It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…(Except It’s Really Not)

I’m feeling remarkably un-festive, and I have no idea why. Maybe I’m now “old”. But very few of my friends are as well, so I don’t really think that’s it…

Maybe it’s because of a side effect of being (relatively) old – GCSE mocks *hiss of horror heard around nation* *followed by nod of appreciation for that alliteration*. I’ve got them straight after Christmas (starting on the 4th January, yay…) so I’m having a jolly old time revising and fine-tuning my (already pretty impressive) procrastination skills – getting my mum’s old iPhone 5 certainly helped! (All the emojis though…and Siri!) (my first iPhone, if you hadn’t guessed…SO much better than my seriously old iPod Touch and my previous Samsung phone).

Anyway, as it’s Christmas Eve, the only revision I have left to do before Christmas is an hour and a half of Further Maths, it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow, I’ve already watched Frozen, Love Actually (twice) and The Holiday within the last couple of weeks, I’ve made a dedicated Christmas playlist on Spotify and decorated my room with copious paper chains and Christmas cards and guess what?  I still don’t feel Christmassy, I decided that the only thing for it was to sit next to the Christmas tree, stuff my face with Christmas shortbread and mince pies and write a festive blog post.

So here you go…(it’s not all me rambling on about how un-festive I am, honest) I thought I’d follow in Eve’s footsteps and do the Dashing Through The Snow tag, despite not being nominated!

Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree!

Hmm. Well, I know I’m getting Humans of New York: Stories because I accidentally saw the Amazon dispatched notification on my mum’s iPad, but out of all the other books I’ve asked for the one I want the most (and this won’t come as any surprise to people who know me well) is Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. IF I DON’T READ IT SOON I MAY EXPLODE, OKAY?! THIS IS A MATTER OF URGENCY!

A book you’ll be reading during the Christmas Season!

I read Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares around maybe October-time, which got me feeling really Christmassy (maybe that sucked all the Christmas spirit out of me early?), which I enjoyed. Last year I read the anthology My True Love Gave To Me (curated by Stephanie Perkins) which I loved – I’ve asked for that and also Let It Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson, so if I get either of them I’ll probably start reading them soon! Other than that, I’m partway through Go Set A Watchman (Harper Lee), The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness and also rereading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (SUCH A GOOD BOOK BY THE WAY).

Favourite Christmas Movie?

LOVE ACTUALLY GUYS, OBVIOUSLY. Though Frozen comes near the top, because Olaf = bae, naturally. And The Holiday‘s good too! I actually started watching Love Actually with my family when I was quite young, maybe 11? Anyway, my parents soon remembered the plot in full and we abandoned it for a good few years…

Do you like snow?

YES! I feel like it validates the cold…except this year it’s been really warm and barely any sign of ice, let alone snow. Maybe that’s another reason why I’m not feeling the festive spirit? But yeah, back in I think 2010 when there was ACTUAL, REAL SNOW and lots of it, my parents bought us sledges as early Christmas presents and it was just fab. So yeah, short answer: yes!

Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas day with!

Um um well sticking with Eve’s Rainbow Rowell theme, it would have to be Cath Avery…or sticking with what someone else chose (can’t remember who, sorry), I think Jem, Tessa or Will from the Infernal Devices (Cassandra Clare). Or Levi, again from Fangirl, because he’s so sweet! I don’t know, arghhh! Maybe Hermione? This is where my indecisiveness really comes out…

To give or to receive?

Obviously I love receiving (honestly, who doesn’t?), I also actually really enjoy giving, especially when you just find that perfect present and you give it to them and you can just tell they’re not faking their happiness. I LOVE that feeling. And also giving someone a homemade gift that you’ve really put time into, like when I made my sister a big jewellery holder hting…I liked it so much I nearly made one for myself, haha!

What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?

Okay, I’m saying Hogwarts partly because I have no imagination, and let’s be honest, where else has such incredible Christmas celebrations?

Fondest Christmas memory?

I can think of approximately 0. Um. I remember several years ago, my sister woke me up to open my stocking at about 4am, before waking up the rest of the family, haha. She still claims she misread the clock and thought it was 7 or 8! That’s still a running joke in our family.

Can you say Christmas tree ten times FAST in a row (pronouncing it correctly!)

Um well I’m watching Mamma Mia on TV now (in sync with Eve woop) but probably not! I’ll update you all on Twitter when it ends haha.

I don’t know who has/hasn’t done this, so I’m gonna tag anyone who wants to do it, but especially members of the Blog Squad and the newly-formed Fangirl Society!

What would your answer to these questions be?





9 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…(Except It’s Really Not)

  1. I'm a Zalfie Fanatic says:

    It’s not only you!! Up until today I didn’t feel very festive at all, but my and my friends were talking today on the play station & we all suddenly felt very festive! It’ll come to you, I promise! I didn’t feel festive because this morning my room was as warm as a sauna and I had to open my windows, Christ, it’s not even raining!


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