10(ish) Things Every Teen Girl Can Relate To

As most of you *probably* know, I am a teenage girl. (Soz to anyone who thought I was just a really damn good bit of artificial intelligence :/) Therefore, I am highly aware of a number of ~issues~ teenage girls can face. It turns out that quite a lot of us actually have the same problems, so I figured that, as about 85% of my readership is made up of teen girls (hello, random non teenager/male *waves*), I would collate some of these into a post. So, here you go…

When you have a good hair day it’s 100% *party time*

High ponytails are easy to do but difficult to do well, so when you’re actually successful, most of the day is going to be spent sneaking glances in the mirror at your absolutely *on point* hair. If it’s really good, the glances will be open and you’ll loudly suggest to others that they also admire the marvellous creation that is your ponytail that day.

Dry shampoo is your saviour

For those days when, for some reason that nobody but your individual strands of hair are aware of, despite washing your hair the night before, it’s greasy the next day. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! Luckily, dry shampoo was created for just this reason, and often it’s actually better than washing your hair because a) it takes approximately thirty seconds b) it gets you out of the mutually agreed hell that is drying your hair and c) it often smells nice and the scent lasts longer (I have the cherry Batiste stuff and omw it smells incredible).

The sign of true friendship is when, upon asking for painkillers, at least one type (but more often than not, two or three varieties) of pills are produced

And, if you’re friends are really great, they’ll make up appropriate songs to help you ~combat the pain~. (Particular blonde friend, I’m looking at you)

Similarly, true groups of friends understand that if one of you hates somebody, you all hate them. 

Even if you have no personal grudge against them, if they’ve upset your friend then that’s the end of them.

Although I think pretty much all males are massively confused as to why we rarely go to the loo without at least one other companion, we all know it’s because that’s where all the best gossip happens. 

It helps that that’s where the best school radiators are. Also, nobody wants to face a gaggle of girls you don’t know/don’t like/that are intimidating, in the loos, alone. School loos are like #1 social gathering place, amiright? 

Best friends are the people that you can send the weirdest things, worst selfies and most cringeworthy puns to because you know them so well that you can tell they’ll appreciate them just as much as you do.

Maybe that’s a guy thing too? Idk

That feeling when you get mascara on your eyelids and it’s just like WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER

Really, can anyone ever actually be bothered to spend the time removing it from your eyelid without smudging it all down your cheeks?

The win of crying, wiping your eyes and discovering your mascara HASN’T SMUDGED, even though it wasn’t waterproof

*praises every god/goddess I know the name of*

Knowing that concealer was possibly the greatest type of makeup ever invented

Even though your shade is called something like Calico or White Ivory to reming you just how depressingly pale you are, in case you could ever forget.

And finally…the never ending struggle of trying to plait your hair

If it’s a side plait, 99% of the time you will be physically unable to get all your hair to stay in the hair band, but you will spend a minimum of ten minutes fruitlessly trying anyway. If it’s a normal plait, chances are it’ll take so long to do to a decent enough standard that your arms will feel like they’re about to drop off from being held above your head for so long well before you’ve had a chance to finish it. 


And that’s where I’ve run out of inspiration…what’ve I missed out? Let me know in the comments!

An Overthinking Teenager


11 thoughts on “10(ish) Things Every Teen Girl Can Relate To

  1. regina5000 says:

    I love this post!! I agree with everything, specially with the ponytail and plait thing. XD Also I didn’t know there were dry shampoos, because I also wash my hair at night and then wake up with greasy hair 😛 !!!! Great Post!! XD


  2. Eve @ Twist in the Taile says:

    Ahaha this is hilarious. I can’t relate to EVERYTHIGN here, since I basically can’t do anything other than wash my hair now I cut it short… But I used to spent AGES doing fancy plaits and stuff. I created, like, a one-sided French plait that all my friends dubbed the Eve Plait. 😛 Also YES to the bathrooms thing. It’s kind of hilarious when I think about it, but there ya go.


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