Very Blogger Problems

OK, so carrying on from my previous post on trumpeter problems, I thought I’d write about an issue I suspect will be waayyy too relatable for most of you – blogger problems. It’s when you experience moments such as the ones I’m going to list that you know you’re a fully fledged blogger – your WordPress addiction has been cemented, you’re more likely to check your stats than Facebook and you spend ages desperately trying to take passable Instagram photos despite a complete lack of natural light because January + school = only at home in darkness. Yay. Anyway…

  • Getting weird looks when you force your friends to stop for a coffee cup photoshoot. Honestly though, how can you miss the classic three-black-coffee-cups shot? @mixomuseblog
  • Having THE BEST blog post idea, mentally noting it, being sure you’ll remember it and then guess what? You forget it. Wave goodbye to the post that would’ve made you viral, for sure.
  • When you’re filled with inspiration but can’t write a post because either a) used up all your data for that month already or b) your bedroom is the only room in the house where not one of your five wifi networks can be relied upon to be foolproof.
  • Wanting to rave desperately about that awesome book you just read but trying to keep your review spoiler-free so more people will read it.
  • Finding a new blog you’re addicted to but being terrified of copying their writing style.
  • When OMG YOU GOT NEARLY 500 FOLLOWERS but very few of your friends either care or understand.
  • Constantly having to try and stop yourself from writing your inner monologue in a way that reveals your identity. Damn you, anonymity.
  • Telling your friends about something only to be interrupted by them saying, “I know, I read your blog”.
  • Living slightly in fear of having to talk about your blog in public, especially with family. *pleasedon’tbringituppleasedon’tbringituppleasedon’tbringitup* “Oh, you have a blog?”

    giphy (13)

    No, I do not want to discuss my fabulous online alter ego with you ~source~//via Giphy

  • Also living in fear of accidentally using someone else’s photo or not crediting something properly and making people angry.
  • Your phone’s camera roll consisting of at least 35% Instagram rejects.
  • Taking photos of anything and everything because they’ll either work for your blog, Instagram or, if you’re a really pro photographer, both.


    Me @ my cup of tea anywhere and anytime ~source~

  • Having to sacrifice blogging for revision and school work 😦
  • Wanting to participate in multiple events per month, e.g. both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo and ending up doing neither because you couldn’t decide.

    giphy (11)

    I feel like this should be my new life motto ~source~ (via Giphy)

  • Never having enough time to read AND blog AND do school stuff AND read other blogs AND comment on people’s posts.

    giphy (12)

    ~source~ // via Giphy

  • When a post you don’t expect to be popular is and one that you thought would go down well barely anybody sees.
  • TRYING TO EMBED GIFS AND INSTAGRAM POSTS ETC AFTER WORDPRESS CHANGED. Mr WP, I understood you before, now you “don’t support that file”. THAT’S NOT COOL. I think I’ve finally got my head round it though…
  • Never being able to meet up with your bloggy friends in real life because a) anonymity and b) turns out lots of people live in places like Australia and New Zealand and America. But one day WE WILL ALL MEET UP. (this day may just come sooner for the British)

What are your typical blogger problems?


PS I know I’ve been doing a lot of listy posts recently…they seem to have gone down well, but I will be changing it up a bit, don’t worry!


25 thoughts on “Very Blogger Problems

  1. Invisible2001 says:

    Oh my gosh. You have literally just taken all the problems that I have with blogging out of my head and put them into a post! This is soo true, especially the one about your family/old friends bringing up your blog 🙂


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