Those Three Words: Here’s Free Chocolate! (Review + £40 Giveaway)



What are those three little words, the ones that every teenager (and probably most adults/younger children) would love to hear? The ones that are written into folklore as a surefire way to cement your romantic relationship, reassure your children, resolve arguments? Well?

For me, at least (and I suspect many of you will agree), it’s just got to be those three magic words: “Here’s free chocolate”. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get to hear this often. My sister was lucky, when her boyfriend randomly brought her a big box of Maltesers and an impressive bunch of flowers. My parents may hear it on their wedding anniversary. But me? Poor, little, single, chocolate-craving me? I only hear it when my parents are in an extraordinarily good mood. (I mean, that’s better than nothing. But still.)

Out of the blue, exactly a month ago today in fact, my chocolate cravings were (temporarily. They’re back again now.) banished. All because of these three words. I was contacted by Serenata Flowers, a UK-based online florist and gift shop, who happen to do kick-ass chocolates, to maybe review their chocolates. (I mean, the three words weren’t exactly used in the email. But that was the general theme of it).

I nearly said no. I didn’t want to say yes for the sake of it, and veer away from what I really blog about. But then, after speaking to a few members of the (highly awesome) Twitter Blog Squad, I decided to go for it. I mean, who really refuses free chocolate? Not me, at least! So now I present for you in an in-depth chocolate review, and (As your saviour) the chance for other singletons like me to get free chocolate, and for those in a relationship (like my sister) to get their free chocolate fix, away from Valentine’s Day. Everyone’s a winner, really!

So I duly picked out some chocolates – “Raspberry French Dusted Truffles” and the “Classic Chocolate Selection Box“. Now, just a note on shipping – it may have been because I wasn’t ordering through the website as normal, but my chocolates came exactly when expected, the day after I asked for them. That was on a courier though, so I can’t vouch for the normal shipping standards.


The overall presentation was nice, the two boxes in a cardboard box on top of dark purple tissue paper, except the only wrapping really was the box and a bow on each of the chocolate boxes (transparent, circular plastic for the selection box, gold, rectangular cardboard on the truffles). That wasn’t a big issue, unless you were planning the chocolates as a big, special present. Also, with the selection box – the plastic was a bit flimsy and the lid hard to get back on, as well as fitting all the chocolates in – I was struggling having taken a few out of the equation (and into my mouth) so I have no idea how they did it in the first place!

Now on to the truffles. YES. These are described as “heavenly berry bites of paradise” and I’ve gotta be honest – they 100% live up to that. I absolutely love raspberry chocolates in any form, and as truffles they’re just superb. One thing I especially liked was how there were small chewy raspberry bits within the truffles – it added texture and made them more interesting.


Next, the selection box. This was mostly a hit, with just a couple of misses. One miss – no little card telling you what each chocolate is. This makes it really hard to review them and awkward to eat! It’s odd that they’ve left that out, as it just comes as standard with pretty much any mixed chocolate selection these days. The other miss was the flavour of two particular chocolates – cuboids, two brown, two white, with a thin line running around the chocolate maybe a quarter of the way up. I have no idea what the flavour was, but my mum and I both found them to have a really disgusting aftertaste. Bleh! The rest were nice though, surprisingly including the weird-but-good rose chocolate. That was a first for me!


Nice chocolates ft. 3x the really weird ones

Now that I’ve reviewed the chocolates in great detail for you…it’s time for you to win some! Serenata Flowers have very kindly offered the chance for one of you to win a £40 voucher to be spent on chocolates at To win, simply enter the Rafflecopter giveaway linked just below…


Many thanks again to Serenata Flowers for giving me the opportunity to host this giveaway – and for saying those three words to me!

Good luck and happy entering!



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