Because We Love You…Blog Olympics Extensions

bLOG olympics 2015    1 - 7 july


As you may have guessed from the title, we’ve decided to extend a couple of the blog olympics competitions – specifically, all the ones that are quizzes, for another two weeks. Aren’t we lovely?!? Now, up for grabs we have a special edition of Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl complete with Rainbow Rowell buttons, an e-book of Jerry Kaczmarowski’s brilliant book Sapient (see my review and enter to win a copy here), and the chance to win a copy of Cathy Cassidy’s new crafty book Chocolate Box Secrets, filled with fun chocolate-themed DIY ideas and crafts. How good do those prizes sound?!

Click on each of these links to find out how to enter…

Cathy Cassidy Giveaway

Jerry Kaczmarowski

Rainbow Rowell

Please do enter – these are some truly fantastic prizes! Any questions, just drop us a tweet/DM @blogolympics, email us at or leave a comment down below.

Good luck!

An Overthinking Teenager and Emily @ Always Opinionated Girl


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