Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Immediately

I was planning on getting a different post up today (and by planning I mean a vague idea came into my head mid afternoon after I had started writing this one) but I was enjoying putting this together, so that’ll wait until tomorrow or possibly never ๐Ÿ™‚ For now, here are my top ten (or so) Insta accounts that you should follow right after you finish reading every post I’ve ever published. (except the early ones, they’re just embarrassing. Imagine your 2009 Facebook timeline, but about ten times the length. Yeah. Eugh.)


Regram @lucylaucht #ihavethisthingwithfloors

A post shared by I Have This Thing With Floors (@ihavethisthingwithfloors) on

There is something about a pretty floor that I just can’t resist. I wasn’t aware of this love for floors before I found this account, but some of them are so pretty *heart eyed emoji*. If you like this account, I also recommend you try @IHaveThisThingWithWalls and @IHaveThisThingWithHearts


Ridiculously awesome instant photography.


City lights. #moleskine #watercolour #arts_gallery

A post shared by Christopher Perry (@whatchrisdid) on

I only discovered this account today, via another account that unfortunately I can’t remember, but I love the mixture of insanely good sketches and simple, cute moving illustrations.


I love Hannah’s feed so much I couldn’t pick just one photo to feature, and even two was a stretch. I’ve been a fan of her blog ever since Sophie mentioned it, and her Insta…just follow it. Now. (you won’t regret it, promise)


This is another account I discovered today and OMG rainbow bookshelves. Bookstagram truly soothes my soul.


Swing in a grape tree #swing #grapes #park #dibujamoselmundo

A post shared by Javier Pรฉrez (@cintascotch) on

I’m an avid follower of Cintascotch, akaย Javier Pรฉrez, on Facebook so it was only right to include his IG account too. Javier combines real life objects with minimalistic sketches in a truly adorable way, just like in this piece.


Again, two photos. I absolutely love Cait’s blog , and her Instagram is just heaven for readers and/or people that love good photos. Especially good book photos.



A post shared by Becky Kemp (@sketchinc) on

I followed this account on the basis of this photo alone, and I really don’t think I’ll be regretting it any time soon.


#bookishlatestpurchase Tagged by @sarahlostbutfound #ifellinlovewiththecover Tagged by @adreamoffiction ______________________________________________ Another leatherbound for my collection! This one was designed and illustrated by @florawaycott I was lucky enough to find this listed as 'used' on Amazon but, when it arrived this morning, it's never even been opened! Still stiff and the ribbon market is still tucked under as it would be when buying new. I love it when that happens! Also, look at my new blanket! It's a chunky knit duck egg blanket and I love it. Between this one and my House Divided 'Gryff-erin' by @dropandgivemenerdy I'm now spoilt for choice! ______________________________________________ #onceuponabrandrep #bookstagramfeature #totalbooknerd

A post shared by Alison (books & more)๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช (@theburrowbookshelf) on

Just straight up bookish perfection.


Just…this photo is beautiful. Primarily simple, minimalist photos with the occasional full-colour stunner like this one.


Because what kind of blogger would I be if I missed this classic self-promo opportunity? Plus, I really, really love this photo. I tend to post a mix of bookstagram and normal photos, often with a generous helping of tea!


What are your favourite Insta accounts, and are you going to follow any of these? Are you on Instagram?



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