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Although I’m currently on a (entirely unannounced, oops) hiatus/holiday, here’s a guest post I did for Kayleigh to tide you over while I’m gone…

Miserable and Magical

Hello! I’m An Overthinking Teenager (normally found residing over at Books, Tea and a Onesie), and I’m going to talk (read: fangirl excitedly) about my favourite book. First though, I just want to say a massive thank you to Kayleigh for having me – this series of guest posts look brilliant, and I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts :).

13471112763_089bf2511f_nRight, onto my favourite book…it’s obviously hard to pick a favourite, but when I saw this post the first book that popped into my head was R.J. Palacio’s debut Wonder (though I’ve got to say, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell wasn’t far behind!). I absolutely love this book, and it holds the title of being one of the only books to nearly make me cry (I don’t cry at books easily, I don’t know why! I don’t really laugh out loud because of them often either).  Here’s the blurb…

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