Ten Things That Made Me Happy {week four}

This week’s generally been pretty good, but it has had its ups and downs…there’s been the obligatory I-don’t-know-what-I-want-to-do-next-year-everything-I-thought-I-wanted-to-do-I-don’t-know-anymore freak out (but they’re practically routine by now so not an especially big deal), a couple of other indirectly stressful things happening with other people and just the odd things that haven’t gone so smoothly. Plus, Easter holidays = GCSE revision, yay 😒. BUT, depressing and stress-inducing other bits and bobs may be, there’s definitely been at least ten good things from this week. So, without further ado…


1. New Kygo music, + the start of his Cloud Nine tour…

WHICH MY FRIEND AND I ARE GOING TO IN LONDON and there’s less than a month left to wait and omg I’m so excited. Brixton O2 Academy, we’re coming for ya! Also, his new Cloud Nine album is now available to preorder and I discovered that a) there’s a new single from it, Fragile ft. Labrinth (which I love) and b) there’s loads of live recordings of stuff from the album on YouTube, which again, I love. Squeee

giphy (24)

{source} *excitement levels are high*

2. My music lesson went OK

I had my normal trumpet lesson on Wednesday and err, ahem, I probably didn’t do as much practise as I should have *awkwardly shuffles feet* BUT it turned out OK…I mean, my playing was apparently spot on, there was just the small issues of being about three beats behind the piano accompaniment. Whoops. However, my teacher was surprised that I managed to stay in time with myself, if not the piano, so yay for small victories!

3. Meeting up with friends

From the looks of it, I’m going to see more friends than usual this holiday (probs not a good thing, given I’m meant to be revising) – I’m meeting one who I haven’t properly seen in weeks for lunch and shopping on Tuesday (there goes all the money I earnt at work last Friday…), and hoping to meet at least one other for a revision and gossip session (which will consist of probably five minutes of actual revision, but y’know, that’s better than nothing, right?!). So yeah, that’s something to look forward to besides revision.

4. Easter

I say Easter, but what I unashamedly really mean is chocolate. Although weirdly I’ve barely eaten any today. I don’t think there’s an awful lot more to say about this anyway, except that I’ve officially decided Cadbury Mini Eggs are the preserve of the gods and I have no clue how I’m gonna survive when they’re not in the shops anymore. Plus, Easter means hot cross buns and the first proper Sunday roast since Christmas so woop for that.

5. Friends

*Prepare for soppiness* Y’know I mentioned this week’s been a tad stressful? Well, it’s also been brilliant because I’ve discovered how fab my friends are. Their reaction to me feeling shitty is HEY LET ME JOIN A GROUP CHAT WITH PEOPLE I DON’T KNOW TO MAKE MY FRIEND FEEL BETTER. In short, I love them more than my love chocolate and cheesecake and raspberries and pizza  and Haribo Tangfastics combined (even when you’re including chocolate and raspberry cheesecake) and that’s a lot of love. So yeah, basically you know exactly who you are and how fab you are, I owe you a lot and I’m never going to be able to think of tomatoes, ketchup and bowling balls in the same way. Plus because of you lot I’ve been told some of the nicest things ever, so yeah, big hugs to you because you’re awesome.

6. In a kinda similar vein, the blog squad

Because I quit Twitter (amongst other things) for Lent, I hadn’t spoken to these fab people for around forty days, and I really missed them, more than I expected. So yeah, it’s nice to be back in touch with them and to catch up on all the gossip I missed.

7. Down by the river…*breaks into song*

Now that the obligatory musical reference is out of the way…

Yesterday, although it wasn’t planned, I ended up going for a walk by the river with a friend in the rain, which I was kinda surprised by how much I enjoyed. There’s something about being out in the rain out of choice that’s really calming and soothing, and the same goes for just talking about stuff. Plus there were lots of cute dogs around, which made me realise how much I miss having a dog to walk and cuddle and just have. So yeah, if anyone’s looking for someone to give/lend their dog to/someone to walk their dog for them, then hiiiii 👋

8. Reaching 14,000 views

14,000 is a lot, guys. Although I strongly suspect about five of my friends of making up about 7000, still, thank you 🙂

9. Being perfectly in sync with your best friend

Going back to the friends thing, I thought it was worth mentioning the fact that one of my best friends and I know each other so well we both sent each other exactly the same screenshot of a news article at the same time. We’re just that close.

10. This live performance

I’ve been a fan of the 3ème Gauche series of acoustic performances in Paris and I rediscovered this one in my liked videos today and I just love it so much. I like the song anyway, but as a number of the comments point out, what really makes this video brilliant is the sheer passion and love for music that radiates out. It really makes a difference and makes me smile!


What’s made your week a good week?



4 thoughts on “Ten Things That Made Me Happy {week four}

  1. justkinga says:

    Congrats on the views! I love these posts of yours, they inpire me so much! It also got me thinking of quitting social media for a week, it might be refreshing afterwards. Oh and I’m with you on the Kygo stuff, have an amazing time at the concert, too!


  2. Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages says:

    So I live in the US, and thus have never had a Cadbury egg…and MY MOM BOUGHT SOME FOR ME AND MY SIS FOR EASTER AND I DON’T KNOW HOW I’VE LIVED WITHOUT THEM THEY ARE AMAZING! I think I heard the Down By the River song the other day, and it’s an awesome song.


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