Where I Went & Where I’m Going

where i'm going

Hey guys!

As you may have noticed, I’ve kinda semi-disappeared over the last few weeks. First I was in Cornwall, then I was in Serbia, and since I got back from Serbia on Monday night, I just haven’t really been feeling the blogging vibe.

However, I have been thinking about my blog, and I’ve come up with a few things.

  • I’m going to forget about the sponsored posts and stick with what I love. Lately I feel a little bit like I’ve been focusing on making all my posts about something very specific, and not necessarily going with what I want to write about. Maybe it’s the Blog Olympics, I don’t know. But although it felt like a great honour to do a few sponsored posts – there were a couple of book reviews, and there’s a chocolate review and giveaway going up tomorrow – I feel like I haven’t written about what I want to write about for a long time. So I’m going to forget about restrictions with sponsored posts etc, and just do what I want. Maybe get back into the habit of Tracklisting Tuesdays. We’ll see.
  • I want to read and comment on other blogs more. I feel like with my writing, so too has my reading fallen by the wayside a bit. I also want to, instead of just thinking about what I could write as a comment, actually commenting it.
  • I want to change my blog name. (and maybe go self-hosted). I do really like Books, Tea and a Onesie as a name, but I feel like it puts unnecessary weight on books, and doesn’t mention music at all, which is a bit of an issue. I also want to maybe try going self hosted, but I want to be really sure about my name before I do that. So, as I’m at a bit of a dead end…any suggestions?
  • (Seriously, I would really like suggestions)

So the main gist is that I just want to forget about boundaries a bit, and go back to just blogging for the fun of it, which I felt I’ve lost a bit recently. With any luck, my blogging motivation will be back soon – watch out WordPress, I’m coming for ya!

(Again, please, any name ideas? ;))

Bye for now!



9 thoughts on “Where I Went & Where I’m Going

  1. Kayleigh says:

    Welcome back to the blogging world hope you had a lovely holiday. Looking forward to seeing some of these changes. I already love your blog but I am certain that these changes will only make me love your blog more!


  2. Xanziepan says:

    You should definetly make sure what your blogging about is what you want to blog about. As for a name it’s a special part of your blog you should come up with, we could give you suggestions but hopefully the perfect one will just come to you!


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