10 Things That Made Me Happy {week three}


It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done this, and I’ve not done it on a Friday before, but y’know, who needs consistency? The main thing is I’M BACK AND HAPPY ABOUT IT!

Here’s why:

1. My music lesson

I wasn’t expecting this to be great, as I was feeling ill, hadn’t done that much practise and idk, just wasn’t expecting great things. However, it was good – my trumpet teacher and I competed a bit over how ill we were, had a bit of a discussion about etymology and maths and other random stuff and what I did play went OK. Plus now I’m playing Moon River (the one from that really old Galaxy chocolate ad) (yes I know my cultural references are on point) by Henry Mancini which I love (but should probs actually get round to practising whoops I am very dedicated to this honest).

2. Friends friends friends ❤

This sounds so cringey and stupid but I’ve had a really good week with my friends this week, even though one of my best friends has had the whole week off ill which has been a bit difficult, as I haven’t really properly seen her for over a week :(. HOWEVER, I had a mega DMC session (deep and meaningful conversation, for the uninitiated) with one of my friends on Tuesday night, and we covered a LOT of stuff and it was just really funny and fun. And then I spent like all of double chemistry today laughing because of one of my other friends and I walked home with some on Tuesday and yeah, it’s been a good week. Plus even when I had a random unexplainable blip in my happiness last night I ended up talking to a couple of friends and planning trips to Ireland and people asking me if I was OK and generally taking an interest and yeah that sounds self centred but it was nice.

3. Here comes the sun, do do do dooo…

Apparently feeling very happy has the side effect of making me very cringey and making me spout random lyrics. Soz. Anyway, this week the sun has kinda actually come out and we’ve eaten outside and everything and I even didn’t wear my jumper at school today because I’m clearly a crazy rebel (only until break because then I had to change into CCF kit, but that’s progress at least). This has made a) my paleness very apparent (to quote one friend, “you’re so pale you make the white cliffs of Dover look brown”. I can’t decide whether to be impressed or offended…) and b) my freckles have suddenly appeared and they’re everywhere! I absolutely swear I did not have this many last year, but there ya go.


4. Regressing to year 7

I don’t know if the sun made us all minorly delirious or something today but at lunch we appeared to regress to being in year seven, and alternated gossip sessions on the field with playing It and Stuck In The Mud because apparently the prospect of GCSEs and study leave prompts complete and utter denial. We were going to have a mega game of hide and seek because we had the horrifying realisation that we’d never taken advantage of the school’s extensive facilities to play hide and seek, but then we decided we’d done enough exercise for one lunchtime and postponed it to when there were more of us. IT WILL HAPPEN BEFORE STUDY LEAVE THOUGH, PROMISE.

5. Feeling charitable

This year, as I *think* I’ve mentioned on here before, I, along with a bunch of friends, quit swearing for Lent. It, um, hasn’t gone terribly well. We pledged to donate 20p to a local cancer charity for every swear word and I don’t know if me and another friend are just the most honest of the lot but we’re both around £9 so oops. On the bright side, between all of us we’ve raised about £45 and we’re going to make it up to at least £50 before dropping it in to the charity after the Easter holidays. So we may have a bad habit, but at least we used it for good – or at least that’s my justification and I’m sticking to it!

6. House sport

Normally this is the absolute bane of my life, and I was hoping that I’d be able to continue this year’s clean sheet of not representing my house in anything, but I was unfortunately roped into the House Netball competition (which is girls only, and yes our whole form did have a mega rant at the PE teacher in charge who just happens to be our form teacher (AND GOT MY NAME WRONG AFTER TWO YEARS GRRR) about how unfair that is, not that it really changed anything). I agreed because I was made to, and then I felt slightly more motivated by the fact that my sister was part of the team that smashed everyone else in their round of the house quiz and was also part of the house netball team so I kinda felt like I should probably contribute something. Plus our England Hockey house hockey captain was on crutches, which wasn’t great, so y’know, we all had to do our duty for the house etc. But anyway, I got away with playing a whole seven minutes (one of four matches) and then spending the rest of the time DMCing and chatting on the astro watching the hockey and just sitting around in the sun, and all in my awesome and ridiculously comfy leggings that have earnt me the nickname of “funky leggings girl” so yay.

