Oh Hi There, Holidays! + Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m on holiday!

Yup, it’s already half term for me – my school gives us a two-week October half term, YAY. We broke up yesterday, and even though I have an absolute ton of homework (at least one piece from all subjects bar physics and chemistry), including a GCSE Spanish oral to study for, I’m still VERY excited to be on holiday, even though it barely feels like any time since the summer. When I go back to school it’ll be November – how mad is that?!?

Today it didn’t really feel like half term, as I spent most of the day rehearsing with my jazz orchestra and then came home to a load of ironing and a few Further Maths practice questions, but the evening’s been nice, watching The Apprentice. My main plan for the next couple of days is to knuckle down and get as much homework done as possible, so I don’t have it hanging over me

For the rest of half term, I’ve got a few plans…I’m going to see Lauren Aquilina live (EEEK! Anyone else?), I need to tidy my room and hopefully do a few DIY bits and bobs, I’ve got a 3 day residential with my jazz orchestra and then a Halloween party, which I’m really looking forward to! I’m also going to go and see Spectre, the new James Bond film, with my family which should be fun.

Ooh, also, I’ve discovered two awesome new things I want to share:

  1. On Google Chrome, if you get the ‘page couldn’t be found’ error page (with the little T-Rex cartoon) and press the space bar, IT TURNS INTO A GAME. HOW COOL IS THAT. (VERY)
  2. Secondly, a friend’s introduced me to my new favourite book – or should I say, fanfiction. It’s called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and is available to read for free at hpmor.com, either normally or as a PDF. I highly recommend it, it’s sooo good!

And another thing…

I’ve been thinking a bit about my blog, and how public I am with it. My parents and sister and a few other family members know about it, as do my close friends, but I’m not especially forthcoming about the fact I have one and, frankly, am a bit embarrassed about it?! I’m not really sure why, I just am. Maybe it’s because I feel like I kinda have a different online personality and I want to keep those two sides to me separate? But now I’m feeling a bit like I shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, that I should mention it loudly and proudly. I guess that if I possibly want to be a journalist in the future, I should get used to people reading my writing.

Sometimes I kinda feel like I want to tell people, especially if I’m becoming quite good friends with them, but I’m scared. Scared they’ll judge, scared they’ll hate it, scared they’ll just think it’s weird. Plus I feel kinda awkward about it, it means I have to be more careful about what I write. But to be honest, I do that anyway as quite a few people do read it regularly – my parents, my friends…my best friend once managed to quote me to myself without me realising it!



10 thoughts on “Oh Hi There, Holidays! + Thoughts On Admitting You’re A Blogger

  1. Saksham Mehrotra says:

    Eeeh! You get two week long holidays after your first term?! My first term exams ended on Monday and I was back in school on Tuesday. 😥
    That google chrome dinosaur thingy. Ikr! It’s so cool that I’ve really played any real game after I came to know about it.
    And I guess even I felt the same way about blogging a few months back. I never actually told anyone because of the fear that they’ll judge me, and after reading the blog, they won’t think I’m ‘cool enough’ to be friends with them. But eventually I did tell a few of my friends about it and a couple of them really liked what they read and the others didn’t. What I learnt from that was that people will always judge you, the thing that matters is when you stop giving a damn about them.


  2. chocolatepages says:

    Same here. I’ve been blogging for a year and a half and only just told my family. They were very impressed though and asked me why I had kept it quiet!
    I’m sure your friends will love it. Enjoy your holidays.


  3. keelin7 says:

    I’m so jealous that your on break! I’m the same as you, about being embarrassed about my blog. I avoid talking about it as much as possible…. That’s probably not a good thing though. (:


  4. I'm a Zalfie Fanatic says:

    You’re so lucky, I wish my October half term was two weeks long! Where I live (in the uk) we only get one week :(! I understand your issue here, because I run an anonymous blog, vs a blog where I show my name, only my really close family know, not any of my friends. I sometimes feel like I want to go public, if you will, but then I think of all the complications & I’m like, you know what – nah. It’s really rather tricky!!


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