10 Things That Made Me Happy {week one}



So I’ve decided to start a new series on here…at least, new for me – I doubt I’m the first blogger to do this, but oh well! My plan is to share every Sunday, instead of a weekly wrap-up which I often don’t enjoy writing or forget/can’t be bothered to do, 10 things that made me happy that week.

The more switched-on of you may have noticed that it’s Monday today. Oops. I only thought of doing this about half an hour ago but didn’t want to wait till next Sunday, so I figured I’d start on the wrong day and continue from here!

Anyway, here are ten things that made me happy last week…

1. Pizza Express

As you probably know already, I am so easily pleased, especially when it comes to food. Therefore, a three course meal at Pizza Express was going to make me very happy indeed. I had doughballs (YES), the La Reine pizza (minus olives because I’m not so sophisticated yet that I like them) and lemon and raspberry sorbet, which was INCREDIBLE (especially the raspberry. I had raspberry lemonade too, which was also brilliant. I think I’m going through a bit of a raspberry phase…or life).

2. Reading

I feel like only recently I’ve started reading regularly again after mocks at school and then just not getting round to it, but now I’m pretty in the swing of it again. Recently I’ve read Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, short story A Baby At The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond and I’m currently re-reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell after buying it in Birmingham last weekend. I feel a mini-review post coming soon…

3. Music

This is nothing new, but in the last week (I think) I’ve a) “rediscovered” Bastille’s Bad Blood album, b) created an awesome running playlist and c) had some recommendations for songs I like. Yay. Every so often I’ll remember Bastille’s first proper album (as opposed to their Other People’s Heartache stuff or their as yet unreleased singles from their second album) and go back to it. At the moment I’m listening to Bad Blood unshuffled on Spotify (is that the right way of putting it?!), and especially loving Daniel in the Den. In terms of song recommendations, one was 7 Years by Lukas Graham (yes, I know it’s the current UK #1 but it completely passed me by…I’m preferring Spotify to the radio at the moment) and the other was Unsteady by X Ambassadors, both of which I like. I’m also minorly obsessed with Ludovico Einaudi, who is just ~magical~. 

4. HabitBull

I’d heard a few good things about this app and now I actually want to build some habits (making my bed, GCSE music listening, music practise etc) I thought I’d give it a try. So far it’s working really well and even makes me feel semi-productive! Just one thing to be aware of: you can only track 5 habits at a time without upgrading to the premium version 😦

5. Instagram

I’ve had Instagram for ages but only in the last few weeks have I really started loving it. Maybe it’s to do with the fact I’ve given up most other social media for Lent (see why here) so I’m spending more time on it, but I’m really enjoying taking photos and sharing little snippets of my life. If you’re not already following me, I’m @mixomuseblog – let me know your username so I can follow you!

Sneak peek from my Insta


6. Bloglovin’

Again, I’ve had Bloglovin’ for ages but having randomly spent time on it today, I really like it. It’s just so satisfying to save posts in specific categories and know you can come back and find them easily! {follow me on Bloglovin’ here (pretty please!)}

7. New clothes!

In Birmingham this weekend I got some REALLY NICE new clothes including a pair of running/exercise leggings (New Look), an exercise top (Forever 21) and a pretty top (New Look). Yayze! I also got a running belt thing from Forever 21 because my new leggings annoyingly don’t have a pocket for my phone, but they were too pretty not to get…I tried them out on a run earlier today and ahhh I love them so much!


This top ❤ {via NL website}

8. Tea

Yes I know this is entirely unexpected and completely Britishly stereotypical but TEA. I always like it but for some reason, maybe because HALF TERM YAY I’m drinking way more of it than usual. Meh, not gonna complain. TEA + BISCUIT = BAE ❤ (I REALLY NEED THE HEART EYE EMOJI RIGHT NOW)

9. Realising how brilliant my friends are

Last Wednesday/Thursday were a bit difficult for me – two of my best friends were out of school, one due to personal reasons and the other because she was in hospital, and I just got quite stressed out. I’m not really sure why – maybe it was the strain of visiting the hospital most days and staying cheerful and then being two best friends down and not really realising quite how much I relied on them at school and then another one not being in on the Thursday and just being SO DAMN READY for half term but everything kinda piled up on the Wednesday and I had a mini meltdown at school, the likes of which I haven’t had since the anxiety days of year 7. Luckily, I had two awesome friends who found me and gave me hugs and chocolate and walked into class in front of me to hide my blotchy face. That’s true friendship and it was really nice to find out how brilliant my friends actually are.

10. Things generally looking up

Following on from #9, another thing that made me happy was the fact that my friend got out of hospital on the Friday, I spoke to my other friend and things kinda seem to have got a little bit better for her, school broke up for half term and I’ve *finally* finished ALL my English coursework and I think I’ve finished one of my two GCSE music compositions. We had an end-of-coursework party in English last thing on Thursday and, well, doughnuts and party rings are a surefire way to make EVERYTHING a little bit better. Especially when the doughnuts make their way up to join flapjack in the music block after school.

What’s made you happy this(/last) week? And let me know if you’re on Insta or Bloglovin’ so I can follow you!



5 thoughts on “10 Things That Made Me Happy {week one}

  1. TT @ introtoblurb says:

    This is such a good blog, I literally found myself relating to everything you were saying – I think we may actually be the same person, aha 😛

    I went to pizza express this week too and ordered the EXACT SAME (the raspberry sorbet/lemonade is so goooooood) bar the actual pizza: I think I had a Bufala Romana. Also, Bad Blood is one of my favourite ever albums – I absolutely love all of the songs. Like, legitimately, ALL. How do they not have one bad song on there? My favourites would have to be the Poet, Oblivion, Sleepsong and These Streets though.

    Also, a huge congrats on finishing your english GCSE coursework – I’m about two/thirds of the way through mine so really need to get my skates on!! TEAAAAAAAAA. Nothing beats a cup of tea, and a couple of digestives to dunk whilst watching the Walking Dead on a Monday night!

    Glad your friends were so lovely, and that things are looking up 🙂 Will certainly be checking out more content of your’s 🙂


  2. pollykingdom says:

    If I were a fruit, I’d be a raspberry for sure. It’s the best! I hope you and your friends have a well deserved relaxing half term :). Going to check out your blog lovin and insta now! 😀


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