Happiness Is…

This post is pretty much just a part II to this one about little things that make me happy…it was semi-inspired by this Facebook page, so go check it out 🙂

  • When you see your friend for the first time in weeks and she runs up to you and gives you a massive bear hug
  • Finding out you’ve had a pay rise without realising
  • Getting your first ever tip (woop)
  • Hysterical laughing fits (I’ve had a lot of these lately)
  • Being mistaken for older than you are (this has happened to me twice in the last day or so 😊)
  • When the trumpets have an awesome phrase in unison and we just nail it and that feeling is incredible
  • Discovering mutual friends
  • Creepy snapchat exchanges with one of your best friends
  • Praline chocolate penguins ❤ ❤ ❤
  • A football match with a really awesome atmosphere
  • Talking to new people at work and getting to know them
  • Finding a song you can play on repeat for ages without getting tired of it  
  • Finding someone to fangirl with
  • Rediscovering a song/artist you’d forgotten how much you love 
    (+ a zillion other Bastille songs for obvious reasons)
  • When your sarcasm is just on point
    giphy (10)

    Probably you lot right now ~via~

  • Finding a new blog/Instagram feed and just loving everything on it
  • Getting a recommendation for something from a friend that is just absolutely spot on
  • Pretty typography of a quote you really love


  • Finding a blog post that boosts your spirits or gives you confidence when you need it most
  • Spontaneous jam sessions where everything just sounds groovyyyy (I can’t believe I just used that word I’m sorry)
  • Long text talks with close friends about anything and everything
  • Random phone chats with friends because you just felt like talking to them
  • Being surprised by how well you did on a test
  • Talking to people you haven’t spoken to in ages
  • Meeting up with your primary school best friend for the first time in about four years and accidentally talking for over an hour
  • Having a best friend that you can (and do) tell anything and everything to
  • Getting to know someone you’ve known for years but never really spoken to
  • A lesson you’re dreading turning out OK
  • Reading a book and being almost physically incapable of putting it down (AHEM Rainbow Rowell Patrick Ness (spoilers for The Knife of Never Letting Go in the latter) MENTIONING NO NAMES)
  • This sounds weird, but loving a song so much that listening to it feels like coming home
  • Finding something awesome tucked away in a corner of the internet (often, these are blogs)
  • It sounds stupid but when a blog post or Instagram photo or something gets loads of likes/views/comments really quickly
  • When you take a damn good photo, if I do say so myself
  • Getting a random awesome blog post idea
  • Seeing family you haven’t seen in a while (like two years, in some cases)
  • When the perfect song comes on Spotify on shuffle 
  • Reading back a blog post and thinking, “Damn, I’m proud of that one

What small things can brighten up your day?


18 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. Appletaile says:

    This is so lovely! Haha, I’m actually writing a post like this right now — I was tagged for something called the happiness tag, but it’s basically the same thing. 🙂 Yeah, getting a nice response for a post is really nice… I mean, I know people do say that you shouldn’t want the approval of others and that the internet is all frying your brain? Idk. It’s not that different from being complemented and chatting in real life, so. Everyone in the blogging community is just super nice! ❤


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