Blogmas {Part 3}

Yeah, I’ve given up on the daily thing…apparently around Christmas my life gets ridiculously busy so yeah…

But today has been an exceptionally Christmassy day, so I thought it was blog-worthy! At lunch I had the school Christmas dinner which obviously, because I have slightly crazy friends, involved multiple Christmas hats, glasses, antlers and even mini crackers. Woop.

I then had the school hockey “Christmas challenges and tournament” which I think my team came last in, BUT, in our defence, we had a way smaller team than everyone else and no U6th. I wasn’t exactly bothered about losing, however, as we still got mince pies, chocolate coins, biscuits and hot chocolate. Yay!

I then had jazz band which involved a piece of music, a section of which appears to have been sent directly from hell (in my opinion, anyway) and generally practising our pieces for next week’s Christmas concert. We actually finished twenty minutes early (yay!) but I stayed to practise said evil bit (nay!).

THEN I donned the obligatory Christmas jumper (which the best friend in the world bought for me last year, no I wasn’t bribed to say that) for another Christmas tournament/quiz at my hockey club, which my team won (nothing to do with the fact I’d done the same Christmas quiz at school last year, woop), resulting in a Mars bar (everyone got chocolate but obviously ours meant more because we won).

So yeah, been a Christmassy day!

How’s your Blogmas/general life going?

An Overthinking Teenager

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