Some Random Things About Me


First things first, I apologise in advance for any mistakes and the potential lack of images in here, because my laptop’s being irritating and so I’m writing this on my phone. Because I’m both incurably impatient and lazy, unless my laptop gets its act together soon, I highly doubt I’ll bother swapping over to it (this is when my laptop comes back to life and I use it and this post ends up with hundreds of beautiful graphics and I forget to delete this bit, whoops 😂)

Anyway, on to the main bit of this post…partly because this blog is now two years old (*attempts to insert link to blogoversary post and completely fails*)(AHA I’M ON MY LAPTOP NOW HERE’S THE LINK) and partly because the idea appeals to me, I’m going to try and come up with a bunch of facts about me that most people won’t know. Hopefully a few of them will even surprise my friends 🙂 anyhow, here you go…

 I have really blue eyes.

OK so this is one that won’t come as much of a surprise to people I know, but I’ve been told on multiple occasions that they’re really very blue. Said occasions include during a conversation with a girl at hockey training when she just stopped talking and went “omg your eyes are so blue” and at the end of an English lesson when basically the same thing happened. I think my eyes are probably my best feature because of their colour (except for my unfortunate short sightedness, obvs) 👀👁👓

Typography and pretty quotes make my heart happy.

Not an especially exciting fact, but I do like them a lot. Actually, good photos in general/pretty graphics/design tends to make me happy. And according to one of my best friends my aesthetic taste “truly is impeccable” so there ya go.




 I’m very, very pale.

 My friend said the other day, “you’re so pale, you make the White Cliffs of Dover look brown”. My answer is I’m less likely to get skin cancer, but it’s true, I’m so pale my tan looks like everyone else’s normal skin. Even two weeks in 35 degree C heat can’t tan me, so I reckon I’ll be pale for life.

I can go from really quiet to really loud pretty easily, depending on my mood and who I’m with.

Multiple people have told me that I’ve got more outgoing recently which is pretty true. I can be really quiet in new situations but then really loud with friends, and sometimes vice versa…it all kinda depends on what mood I’m in. When I’m stressed or feeling annoyed or bleurgh I tend to just go pretty quiet and occasionally sarcastic. According to a quiz I did for another post (the who am I? tag that will *hopefully* be up soon) my Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP, which basically means I flip between being introspective and extroverted fairly easily.

I’ve never broken a bone.

I’m not really sure how, I guess I’m just naturally fairly cautious? A few years ago I got really excited because I thought I’d broken my thumb playing hockey and I guessed that would be a fairly good bone to break because it wouldn’t hurt too much, but it turned out that because I was young everything kinda just bounced back into place and I only sprained it. It did end up hurting a lot and leaving a nice bloodstain under my thumbnail for a good few months though!

I can be really sarcastic.

(If you hadn’t already guessed). Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it just slips out and then sometimes people think I’m being sarcastic when I’m actually deadly serious because I have a sarcastic tone of voice that I occasionally have difficulty reserving just for sarcasm. Whoops. I love sarcasm though, something about it just makes me happy (that sounds kinda mean. Wasn’t meant to).

I’m slightly obsessed with raspberry dark chocolate.


(I really like food, if that wasn’t already obvious)

I’m really great at beating myself up over stuff unnecessarily.

I’m also really bad at getting a grip and stopping myself. I’m getting a little better at it though, I just seem to have an automatic guilt reflex that makes me feel guilty about the absolute stupidest things, like not going for a run for two or three weeks. (yes, I know that’s stupid).

I often start saying stuff ironically or not seriously, but then the habit sticks.

This happened with “banter” and “bud” (though I blame my friend for the second one, she’s got me into a habit of saying “cheers bud” all the time and I think it’s really annoying some of my friends).

I hate hate hate dealing with bugs and spiders and stuff.

I don’t mind that they exist, I just don’t like coming into contact with them. Worst thing ever was when my friend and I were in my room and I spotted a small black dot on the ceiling which I though was a dead bug, so we poked it to get it down but it turned out it was well and truly alive. It then fell down into the slight dip between the carpet and skirting board and I’m ashamed to say I made my friend deal with it whilst doing “helpful” things like getting a bit of card and a glass and opening the bathroom window. #sorrynotsorry

When I was younger, I used to think my middle name was my sister’s.

I’m not entirely sure how I got them mixed up, but I guess hers just stuck in my head because I had to (and very occasionally still do) think about it for a second to check I got my middle name and not hers if someone asked what it was.

I’m incurably impatient and fairly lazy – at any rate I’m a master procrastinator and really bad at just getting jobs done.

(This gets about a billion times worse when I’ve got the excuse of a really good book to stop me from getting on with stuff)

I can be incredibly self-conscious when I’m not with good friends.

Sometimes I’ll just kinda start to think about everything and every action I’m doing, even when I’m with friends, and then  I feel awkward and self-conscious and nervous and urgh.

I’ve recently got really bad wanderlust and I just want to go EVERYWHERE.

I really hate the idea that I’ll die and there’ll be so many countries and places I’ve never been to, even just in the UK.

Me and laughter have an interesting relationship.

I feel like I never used to laugh and then all of a sudden stuff kept making me lose it. The main thing I can remember was around Christmas when three of us in my English class had forgotten some practice language paper and had the obligatory “this is very disappointing etc etc” talk and been sent to the library to photocopy someone else’s and for some reason the whole situation made me completely crack up, especially because two of us were sat next to each other, but I knew laughing in the classroom would be a really, really bad move. I then spent the whole photocopying trip laughing my head off for no discernible reason and confusing everyone around me. Thinking about it still makes me smile.

I love organisation and tidiness but hate cleaning and tidying.

I’m the kinda person who wants the beautiful fully colour coordinated bookshelf and the neat desk and the permanently tidy room but who really can’t be bothered to keep their room tidy, which makes things a bit awkward.

My one shelf of beautifully colour coordinated dreams.


And that’s all I can think of! Have you got any random facts about you to share? And if you’ve got any specific questions for me, let me know and I’ll stick them in a Q&A! 🙂




16 thoughts on “Some Random Things About Me

  1. Chloe Lauren says:

    I can relate to a lot of these. My laughter is very unique and can get me into trouble to be honest. Oh and I have never broken a bone, although I have always wanted to, just to know how it would feel. Weird. I know!


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