50 Things I Can’t Wait For This Autumn

We’re just on the cusp of October, and despite being sad to leave the summer behind, I am so ready for the next few months. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to…

  1. Wearing scarves to school (secretly hoping it’ll be cold enough to wear one tomorrow…).
  2. That feeling when the sky’s blue and it’s kinda warm but there’s a crisp autumnal edge to the air.
  3. Leaf crunching (I’m an obsessive).
  4. Being able to curl up on the sofa with a blanket without getting weird looks.
  5. Wearing big, fluffy, snuggly hoodies.
  6. My onesie.
  7. The Great British Bake Off.
  8. Sherlock Christmas special. (YES PLEASE).
  9. Seeing Snarky Puppy live. (in a week and a day, eek!)
  10. Seeing Lauren Aquilina live (and hopefully meeting her!).
  11. Seeing Ella Eyre live for the second time.
  12. Listening to lovely autumnal music like Banks and Bastille (not technically a season-restricted activity, but Banks just has that Octobery-Novembery edge to it, y’know?)
  13. Hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  14. Cracking handwarmers on the way round to school.
  15. Leaning against radiators until the heat gets too much.
  16. Reading against radiators until I get a crick in my back.
  17. Having blankets on my bed.
  18. I would say endless cups of tea, but I have them anyway.
  19. Pulling my hoodie sleeves over my hands as I clasp aforementioned mug of tea.
  20. Christmas jumpers.
  21. Christmas!
  22. The excitement leading up to Christmas.
  23. Wearing my knitted beanie hat with a pom pom.
  24. Seeing my breath on the air.
  25. Appreciating warm days so much more.
  26. The (highly unlikely) possibility of snow!
  27. Christmas concerts at school.
  28. Evenings sat on the sofa, feeling all warm and cosy in the light and warmth.
  29. Curling up inside, safe from the inevitable rain that’s battering the windows.
  30. More fairy light usage, if I remember to turn them on.
  31. Christmas parties.
  32. Seeing all my family who live in London just after Christmas.
  33. Wearing thick checked shirts.
  34. By big wintery black boots.
  35. My slightly slimmer tan boots.
  36. My new, warm, fluffy winter coat from H&M.
  37. The satisfaction of running when the air has got that cold tang to it.
  38. Burrowing into the warmth of hoodies, trackies and a hot drink after a hockey match.
  39. Hot squash to soothe the almost inevitable colds and sore throats.
  40. Soup – especially homemade butternut squash at school and Heinz cream of tomato after a hockey training session.
  41. Hot water bottles YES.
  42. Bonfire night! (When I’m actually going to see Ella Eyre. Ah, well.)
  43. An extra hour of reading time when the clocks go back.
  44. Comfy and classic legging-and-checked-shirt combos.
  45. Mince pies.
  46. Appreciating a hot shower or bath that bit more than in summertime.
  47. Long sleeve tops to cover your fingers.
  48. Snoods.
  49. Cosy slipper socks.
  50. finally succumbing and turning the heating on.

What do you like best about autumn?

An Overthinking Teenager

20 thoughts on “50 Things I Can’t Wait For This Autumn

  1. Luna says:

    I just love getting cosy and candles and everything 🙂 But in Australia we’re heading into Spring! Knock, knock, who’s there? ALLERGIES. haha


  2. Bethany Olson says:

    So jealous you get to see Ella Eyre live! Have a fantastic time. I totally get what you mean about Banks. I think she’s a bit darker and quieter which lends itself well to the autumnal feel.

    This post has me so excited for fall. I can’t wait for nights curled up by the fire or crunching around the snow in my heavy boots.


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