Overthinking Song Challenge

Roll Out The Red Carpet, It’s Announcement Time! ~ An Overthinking Song Challenge

Hallo! (About all the German I can do…)

As some of you may remember, way back in February this year I did a custom song-a-day challenge which I christened An Overthinking Song Challenge. It looked a bit like this:

30 Day Song Challenge- Books, Tea and a (1)

All I had to do was try and answer these prompts in order, daily(ish) for the month of February. If you want to have a read of some of my answers, you can start with Day 1 here. When I first did this challenge, it got a pretty positive response – lots of you asked about doing it yourself. So I thought that I’d resurrect it, and make it more of a public challenge!

So the plan is…

  • It’s going to run throughout December, to give you plenty of time to sign up and also so I’m not competing with NaNoWriMo! (Who’s doing that this year, by the way? I’m slightly on the fence about it…)
  • I’ll give you a prompt, and you can respond to it by writing your own post: you can literally just write a song title, or do a 1000-word essay on why you chose that song, I really don’t mind! A YouTube video is always good too 🙂
  • Tag your posts with OverthinkingSongChallenge on WordPress, and #OverthinkingSongChallenge on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook so I can see your picks!
  • I’ll be posting one prompt a day, and obviously the more you can do the better, but you’re welcome to dip in and out as it suits you! I know everyone’s very busy, so just do as many as you feel you can/you want to 🙂
  • Each week, in my Tracklisting Thursday post, I’ll highlight a few of my favourite picks for each day – you’re also welcome to do this in any way you want to!
  • At the end of the challenge, I’ll create a collaborative ‘New Year’s Playlist’ with as many of the songs you guys have picked as I can, so that we can all start the New Year off with some new music!
  • If you’re going to participate, I would love it if you could share this post or post about it separately! Even if you’re not, any publicity is highly appreciated 🙂
  • I’m also planning on hosting a Twitter chat halfway through, where we can have a good ol’ gossip, get to know each other and discuss MUSIC!
  • To sign up: either comment on this post or email me at rainbowcakesandrockyroad@gmail.com with ‘An Overthinking Song Challenge’ in the subject line. Feel free to comment/email with any questions or whatever as well! If you’re not a blogger but would like to get involved, you can either participate on social media using #OverthinkingSongChallenge or just comment on the prompt posts. If you’re commenting on this post to sign up, please also include your email address! (Or just email me if you want to stay private)

I think that’s about it, in terms of explaining the challenge! Do let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them 🙂

Also: Here’s a little buttony-graphicy-logoy thingy you can whack on your blog if you decide to participate (PLEASE DO) (no pressure though) (BUT PLEASE)

Overthinking Song Challenge

So, are you going to sign up? 



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