Little Things Mean A Lot


So in the car today, I was thinking (scary I know, but bear with me) and I don’t know what it was, but something kinda reminded me to think about the ~small things~ in life. It may have been that I’d just spent a couple of hours trudging around Westonbirt Arboretum for the Christmas light display thingy (which was cold and muddy but pretty cool) with my parents and just had quite a bit of fun doing something pretty simple. It may have been something on Facebook, I’m not really sure.

Anyway, it just made me think a bit, and inspired me to make a list of small things that make me happy.

  1. Having a book that you love enough for it to become your “comfort book”, the one you go to when you want to read something you know inside out, the equivalent of a chocolate bar when you feel bleh but you’ve already eaten all your advent calendar. (For me, it’s Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. LOVE Cath and Levi!)


    Just one example of why I love this book. {image source}

  2. Similarly, finding a book you can really relate to. I’m not exactly like Cath, but I do feel like I kinda connect with her? Her whole anxiety thing…I’m currently rereading it, and this quote really stuck out to me: “Cath could already feel the anxiety starting to tear her stomach into nervous little pieces”. I haven’t had mega bad anxiety, but I did have it a while back and I relate to that so much. That feeling when you get stressed and worried and don’t think you can do it…I can relate to that. And then later…”She thought about winning. About how she was letting this win, whatever this was – the crazy inside her. Cath, zero. Crazy, one million.” And then she gets up and she smashes it and beats her anxiety yay!
  3.  Having fantabulous friends that are possibly my most dedicated readers. To the one who reads it so much I’ll start telling her something and she’ll interrupt, saying”No, I know this, I read it on your blog” YOU ARE FAB and also to the one who I’ll tell I’ve published a new post and she’ll go “I know, I’ve already read it” BECAUSE SHE IS BRILLIANT AND HAS SUBSCRIBED BY EMAIL I LOVE BOTH OF YOU YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND IF YOU’RE READING THIS RIGHT NOW HAVE A VIRTUAL HUG. And of course the friend who, although she doesn’t read it often, greets the news of my 12,000 views with the following: “OMFG THATS AMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZZBBBBBBBAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSS!!!!! Wohooooooo!! So happy for u!!!!!” You are a beautiful human being, as well as all my other friends who don’t read it often but are always really supportive. LOVE YOU GUYS ❤ (even though they’ll probably never read this).
  4. Having such good friends that I can spend over 24 consecutive hours with them and not get bored.
  5. Having the kind of best friend that, though we don’t talk often, I can message desperately fangirling about something and she will fangirl equally back. Plus, she’s the kind of person who I can text asking to talk and she’ll immediately come back asking if I want her to call. YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL PERSON I KNOW AND ARE A BEAUTIFUL SPECIMEN OF THE HUMAN SPECIES!
  6. Having enough people that read this thing that I HAVE HAD 12,000 VIEWS. Yeah, about 60% of them are probs from my friends but still you lot are wonderful!
  7. Going back to the friends thing…not only having a number of good friends but having four or five REALLY close ones who know the most about me, go “No, I DO give a sh*t about you” when you need it most, are always there to make me smile and are permanent advice dispensers/fangirling company.
  8. When someone likes a book/song you recommend to them/a picture you tag them in or whatever. It’s just an awesome feeling knowing that either your gut feeling is on point, or, even better, you know that person well enough to be able to accurately predict their reaction to something.
  9. When you just put a playlist on shuffle and every. single. song. is absolutely perfect for your mood. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s golden.
  10. When you have something REALLY FLIPPIN’ AWESOME to look forward to that’s close enough to be excited enough but far away enough to be over too soon (*ahem* KYGO IN APRIL *cough*)
  11. When you either give somebody a present and they genuinely love it, their face lights up and everything, or you get a present that you really wanted or is just perfect and you’re happy and everything is right with the world. (See Exhibits A-C: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, my new Kindle Fire, the Humans of New York: Stories book by Brandon Stanton; and Exhibit D: the umbrella I got my sister for Christmas that was interesting enough but not too “psychadelic”)
  12. Getting a lovely long comment/email that makes me all happy and smiley and cheerful (Elm is amazing at this)
  13. Getting a genuine compliment 🙂 🙂 🙂
  14. Reading a book and absolutely not being able to put it down then fangirling on Twitter with the author afterwards (*ahem* Brett and The Bureau of Time <<< that links to the UK Amazon store but you can buy it worldwide from other retailers too)


    For more like this, see my Instagram (@mixomuseblog)

  15. Having long deep chats with good friends and getting everything off your chest.
  16. Having long, not-so-deep chats with a) the Blog Squad and b) the new offshoot of the Blog Squad, the FANGIRL SOCIETY (yes full caps is necessary, we get excited easily)
  17. Getting a new reader on here who promptly likes loads of posts THANK YOU KIND AND BEAUTIFUL PERSON I LIKE YOU A LOT.



And that’s where I’m gonna leave it for now! What kinds of small and simple things make you happy?



14 thoughts on “Little Things Mean A Lot

  1. Elly says:

    And also OMG THIS POST IS SO CUTE I AND I LOVE IT! Would I maybe possibly be able to pinch this idea if I have no other ideas? Pretty please? 😀
    Seriously though, I love this post so much and it just made me so happy to read! You know when you read something and it’s like the word equivalent of a hug? Yeah, that!

    Elly xxx


  2. brettmichaelorr says:

    This was a pretty heartfelt post, and really positive too – just reading it suddenly made me a whole lot brighter than I was feeling, and got me thinking about my own things to be grateful for.

    Also thanks for the shoutout – I’m so glad you liked my book, I’m always around to drop increasingly vague and enticing hints about sequels. 😉

    Here’s to a new year full of all those amazing things you listed, and lots more! ^_^


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