Word Explosions and 500 Followers!


I’m aware I’ve been writing a lot of listy posts lately, and while I like them and they seem to have gone down well, I felt like writing something a bit more personal, if only to get stuff straight in my own head. So yeah, prepare for word vomit. (promise it’s not literal vomit, I got that out when I was ill on Monday)

Most important things first: I GOT A NEW PHONE CASE YAY! I actually ordered it ages ago but it was free shipping from Hong Kong so could take approximately up to a month to arrive…it was actually a week earlier than the deadline so yay for (relatively) quick shipping. I had a case anyway, but it was my mum’s old one (it was her case) and it just didn’t really feel like mine, nice as it was.

*endless heart eyed emoji*

In other news…

It’s actually starting to feel like I’m doing GCSEs now (gulp). At the start of this school year, we were all a bit confused because we seemed to be getting less homework than in year 10 and the workload just wasn’t as hard as expected…but its ramped up now. I’ve got so much coursework going on at the moment – English essays, descriptive writing, music composition x2, starting Spanish controlled assessment tomorrow…eugh. Plus I have to make A Level decisions and find time at weekends for work and occasionally hockey matches. And trumpet practice because Iย reallyย need to do more than I already am, especially with my GCSE ensemble performance sometime in the next couple of months *shudders* (to be fair, I don’t really mind the performance, it’s just so much work). At least I actually pretty like one of my GCSE music compositions – I’m really proud of my minimalism. My pop song is…bearable, but my minimalism is awesome (in my not at all biased opinion, obvs).

On the bright side, I’m starting to get an idea of what I want to do next year – I’m *strongly considering* the International Baccalaureate (primarily because I’m really bad at making decisions), or for A Levels I’m starting to get an idea of what subjects I want to do. My initial idea of Politics, Geography, Maths and English I unfortunately can’t do because it doesn’t work with the option columns, but I’m now thinking maybe English, Maths, Biology and Geography. Shame about the Politics though, it sounds really interesting. Plus they run a biannual trip to America. Not that I really desperately want to go there or anything (no, not at all). I’ve been talking to some of the sixth formers I do music with which has kinda helped – apparently I’ll like English A Level if I really enjoy English, if I do Spanish I should just learn truckloads of vocab and I should never do a minority (especially not Further Maths, which my school’s actually dropped now, thankfully).

I’m also really loving my trumpet lessons at the moment. I’m mainly focusing on two pieces, the Charleston (woop) (and learning to vocalise and play a written-out solo, gulp. I do feel like I’m actually improving though, which is nice) and Begin The Beguine, by Cole Porter. I’m *vaguely* obsessed with the Ella Fitzgerald version, which is actually really helping my playing (I CAN COUNT TO LIKE FIVE NOW. GO ME!). I also have a sneaky suspicion I may have FINALLY cracked a really difficult section of a piece we’re playing in jazz band where three of us play a horrible trio-y solo bit. I practised it for the school Christmas concert (where it went really badly, but I don’t think anybody other than us actually noticed to be honest) but now we’re playing that piece in a competition entry so it’s *quite important* we get it right.

Now a massive change of subject…I’ve been told recently by at least three people and possibly more that I’ve been talking more lately/I get more talkative when I know people better. Took me quite a long time to realise this, but OK. Anyway, I’ve definitely been talking to more people, which is good – there’s a pretty regular group of 3 of us (and sometimes a couple of extras) that walk home together on Wednesdays and Thursdays after our music stuff, I have a fun five-minute walk part-of-the-way-home arrangement with one of my best friends a couple of days each week which is really nice because I only have two subjects with her, and we’re only sat next to each other in one of them so we don’t always have enough time to insult each other catch up and have a chat. Outside of my year, I’ve started talking to three or four other brass players that I didn’t really talk to before, especially in brass ensemble and symphony orchestra (this is pretty significant for me, as I think I was silent throughout almost every symphony orchestra rehearsal last year). They’re actually all pretty nice and we often end up laughing uncontrollably as a section, so when we need to actually start playing (the whole ten bars or so we have in each piece) it doesn’t always go completely to plan. Especially in our Christmas concert in the Cathedral. Oh dear…


giphy (5)


(omg I was just looking for an appropriate gif already in my media library and I found a screenshot from 200 follows. I’VE COME SO FAR.)ย (and can somebody buy me the top in this gif? please and thanks in advance)

What’s been happening with you lately?



23 thoughts on “Word Explosions and 500 Followers!

  1. Parneet @ The Enchanted Book says:

    Congratulations! Oh that is so cool, I am taking IB too (I just submitted the application today haha). If you do choose to do it, will you be taking full or partial? It’s going to be hard but it’ll be worth it! For what it’s worth, if you ever have any questions about it I’ll be happy to help (I’ve spent months crazily researching all about it lol). P.S. Love that phone cover.


    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      Um I think full – I’ve not heard of a partial option, anyway! Yeah, everyone says it’s a challenge but at least I won’t be bored and I think if I’m doing a course I want to do then I’ll enjoy it regardless. Thank you, I’ll ask if I have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes it’s such an awesome case!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hermionefowl says:

    Yay yay yay on 500 followers! I’m so proud!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m in love with your phone case too. We don’t do GCSEs, but I guess NCEA is quite similar, so I can definitely sympathise with you. It just gets worse as you go on, unfortunately… Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Mia (@MiaInNarnia) says:

    Congratulations of 500 followers! That’s awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ *pops party popper*
    I’m totally with you on the whole GCSE thing- summer seems so close now! I just handed my A level applications in and I’m kind of (totally) freaking out xD


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