst: Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Yeah, I used to love this song but now I just always find myself skipping it. Maybe I need to try listening to it the whole way through, or maybe my music tastes have just changed dramatically.


        Worst: In The Bath – Lemon Jelly. THIS SONG IS JUST SO WEIRD WHY DID I EVER SAVE IT?!

J // Best: Jubel – Klingande, or Jump – Paul Anka, purely for the 2015 Serbian jazz festival memories.

        Worst: Umumum Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel. This is saved because I’m doing a mini soloeyish bit in jazz orchestra and I don’t mind it but, well, I don’t love it and it can be easily overplayed.

K // Best: King – Lauren Aquilina (the lyrics to this are just so freakin’ good) or Kiss Me – Campsite Dream.

        Worst: Kids – MGMT. I chose this just because I only had about five songs starting with K and I know this is a song that I have to hear to recognise.

L // Best: Love Is Blind – Lapsley, Love Yourself – Justin Bieber, Low – Lauren Aquilina (again, LYRICS)

        Worst: Let It Whip – The Treblemakers {from the Pitch Perfect soundtrack}. This was always one of my least favourite PP songs.

M // Best: Moments – Freddy Verano feat. Sam Smith, Mozart’s House – Clean Bandit feat. Love Ssega, My Girl – Lucky Chops (can someone just take me to see them live already?!), My Song – Alessia Cara.

        Worst: Midnight – Coldplay {Kygo Remix}. Just not really loving the original tbh, and even Kygo can’t make it better.

N// Best: No Strings – Chloe Howl, Nina – Ed Sheeran, Never Forget You – MNEK, (New Americana – Halsey?!), Nobody Does It Better – Michael Calfan

        Worst: Notorious – The Saturdays.

O // Best: One Day (Vandaag) – Bakermat, Out Of Our Depth – Lauren Aquilina

        Worst: Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont, Oceans – Coldplay

P // Best: Pompeii, Poet – Bastille, Problem – Lucky Chops, Past Lives – Borns

        Worst: Photograph {Jack Garratt Remix} – Ed Sheeran

Q // Best: Quarter Master – Snarky Puppy

        Worst: Quarter Master – Snarky Puppy. This is the only song I have for Q so by default, it is both the best and the worst.

R // Best: Raging – Kygo (feat. Kodaline) (I am SO ready for his album), Runaway – Ed Sheeran, Running Out – Matoma

        Worst: Release The Hounds – Centrefolds

S // Best: Scars To Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara. This is one of my absolute favourite songs at the moment. Also: Seeing Stars – Borns, Seventeen – Alessia Cara, Shine – Benjamin Francis Leftwich {Kygo Remix}, Sinners – Lauren Aquilina, Something For Nothing – Rationale, Southern Man – Akshin Alizadeh, Spare Time – Tides, Stole The Show – Kygo, Sun Goes Down – Jasmine Thompson, Superstition – Stevie Wonder. Aka half the songs I have  beginning with S. Ah well.

        Worst: Somebody To You – The Vamps

T // Best: Take It Back – Ed Sheeran, Take On Me – a-Ha {Kygo Remix}, Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran, Things We Lost In The Fire/These Streets – Bastille, Thinking Of Sunshine – Daniel Adams Ray, Time To Say Goodbye – Lauren Aquilina

        Worst: Tell Her – Rizzle Kicks

U // Best: U Got The Power – Swiss Lips {Bastille Remix}, Ugly Truth – Lauren Aquilina, Unsteady – X Ambassadors

        Worst: Under The Table – Banks, purely because I don’t know it.

V // Best: Viva La Vida – Coldplay. Because you can’t beat some classic Coldplay.

        Worst: Also, it’s the only song I have beginning with V so…Viva La Vida, Coldplay.

W // Best: What Would You Do – Bastille, When We Were Young – Adele, Wild Things – Alessia Cara, Worry – Jack Garratt, Where Is The Love – The Black Eyed Peas

        Worst: What You’re Proposing – Status Quo {Aquostic} (Sorry, dad…)


Y // Best: Younger {Kygo Remix} – Seinabo Sey, Youth – Troye Sivan

        Worst: You Should Know Where I’m Coming From – Banks. I feel like Banks is getting a lot of hate in this post, but I swear it’s because I only really know a few of her songs and don’t have any other options!

Z // Best: Zombie – Jamie T

        Worst: Zoot Suit Riot – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (I literally only have two songs beginning with Z and I don’t love either so it’s a toss up between the two really)


Stuff That Doesn’t Begin With  A Letter // Best: 10,000 Emerald Pools – Borns/(I Just) Died In Your Arms – Bastille

Worst: 30 Days – The Saturdays, “Nessun dorma!” – Luciano Pavarotti (no, I don’t know why it has quote marks around it either, and I only saved it because it was the piece I did for my GCSE ensemble performance, eugh)


I think that from that I’ve discovered that a) I have some really, really weird/awful stuff saved to my music library, b) I really like Ed Sheeran and Alessia Cara and c) LUCKY CHOPS ARE SO DAMN GOOD I THINK I’M ADDICTED AND I WANT TO TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT THEM SO GO LISTEN TO THEM NOW. Ahem. So, err, yeah. That’s about it.


Thoughts on my picks?


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11 thoughts on “An A-Z Of My Music Library {the 2016 edition}

  1. Ariana says:

    I personally think that Ghost by Halsey is really underrated and that Alessia Cara is really good. I agree with you on these!


  2. Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

    THIS IS VERY COOL. I have no idea how I would do it since, like, I haven’t downloaded any actual music in ages and I just have a million crazy Spotify playlists. But I am currently 20 seconds into a Lucky Chops song. I WILL LISTEN. It is excellent so far. *nods*


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