2015 In Popular Posts


I’m feeling a little bit meh for a few reasons but I wanted to try and get a post up, and I saw somebody else did a post like this (though annoyingly I couldn’t remember who…), so I thought I’d highlight my most popular posts of 2015 for any new readers or if people just want to have a read!

Here goes…{I chose the posts based on my personal opinion of them, how many likes/comments they got and how many views they got}


  • The Social Life of a Bookaholic Somehow this post about my local library reopening after being closed for 2 years was my second most viewed post this year (after the general home page/archives), despite being published in May last year. I’m honestly so confused as to why it’s had 402 views this year (it got a grand total of 20 last year), but feel free to head over here and try and figure out what all the fuss is about…
  • Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Wait To Get My Braces Off Although I’m now (thankfully) brace free, this post seems to have struck a chord with a lot of you as since being published waaayyyy back in February, it’s had 136 views. Yay. Check it out here.
  • My 2nd Ever Book Tag (I Think): The Book Lover’s Questionnaire 87 views since being published in April, yayze. (no, I have no idea what that word was either). By the way, in my first answer I asked if ~ had a name. I NOW KNOW THEY DO! THEY’RE CALLED SNARKS AND ARE USUALLY USED TO EXPRESS SARCASM! #funfactoftheday. See lots of snarks and more here!
  • A Discussing Teenager – Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover I’m pretty proud of this post about trying not to judge people without getting to know them, but how we all do it anyway, so I’m pleased it’s made the list with 79 views since May. Let me know your thoughts on it!

An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors | Books, Tea and a Onesie

  • An Open Letter To All The Keyboard Warriors Again, I’m really pleased with this post – I wrote it in response to something kinda negative that happened to a blogger I’m friends with, and I feel like I got a really good post out of it. It’s had 70 views, so I’m guessing a fair few of you guys agree! (Plus, it has a pretty picture, so go check it out!)
  • An Overthinking Interview: Lauren Aquilina Getting to interview Lauren over email was basically life goals, especially then getting to see her live in October. Now that the album she talked about in the interview is starting to become a reality, why don’t you find out a little bit more about her?


  • A Blog For Every Occasion Talking about my favourite bloggers and sharing the bloggy love. What more could you want from a post?!?
  • Oh Hi There, Holidays! + Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger This post got a really positive response so it isn’t really as surprise that it’s had 45 views since October…and that November’s equally well received follow up has had 44 views!
  • Solidarité I’m seriously proud of this post – I’m actually considering submitting it as my application for a writing academy thing that I may be doing next year. I’m really pleased that I managed to articulate my thoughts on the Paris attacks in a way that (I think) made sense, so if you’d like to read it then check it out here!
  • 50 Things I Can’t Wait For This Autumn This post had an unexpectedly good reception – 42 views yay 🙂 although it’s more into winter now, a lot of what I wrote about here counts for December onwards as well, so it’s still very much relevant if you want to give it a read!
  • You Were Born To Be Real, Not To Be Perfect I can’t believe it was March when I wrote this! It’s still 100% relevant though, and I suspect I could end up rereading it as I approach my GCSE mocks after Christmas…*jumps for joy*
  • What Do We All Think We’ve Got And Then Lose In A Sudden Breakdown? Oh Yeah, Body Confidence! This post was really hard to write, but also really rewarding. It got 14 comments, so I’m guessing you guys found it helpful too! 🙂
  • Wetsuits, Ice Creams, Fish & Chips and the F-Word Remembering the incident this post was about still brings a smile to my face after five months, so if you feel like some swearing-related humour…check it out!
  • How To (Successfully) Fly A Plane For The First Time Without (Completely) Freaking Out This post is from one of the coolest things I’ve got to do – go flying back in June! As in, actually control the plane! Pretty awesome, right? I then wrote this post in a slightly different style to my normal writing style, kinda listy with *a LOT* of sarcasm (though let’s get real here, that’s hardly different to my normal style), so it’s nice that it went down so well 🙂 check out my top tips for that everyday activity that is flying a Grob Tutor here!


  • ~SPOILER ALERT~PATRICK NESS, YOU BROKE MY HEART AND STOPPED ME FROM BELIEVING IN LUCK {The Knife Of Never Letting Go} ~SPOILER ALERT~ Okay, last post. {in case you didn’t notice, this contains spoilers, so only click if you’re okay with that and won’t murder me in my sleep for ruining the plot!} (please just don’t do that anyway) This was a major outpouring of OMFG PATRICK NESS WHYYYYYY after I finished The Knife Of Never Letting Go and…yeah, it contains A LOT of capitals. (sorry-not-sorry). It’s kinda different style to my normal writing, in that’s it’s a bit more inner-monologuey, and is just an explosion of squealing fangirlness and HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME. I’m pretty impressed it’s had 25 views when I only published it on the 3rd December, but I guess that’s just testament to how my blog’s grown. Anyway. go check it out HERE!

What posts of mine have stuck out for you from 2015? 


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