Hey hey heyyy, guys! Today I’ve decided to do something slightly different to usual (not that I really have a usual, let’s be honest) and share with you one of my Spotify playlists, for Autumn/Winter 2015. However, as that playlist is currently, hmm, over 100 songs and 7 hours long, I’m just going to link to it down below, and share ten of my favourite tracks/ones I want to highlight most/ones that feel most autumnal. So, here goes…

  1. Electric Love // BORNS I just love the layered, fun feel of this, so much so I wrote a whole post about the artist. 
  2. Better Love // Foxes This was co-written by and features vocals from Dan Smith (lead singer of Bastille) and though I wasn’t particularly keen to start with, I absolutely LOVE it now! 
  3. Runnin’ (Lose It All) // Naughty Boy, Beyonce, Arrow Benjamin 100% creds goes to my best friend who introduced me to this…it’s incredible! Listen! 
  4. Low // Lauren Aquilina The chorus is just so wonderful and catchy. I love it. AND I’M GOING TO SEE HER LIVE (ON A BOAT) not that I’m excited (20 DAYS) or counting down or anything. 
  5. Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) // Felix Jaehn, Jasmine Thompson This has got firmly lodged into my mental mp3 player, and I can’t say I have much inclination to get rid of it…it’s an especially fitting choice as Jasmine Thompson is one of the support acts when I go and see Ella Eyre live next month! 
  6. Telescope // Cage The Elephant A friend introduced me to this and it’s just got that perfect autumnal, relaxed, laid-back kinda vibe. I highly recommend! 
  7. Nothing Left // Kygo, Will Heard Kygo works his magic yet again, this is well worth a listen in my opinion! 
  8. Pompeii – Live With Film Orchestra // Bastille Bringing back an old favourite, this is almost better than the original…and those strings! *swoons* 
  9. Lay It All On Me // Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran Ugh why did I wait so long (at least three days) after this came back to listen to it?!? IT’S SO GOOD! 
  10. Drag Me Down // One Direction Yup, One Direction made it on here, sorrynotsorry. DMD feels quite different to their previous stuff, more mature and maybe a little bit darker? I recommend you listen to it, even if you’re not really a 1D fan – or if you don’t want to admit to listening to them directly, try Doddleoddle’s ukulele cover. It’s magical, promise. 

And here’s my full playlist

What are your favourite autumnal songs?

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