Feeling Happy

This is not the post I was planning on writing today. That will get written, don’t you fear (ahem) but for now I got the urge to write this and, well, all bloggers will know that to ignore the urge to write is a bad idea. No particular reason why, just never a good plan.   Anyway, I wanted to write about how I’m feeling right now. Really, really happy. And it feels fab. I feel fab. I got my hair cut last week and it’s shorter, about shoulder length and what the hairdresser described as “choppy” and omg I love it. It’s not even that different but it just feels so much more low maintenance and easy to deal with and it makes me feel really great about myself which is definitely a sign of a good haircut. 

Last week I went also went prom dress shopping and got the shoes of dreams and three dresses for me to choose one from, which I’m so excited about because I honestly love them all and they’re all the nicest dresses I’ve ever worn.   

I’ve made a bit more of a decision about what I’m doing nex year with regards to school so, although the decision isn’t final, that’s taken a whole weight of stress and indecision and anxiety off my shoulders.

There’s other small things, too; I’ve tried out a new, slightly longer run route which I’m enjoying; it was warm enough today to wear my Vans instead of Converse and my summer jacket instead of my winter coat (for at least part of the day, anyway) and it’s practically sunglasses weather already; I had a really great night last night with Chinese takeaway and watching The Martian; two books I ordered off of Amazon arrived today and I can’t wait to start reading them, and I’m already reading a good book on my Kindle; I’m decluttering my room a bit; I’ve found loads of new music I love (Alessia Cara, Walk The Moon, the 3emegauche YouTube channel). img_3506It’s two weeks tomorrow until I see Kygo live in London with one of my best friends. I bought a seriously nice new dress from H&M last week and I can’t wait for it to be warm enough for me to be able to wear it. It’s pretty much flip-flops weather (and I have some pretty polka-dot flip flops). I keep recalling brilliant memories from trips to Brugge and Serbia and Switzerland which just make me so happy to think about, the trips were so much fun. I have a really great summer planned, from trips to Holland, Cornwall and Edinburgh to the Radio 1 Big Weekend, to prom and a big family party in London in August. 

a snapshot of heaven, aka Chamonix


And generally, today’s been a good day, despite wasting half an hour trying to download some files so I could do a music past paper (I had to go through three laptops, a phone and a computer in the end ๐Ÿ™„) and having to revise until quite late because I spent the day with one of my best friends which, incidentally, is why the day turned out so well. We had paprika Pringles and went for a long walk around the quay and by the river and just talked about anything and everything in the way you can only do with people you’re really comfortable around. She told me how much she loves my blog and my Instagram (which I’m actually so proud of right now ngl) which made me feel great and I just feel like I’m so lucky to have so many really good friends, including friends I’ve made through this blog and sadly never actually met, who really care and who I feel will always be there for me.   

Basically, I feel ridiculously happy right now and I’m sorry if this post was disgustingly smug. What are you feeling happy about at the moment?

An Overthinking Teenager 

P.S. I wrote this on my phone so soz if there are any accidental typos I haven’t spotted :/


7 thoughts on “Feeling Happy

  1. Iridescence says:

    I got my hair cut too recently and I love it! I think almost everyone feels fab after getting a haircut. And I looove those shoes! *.*


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