Even better, later that day jazz band finished early and I got to miss some of the awkward torture that is hockey training when we’re doing drills and deflections and stuff that I’m bad at by helping out and playing against some people on a Back To Hockey course which was awesome.

7. A good day today

Today was a pretty awesome day, for a number of reasons – it started off well with an exchange of musical Tumblr posts and music puns (the best puns), I pretty much understood what was going on in physics and got to laugh at my friend who kindly suffered through the pain of the blue Strepsils with me (she didn’t realise how disgusting they are), double Spanish was OK and I got the questions he asked me right so escaped the awkward moment when the teacher’s desperately trying to get you to say the right answer and you have no clue, and had a good chat with one of my friends at break when I had to get changed into CCF kit.

Then English was good because for some weird reason I’m enjoying the style of revision we’re doing at the moment – maybe because I always seem to end up in fairly decent discussion groups? I like the people on my row, I like the group I was put in today way more than I expected to and when we can choose our groups, I’m in a group of four girls that are just pro so all is good. Maths was good because I got 99% in my last past paper (nope, I have no clue how either – except I’m very grateful I said yes when my friends asked to check through it together) which was the highest in the class 🙂 and we were doing kinda interesting stuff. It was only revising trig identities, which are really just a mix of algebra and simplification, but were challenging without being impossible, which is always nice. Then lunch and chemistry were just funny plus I got all my last calculations homework right and RAF was OK, if interminably long. Oh, and they made us do sportyish stuff because they ran out of other stuff for us to do – I was pretty pleased with my count of 31 situps in a minute, but my press ups were truly abysmal – less than 4, and I’m not sure any of them were even proper press ups 😂. Oh and then I had chicken chow mein and Waitrose dark and white chocolate cheesecake this evening and basically if you’re trying to find the way to my heart or trying to bribe me then Waitrose cheesecake is a pretty damn good bet (oh or I guess the vanilla and raspberry cheesecake brownie from the Hummingbird Bakery might just about suffice).


Hummingbird BAEkery ❤



God, this post is getting long, isn’t it? Sorry about that :/ but I’m SO HAPPY that David Cameron’s made a deal to hopefully help get rid of the tampon tax in the UK because it is honestly the most ridiculous thing ever. Yes, tampons should DEFINITELY BE TAXED because they are TOTALLY LUXURIES YES I CHOOSE TO HAVE MY PERIOD IT’S A WONDERFUL THING. NOT.  MEANWHILE, LET ME JUST ADD SOME TOTALLY ESSENTIAL HELICOPTER FUEL TO MY HELICOPTER SO I CAN GO AND BUY SOME TOTALLY ESSENTIAL EDIBLE FLOWERS. (sorry, inner sarcasm *may* have escaped a teensy bit there…)


#logic source 



9. Mega wanderlust

For some reason this week I’ve really wanted to travel, more so than usual. I’m planning a more comprehensive travel wishlist post, but there are just so many places I want to visit and there are so many pretty travel pictures and I don’t think I want a gap year instead I think I may need a gap decade at this rate.


                            I WANT TO GO TO NEW YORK SO BAD IT HURTS                                                {source via the wonderful source of beautiful photos that is unsplash.com (no I was not paid to say that)}

 10. Good music

Although my 3 months of Spotify Premium for 99p subscription ended yesterday (☹️) I’ve been finding SO MUCH music I love lately – I’m honestly so excited for my March music picks of the month post. I won’t give away too much here, but I’ve been getting into the Stevie Wonder classics (namely Superstition – we were talking about superstitions in English today and all I could think about was that song), as well as at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Halycon Birds by Broken Back, a number of Matoma remixes, my absolute current favourite, the Deepend remix of Catch & Release by Matt Simons and a bit of Twenty One Pilots. Whoops, really didn’t mean to say that much…

What’ve you been enjoying this week??


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One thought on “10 Things That Made Me Happy {week three}

  1. happyalexx says:

    I love the positivity of this post! There’s too many happy things to even talk about in one comment! But I’ve been soooo happy that the sun finally came out to, also I think freckles are super pretty. I also booked a holiday, so I’ve been excited for that all week! I really really enjoyed reading this post!


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