Reasons I’m Happy and Reasons You Should Be Too

Welcome to Monday, folks! Though you may not want to be here, you can’t leave for ooh, another fourteen or so hours, so you may as well try and make the best of it. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently on half term (WOOP WOOP) but most of you guys aren’t, so my Monday’s probably a bit happier than the rest of yours!


Sweets also make me very happy!

Anyway, I thought I’d give combating the Monday blues a go and tell you first why I’m happy, and then why you should be too!


  1. My sister’s spending a week in America, starting today. Now, I’d like to make it clear that this isn’t on my list because I want to be an only child, but family member going away = presents (I’m not entirely mercenary, I swear, I’m just trying to be honest 😉 )
  2. I just had a bacon sandwich for breakfast. Ignoring the washing up I now have to do, that’s a damn good start to a Monday morning, methinks!
  3. Last Tuesday was one of my best friend’s birthdays, and she LOVED her present. As in, I could tell she genuinely liked it, as opposed to faking it, and that always feels SO GOOD, that confirmation that you do know just what to get someone to make them happy. (Alternatively, my friend’s a bloody good actress and deserving of an Oscar, in which case I can still be happy because I’ll be the one she takes to the awards ceremony, obvs. Oh HEY there, Mr. Cumberbatch…maybe the Oscars would be the better choice!)
  4. IT’S HALFTERM, GUYS. (Sorry, everyone else…)
  5. I found some awesome songs in my YouTube ‘liked’ playlist yesterday, including this one: 

    . Also loving Zoot Suit Riot by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and Groovin’ Hard by I think Don Menza and Buddy Rich, both pieces which I’m playing with my jazz band. Plus, of course, the big band version of the Flintstones theme tune. And I can’t possibly forget Birdland from a few years ago…that piece is just incredible.

  7. I went shopping yesterday! And successfully came away with a new pair of high waisted jeans (Topshop), a pair of (100% unwaterproof but velvety and soft and generally fantastic) new black winter boots (H&M), a black cropped top I’ve seen a few people wearing and had my eye on for a while (H&M), some 60-second nail polish drying spray (Topshop), new contact lenses of the RIGHT PRESCRIPTION HALLELUJAH (Boots Opticians, if you really wanted to know that), new winter socks (ft. popcorn boxes/dinosaurs/fluffy foxes, Topshop) and of course, the obligatory stop at the library to attempt to pay off my £1.35 in fines (down to 36p now, but that’s possibly the most I’ve accumulated in terms of fines ever. I’m proud of myself) and to pick up a few new books: The DUFF (Kody Keplinger), 1984 (George Orwell) and Love Hurts (an anthology curated by Malorie Blackman, which I first heard about months ago in this post by Eve @ Twist In The Taile, who was lucky enough to attend the book launch!)
  8. This is one that guys will absolutely not understand: sleeping with freshly-painted nails and THEY DIDN’T SMUDGE/END UP WITH WEIRD IMPRINTS FROM MY PILLOWCASE OR SOMETHING. Maybe it’s just me that has this issue, but it feels like a major accomplishment that they’re still undamaged this morning, and that I don’t have to absentmindedly worry about nail polish stains on my duvet, because that would most definitely not go down well with my mum!
  9. As I mentioned briefly in this post, I’ve been thinking about telling people about my blog more, which I’ve started to do. And it was fine. YAY ME! So yeah, if you’re in the same boat then I would recommend you do do it (if you want to) and if you want to talk about it, feel free to drop me a comment/email/tweet/DM/any other form of contact you can think of!


10.   I’ve already mentioned it briefly elsewhere on here, but GUYS I’VE HAD OVER 10,000 VIEWS. WHAATTT. (Currently 10,580!). THANKS GUYS!!! Eeekkk…

So onto the 2nd part of this post…why should YOU be happy?

  1. You’re the ones that got me to 10,000 views and over 400 followers, ergo, I ❤ YOU. THANKS GUYS.
  2. I’ve just posted, and obvs you LOVE reading my posts, so that should cheer you right up!
  3. If you’re of school age and in the UK at least, IT’S NEARLY HALF TERM! Everyone else, soz.
  5. You’re alive, to state the obvious.
  6. You’re alive and sentient (better than being a slug, eh?).

What can you add to that list? What’s making you ridiculously and irritatingly happy at the moment? MAKE ME HAPPY AND LEAVE A COMMENT 🙂

Also, what would you guys think if I revived An Overthinking Song Challenge but opened it up to make it more interactive-y, a bit like Caitlin’s Daydreamer Challenge earlier this year?

Dankeschun for reading!



8 thoughts on “Reasons I’m Happy and Reasons You Should Be Too

  1. twinsturnpages says:

    THIS POST MADE ME SMILE SO WIDE AAAAAH! Your clothes and book haul actually sound perfect AND OMG YES I always have the problem of painted nails ending up all smudged after a good nights sleep! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR VIEWS YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH LOVELY!!! -A xx


  2. I'm a Zalfie Fanatic says:

    Got home from school after a v boring day, put on my new pyjamas that I bought yesterday, sat in my bed & read a book (girl online 2 first chapter if you wanted to know, A snipped came in a magazine) which subsequently got me very excited to meet Zoella in like, 1 week on Friday. Then sat in my bed watching a good 5 episodes of PLL. Ate salt and vinegar fish and chip cracker things & now I’m having a bath with my lush sparkly pumpkin bubble bar. Then I’m going on an autumnal walk in the dark. A good evening I would say, considering I have NO HOMEWORK! And I’m counting down the days until half term😌😂

    Soz for the ramble😂


  3. Appletaile says:

    BACON SANDWICHES YEAAAHH. I am still totally jealous of your Lauren Aquilina tickets. 😉 (On a boat?!? Aaaah awesome!)
    I hope you like Love Hurts! I mean, erm, I actually haven’t read it from start to finish, because most of it is excerpts from other books…but the original stories are adorable.ESPECIALLY TUMBLING BY SUSIE DAY EEP Yay for getting your contacts! Ha. I actually went to get my next set yesterday, so weird coincidence. 😛
    All those clothes sound so fabulous! Y’know, I’m really feeling a cold weather shopping trip right now. *nods* I need my fluffy hats and socks and jumpers. XD I’d love to see An Overthinking Song Challenge revived! (Otherwise, I totally need to do it anyway.)


  4. Luna says:

    Bacon is the best. 🙂 And sorry I can’t do your challenge 😦 though it sounds super cool! I’m just ridiculously busy with school and music and life in general… but it’s still an amazing idea!!


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