Catching Up



Sneak peek at some of the stuff I bought. {socks // Primark, watch + lip balm // New Look, 2016 diary // Calendar Club}

I’m aware I’ve been a little bit absent lately, on here, Twitter, the Blog Squad, pretty much everywhere really. But I’ve (for the most part) been doing fun stuff…I got Pitch Perfect 2 on DVD last Sunday as an early Christmas present at a family party thing, so watched that in the evening, I had a school Christmas concert on Tuesday night (which involved truly evil music which we royally messed up, and the Trumpet 2 Symphony Orchestra folder + music stand disappearing just before we were meant to play. Other than that, it went well).

I  alsobroke up for Christmas holidays yesterday lunchtime, so went Christmas shopping (mostly unsuccessful in terms of presents for other people, but I got some nice stuff for myself) with a couple of friends followed  by a sleepover involving lots of pizza, Love Actually, and midnight paperchain-making, woop.


Cba to watermark this so yeah…please don’t nick it. 

On Tuesday lunchtime it was lovely because we all had a Christmas lunch/ate the worst combination of food imaginable, which was absolutely fab. Rocky road, sausage rolls, chocolatey tiffin stuff, LOTS of Pringles and more…it was fantastic. Not traditionally Christmassy food, but that really wasn’t an issue. Especially as my friend had a pasty so me and three other friends got to split the crust, yayze.

Oh, and not that I’m *at all* excited but my friend and I have ONLY GOT TICKETS TO SEE KYGO LIVE NEXT APRIL AHHHH. I need to thank my geography teacher when we go back to school because apparently part of the reasons my parents said yes was because she called me “outstanding” in my end of term report. Thanks, Miss!

Today I’ve put up previously made paperchains and generally made my room Christmassy, attempted to reread Jekyll and Hyde for revision (but fell asleep during the notes before the story instead) and made a pretty revision timetable. Yay, colours! (You can probably guess why I got a good geography comment…) I also had a mini meltdown about GCSEs and mocks and ahhhhh noooo too much workkkk. But I’m now listening to Spotify and that’s calming me down a bit.


pretty pyjamas + blurry polaroids

Talking of Spotify, I’ve just taken advantage of their December offer to get 3 months of Premium for 99p, which is INCREDIBLE. I honestly didn’t think Premium would be that different but not having to shuffle on my phone and not having to sit through ads is brilliant. GO, TAKE ADVANTAGE! (BUT remember to set ten zillion reminders to cancel it after three months).

Oh, and I’m slightly music obsessed at the moment. Kygo, Ella Fitzgerald, X Ambassadors, Bastille’s new album stuff…everything’s so good. And I think I’m addicted to Michael Buble and Idina Menzel’s version of Baby It’s Cold Outside. My friend and I did an impromptu duet of it earlier and what can I say, naturally it was fabulous. 😉 I was gonna put a link in here but then I got distracted by my recently watched YouTube videos and I think I’m just gonna have to create a whole new post, there’s so much awesome stuff there, so watch out for that!


What’ve you been up to lately?





8 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Appletaile says:

    CHRISTMAS SHOPPING YAY! I broke up Wednesday too. 🙂 Omg do you guys have Christmas lunch too? that’s probably my favourite school lunch of the year. 😛
    Ahhh no sending sympathy for exams & work! Music always helps. *nods* And Sherlock YES SO EXCITED.


    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      Obviously a popular day aha! Yeah, I normally have packed lunch but we’ve got the option of buying Christmas lunch, which me and a couple others of friends did. Quite a few of my friends didn’t, though, which is why chose to do something separate as well 🙂 and YES, Christmas lunch is so good!
      Thank you for the sympathy 🙂 and AHHH SHERLOCK my main fangirling buddy is away in France so we can’t fangirl together 😦 thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Josephine says:

    Spotify Premium is the absolute best! I pay the full subscription price for it and I do not regret it! Spotify is the only way I listen to music now. 😊
    And good luck with for mocks and exams! Keep listening to that relaxing music! 💓


    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      I love it! I’ve started using to that a lot more and my other music a lot less…I don’t think I’ll pay full price, but as soon as I’m 16 I can get a student discount card and get it for half price so I’ll probably do that! Thank you, Vitamin String Quartet, Kygo and Philip Glass = bae right now 💗 thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. youmustbehighxo says:

    i can so relate to the going christmas shopping for other people and buying for yourself thing xD but the book jekyll and hyde…i remember it, but it was such a mindfuck. like im not going to spoil it but when you finish it care to scratch your head and squint at the pages with me xD


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