Feeling Christmassy, Oh So Christmassy! {blogmas day…2 or 5?}


Blogmas has been going so well so far. I’ve managed a whole one day of five! So yeah, I don’t know whether to call this day two or five…hmmm. Maybe 5 because then at least I don’t have to do lots of counting, just look at the date ahaha. I’m lazy like that #LazyGoals 😂.


I got in the Christmassy moooddd today, yay. It’s weird, it feels wrong to be excited for Christmas because where I live, it still feels pretty warm. No sign of a white Christmas as of yet…

But yeah, today I had a rehearsal day with my jazz orchestra thingy, which was fun, and a number of people were in Christmas jumpers…unfortunately, I forgot my fab 3D snowman Primark beauty. Bummer.

Combine Christmassy clothing with the under 2op Christmas songs available on Google Play (alllll I want for Christmasssss iiisssssss…..YOUUUUUUUU), Spotify Christmas playlists, a local Christmas fair (which one of my school’s many choirs happened to be playing at) and some mulled wine and mince pies, and you can probably imagine why I’ve been feeling the Christmas vibe today!

I also have I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables in my head because I was doing it in my singing lesson yesterday, and God Only Knows by the Beach Boys because we were doing it in choir…talking about choir, I absolutely cannot wait for our annual National Trust Christmas concert in the local cathedral on Tuesday. In choir we’re doing carols, Coldplay’s Fix You, aforementioned God Only Knows and Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime. Although unfortunately the soprano part doesn’t have all the famous bits (although we are allowed to sing them when we don’t have other bits to do) all the harmonies are gonna sound SO GOOD in the cathedral, with that echoey acoustic. It’s gonna be great! (Except all the descants in the carols. We practiced them yesterday and…well, they’re flippin’ high. For most of them we were just there with our mouths open like, I’m trying to sing here but I have no idea if anything’s coming out and if so, if it’s the right note (I highly doubt it)).  I’m also playing in the school symphony orchestra, which could either be brilliant or absolutely awful, and the senior brass ensemble…which is probably leaning more towards the awful side 😂 our conductor was like, “well it’s not quite where I’d like it to be and the tuning’s still a bit dodgy which translates and being pretty rubbish, ahaha. Still, it’ll be fun. Except for the sitting-through-maths-and-maybe-part-of-English-in-concert-dress-because-we-have-to-do-rehearsals-in-maxi-skirts-for-the-photographer part. Yay. Not. 

Talking of my trumpet…I dented it! 😦 I dropped it in brass ensemble on Thursday but didn’t think there was any damage, but then today a friend pointed it out 😦 it’s not quite my first dent, there are a few other small ones – one of which I got fixed when replacing another bit a couple of months ago – but this is the first obvious-ish one on the end of the trumpet. Still, first in about seven years, not bad!

Have you done anything Christmassy so far this weekend?



9 thoughts on “Feeling Christmassy, Oh So Christmassy! {blogmas day…2 or 5?}

  1. Jamila Smith says:

    I love how some churches make even tiny noises sound really loud. Your choir sounds quite fun! Oh my gosh, I’ve just seen that you’ve done a post with Patrick Ness’ name in it. He is my FAVOURITE author! I must click on that post and read it right now.


  2. youmustbehighxo says:

    omg yes i (tried) to do some christmas shopping yesterday and ended up just getting wrapping paper and bows for presents i havent..got..yet..
    i didn’t really quite how illogical i’d become until i wrote that.
    oh dear.
    anyways – have a blog award! (while i spam you because there are many posts i need to catch up on *skips*) https://okaaythen.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/christmas-blogging-gifts-cards-blog-awards-networking-blogging-101/


  3. Elm says:

    ARGH I feel so festive now! Ahhh I remember the days of when I was in choir 😀 The concerts always sounded fantastic (mostly). OUCH, dented trumpet? Ohhh nooo! And those Christmas songs are BRILLIANT!


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