Nowhere But Here Competition

Good luck!


Unfortunately this competition is US only, but we have other great competitions and giveaways that are UK only or international.

We have a signed copy of Nowhere But Here By Katie McGarry, but weโ€™re not just giving it away. To win this, you need come up with bikerโ€™s nicknames for the following famous YA characters.

  • Harry Potter
  • Katniss Everdeen
  • Hazel Grace Lancaster
  • Jace Wayland
  • Tris Prior
  • Celaena Sardothien
  • Cath Avery
  • Percy Jackson

Just to clarify, you need to come up with an original nickname that hasnโ€™t before been seen in the novels, a nickname befitting someone who is part of a motorcycle gang, like Oz and Razor from Nowhere but Here.

You can enter the competition by commenting your answers below, tweeting us @BlogOlympics or by emailing them to us at

An Overthinking Teenager and I will narrow it down to the top few, before putting to a publicโ€ฆ

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