10 Things That Made Me Happy {week two}

Yes! Hallelujah! I’ve made it to the second week of a new feature! *happy spoon dance* yay.

Anyway, here are ten things that made my week a little bit better…


  1. Books, books, books I got a bit back into reading last week, with Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven both securing places as some of my favourite books (which I already knew about Attachments as it was a reread, but now there’s confirmation). {see my review and playlist for ATBP here} I also read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, though not out of choice…gotta love half term school reading 😦
  2. Lucky Chops/Youngblood Brass Band WHAT IS IT WITH BRASS GROUPS HAVING WEIRD NAMES?!? Seriously?! Maybe it’s an American thing…anyway, I kinda knew of Youngblood before, but I rediscovered them a bit last week…THEY DID A COVER OF AIN’T NOBODY! (I like it, if you hadn’t guessed) And a friend told me about Lucky Chops and omg they’re so good. I *especially* love their covers of Hello, My Girl, Problem and Funkytown/I Feel Good. Even if you don’t like the originals, I highly recommend you check out the covers!
  3. New school stuff *party hat emoji* I got a new bag and pencil case and I love them. NEW STATIONERY MAKES MY HEART HAPPY.
  4. Ben and Jerrys Or as I’ve recently renamed it, Bae and Jerrys. That new chocolate cookie core flavour though…it appears there are some advantages to my sister having A-Level-mocks-breakdowns.       b+j
  5. Goodreads I only got this at the start of this year, but I’m making an effort to keep on top of adding my books and I really like it! It’s surprisingly satisfying to see how much I’m reading and see my progress on my reading goal for this year 🙂
  6. New glasses YAY I FINALLY CAN SEE (I think). After a few weeks of noticing my vision was blurry, I’ve finally got a new pair of *hopefully* the right prescription. I’m just crossing my fingers that any slightly dodgy things I can’t see is just a mental thing…I hope!
  7. Eye Doctor eye mask OK this is a weird one, bear with me please! I have Meibomian gland dysfunction, which just means my eyes are drying out because the glands under my eyes – the Meibomian glands – are getting blocked and stopping oil from getting into my tears. To treat this, I have to spend ten minutes with a microwaved eye mask on my eyes to melt the oil, which is actually really nice. Tonight I’m hoping to have a go with an audiobook while I do it, which should be fun…
  8. Shopping + lunch On Wednesday I met a friend in town (HALF TERM YEAH) and we bought some stuff and went to Artigiano for lunch and it was just really fun. Except the rain. But hey, it’s Britain, what more can you expect?! artigiano
  9. Something terrifying turning out OK I have absolutely no idea why, but on Tuesday/Wednesday I got really stressed out about hockey on the Wednesday. Like, I haven’t got that stressed in years. My theory is that it was loads of stress about GCSEs and coursework and A Level choices all building up and coming out in a really stupid way. But in the end, despite all the freaking out and doing two dramatic slides   that culminated whacking my butt and *hopefully* saving two goals (the pitch was slippy, OK?!), I had a pretty good time. Yay 🙂
  10. I GOT A COLLEGE OFFER! I’m thinking I’m going to go to the local college to study the International Baccalaureate (instead of staying and doing A Levels at my school’s sixth form), and although I’m applying for sixth form and college, I got an interview for college and a place! Even though I think most people get an offer, and I still have to get the grades (which hopefully shouldn’t be too much of a challenge), I’m really happy 🙂 More so than I expected, and I’m now really excited – I think it’s kinda cemented that yes, this is what I want to do (though I am terrified I’ll end up hating it).

What made your week good? Let me know in the comments!




3 thoughts on “10 Things That Made Me Happy {week two}

  1. TT @ introtoblurb says:

    Congrats on the college offer!! 🙂 Sounds like you had a really good week!

    I love “Bae and Jerry’s” ahaha xD Also as a fellow glasses-owner I RELATE SO MUCH. It’s horrible when I don’t have my glasses, like seeing = necessary to function and I feel like I kind of stumble around hitting into legs, lockers and benches without them.

    My week has been pretty good – I managed to finish off my History Coursework preparation (which was so much ;-;) and saw Deadpool at the cinema with some friends. 🙂


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