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Two Years Later…

Happy Blogoversary, me! Yep, it’s been (just over) two years since I started my blog, amazingly. I don’t really know where the time went, to be honest…it feels like only yesterday I was writing my one year blogoversary post, and barely the day before that that I started my blog! I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to commemorate it, but I am thinking of a Q&A if you’re interested, so let me know if you have any questions down in the comments 🙂


I figured that to make this into some kind of blog post worth reading, I would a) hand out free cake and b) list a few things I’ve achieved and a few things I’ve learnt over the past two years…

  • I’ve had a slightly incomprehensible  (18% of which are on Sundays and 12% of which are at 10pm, in case that’s the kinda thing that interests you). Yikes.
  • I’ve posted 358 times.
  • I’ve had 6543 visitors.
  • The most views I’ve had in a day was 111 views, on 4th August 2015.
  • I’ve got 525 WordPress followers, 338 Twitter followers, 52 Facebook likes and around 250 Instagram followers as of time of writing (these figures, especially IG, can fluctuate fairly rapidly).
  • I’m not surely exactly how many comments I’ve had, but it’s approximately 1247, which is A LOT.
  • Excluding my home page/archives (5238 views) and my ‘About Me’ page (502 views), my top three most popular posts of all time are Social Life of a Bookaholic (May 23rd 2014, 532 views) (if anybody can solve the mystery of why that post is so incredibly popular, I will be forever grateful), my Top 10 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait To Get My Braces Off (February 23rd 2015, 217 views) (am I the only person getting slightly creeped out that my two most popular posts were published on the same day of the month as each other?!) and, surprise surprise, my chocolate review and giveaway (August 22 2015 (NEARLY THE SAME DATE AGAIN), 200 views).
  • I’ve learnt that bookstagram is a wonderful thing, and it has been the sole cause of me taking lots of photos of books.IMG_1373
  • My graphics and design have improved no end. Some of my early graphics…*shudders theatrically*.

    No comparison really, is there?!

  • I’ve started (and actually occasionally remembered to post on) a collaborative blog.
  • I’ve discovered all the best places for blogging resources and copyright-free photos.
  • I’ve got a lot better at taking photos and promoting content on social media generally, though I’ve still got a lot to learn. (Hint: it’s all about finding the white backgrounds in your house!)
  • I’ve made loads of really good internet friends – special shoutout to all of the Blog Squad, but especially Eve (I LOVE your header by the way), Elly (ditto) and Evi (ditto) (when did everybody get such nice graphics?!), my blogging twin!

Overall though (and here comes the cheesy bit…) I’ve improved my writing (I think/hope) and really, really enjoyed becoming part of such a lovely community. *lots of the sending love emoji thingy*

Thank you for reading all of that, and help yourself to some celebratory cake! And remember, if you’ve got any questions for a Q&A, stick them in the comments for me 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Two Years Later…

  1. Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

    AAAH YAY CONGRATS! *explodes in a shower of confetti* Your blog has only got more and more amazing, and I’m sure will continue to do so into the infinity of amazing-ness. (Your blog graphics are so nice, oh my goodness. Moment of flailing.) And thanks so much for the shoutout!

    If you’re doing Q&A, here are some extremely random questions from me: If you were an ice cream flavour, what would you be? aand how would you describe your music taste, in a sentence? Happy Blogoversary again! ❤


  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!! *helps self to birthday cake* And omg congrats on all your achievements!! That is AMAZING. And I love how far you’ve come with your graphic design too…clearly you are wonderful. ;D Also isn’t bookstagram just the best of ever?! I am severely addicted to it. If I could only choose one other social media site, it’d probably be it. xD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  3. Hatsy// Nearly A Princess says:

    CONGRATS ON TWO YEARS AMAZING HUMAN YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING AND YOU ARE AMAZING AND YOU DESERVE EVERY SINGLE FOLLOWER LIKE COMMENT ETC. And for your q and a… What would you say has been your biggest ‘blog booster’ (like a social media site you signed up for or a place you find inspiration) that has made your blog the great place it is today? 🙂
    Hatsy xx


  4. Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages says:

    AHHHHH HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! You’re two now, ohmygoodness! Your blog is such a lovely, lively, happy pace and I love it so. The fact that a lot of people enjoyed your braces post is rather odd…though there is probably many sympathizers. 😀
    THANK YOU! *huggles* you are the greatest blogging twin ever! ❤


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