The One Where I Explain My Happiness & Obsess Over Music


I suspect this is going to be a bit of a random post, a mashup of favourites and stuff about wonderful, fabulous moi! (If you hadn’t noticed, I’m in a GOOOOODDDD mood!)

Weird as it may sound, but I am in a brilliant place musically right now. In fact, I’m actually pretty sad I missed Tracklisting Thursday yesterday (not that many of you would’ve noticed 😂) (I was playing in my school Chamber Concert). This month (well, actually started 5 days ago, but whatevs) I’ve been continually compiling a Spotify playlist and it’s just…soooo good. Like, barely skipping any songs good. AHHHH.

But what’s on this magical, mythically good playlist? WELL, AREN’T I GLAD YOU ASKED. Here are a few of my personal highlights…

  • Best Of My Love – Ella Eyre This is actually a cover of an older song which I didn’t realise she’d done until she played it live and then I found it on Spotify. I LOVE IT. It’s kinda big-band-ish, and just HAPPY and FUN. Listen to it if you want a singalong, dancealong, cheer up song with jazzy hints to it.
  • Southern Man – Akshin Alizadeh I feel like I’ve written about this before on here, though I’m not sure if I have – I may have just spent so long raving about it to my friends. ANYWAY, my friend first played it to me in Serbia, then again at my music residential in half term, where we had a bit of a jam session over it. I’ve since told at least two other friends about it and both of them agree it’s awesome, which in my mind cements it as a miraculous work of art. No, I am not exaggerating. (much). Listen to it if you like jazz with a hint of EDM or need some funky background music. Or if you just want a rave and appreciate good music. 
  • Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King From my understanding this was quite a big song in the US, but it hasn’t really made it over to the UK so hearing it on Spotify was the first time I’d heard of it, or Elle King. I love it. It’s kinda summery, upbeat and happy. Listen to it for soulful, strong, summery vibes. 
  • Hello – Adele Well, I couldn’t miss this one out, could I?
  • Love Me – The 1975 I can’t remember why I like this, but I know I do, if that makes any sense at all? (Probably not, but when does anything I write make sense?) Okay now this post is getting long so I’m gonna cut it down to just titles methinks.
  • Do It Now – Jasmine Thompson
  • Messiah – Prides
  • Smile – Dami Im
  • Where Is The Love – The Black Eyed Peas
  • Even If – Ella Eyre
  • Always – Ella Eyre
  • Home – Ella Eyre
  • Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) – Felix Jaehn, Jasmine Thompson
  • Love Me Like You – Little Mix
  • Drag Me Down – One Direction
  • Easy Love – Sigala
  • What Do You Mean/Sorry – Justin Bieber (I’M SORRY BUT THEY’RE GOOD OKAY)
  • Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd
  • Don’t Worry – Madcon, Ray Dalton
  • Stitches – Shawn Mendes
  • Better Love – Foxes
  • Outlaws – Alessia Cara
  • Oh My Love – The Score
  • Runnin’ (Lose It All) – Naughty Boy, Beyonce, Arrow Benjamin
  • Out Of Our Depth/Low – Lauren Aquilina
  • Eyes Shut – Years and Years (+ most of their Communion album tbh)
  • U Got The Power (Bastille Remix) – Swiss Lips feat. Dan Smith
  • World of Joy – A List of Things To Do – To Kill A King <<< ULTIMATE POSITIVITY SONG, JUST SAYIN’
  • Ghost – Halsey (Yes, I’ve jumped on the Halsey train)
  • Sax – Fleur East (This feels like a guilty pleasure…)



I wasn’t expecting today to be a good day. I was tired after my concert last night (nothing to do with having a sleepover with a friend and staying up till 11, NO NOT AT ALL), I had physics-double-Spanish first thing which just isn’t a good start to the day, I realllyyy couldn’t be bothered with my singing lesson and I had to change into CCF kit. Oh, and double chemistry and an RAF Part 2 exam. Yay. Not.

BUT THE REALITY WAS DIFFERENT. I had a toasted hot cross bun for breakfast (happy me), physics and Spanish weren’t too bad (I got back my first draft of a piece of writing coursework and had some good feedback on it), my singing lesson was pretty fun, English was absolutely hilarious (WHY ARE APPROXIMATELY 40% OF IGCSE ENGLISH POEMS ABOUT SEX? NOT EVEN SUBTLY, EITHER. MOST AWKWARD ENGLISH LESSONS EVER, ESPECIALLY WITH OUR BOY-GIRL SEATING PLAN), even though I forgot CCF socks my friend lent me some super-cosy ones, choir at lunch was muy divertido, and chemistry. Oh, chemistry. I don’t love doing practicals, unlike most, I don’t love the subject, but, as much as I hate to say it, chemistry lessons are muy banterous. There’s singing, sarcastic teachers, sarky inner monologues escaping all over the place, people fighting over ethanol, impromptu acapella renditions of GCSE music set works, oh, and the odd bit of work (WHICH I UNDERSTAND, HELL YEAH). Essentially, it was just what I needed last thing on Friday before RAF and about a zillion times better than expected. Yay for that.

And even RAF was okay! I passed my exam (one mark over the pass mark, check out those mad skills 😂), and got to leave at about 4:15, meaning I was back in school uniform and home well before 5. Woop woop. Oh yeah, and this evening I had Haribo and a “Friday night treat” from Waitrose in the form of a chocolate chip cookie.


Generally, I’ve had a good day. Obviously not everything’s perfect, some bits are better than others, but I’m pretty darn happy, if you hadn’t already guessed 🙂

Thank you for reading my insanely hyper ramblings 🙂


(Oh yeah, and I put my 5 strings of fairy lights on whilst I was doing homework. Yay.)





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