BLOG OLYMPICS DAY 1: Discussion Time // Sport In Books

Greetings, athletes! All stretched out and limbered up for a hard week’s Blog Olympic-ing? Yes? Good, let’s begin then!

blog olympics schedule (3)

The wait is finally over, and a month after the idea’s initial conception, it’s time…

For the first event of the inaugural Blog Olympics… a blog discussion on sport in books! Now, the main way this is going to be a discussion is in the comments, but please also feel free to tweet about it (#BOSport) or create your own post response – just link back to this specific post so we can all have a look! Also, if you’re interested in debating more, make sure you’re around at 8:30-9:30 pm BST tonight, as @BlogOlympics will be hosting a Twitter chat, again using the hashtag #BOSport. Please, if you’re going to contribute to these discussions, sign up here (it will literally take a minute, we swear), or preface your comment with a name we can contact you by (can be an Internet pseudonym) and your blog address and/or your Twitter handle. This is just so we can keep track of all you lovely participants!

Now, the formalities are over, so onto the trigger question…though do feel free to expand your discussions within the comments!


Do you think sport is a big enough feature in literature?

Do you think there is a wide enough range of people (e.g. different genders, sexes, nationalities) represented? Do you like reading about sport? Would you like to read about it more or less? What books have you read that have featured sport prominently?


An Overthinking Teenager & Emily @ Always Opinionated Girl


12 thoughts on “BLOG OLYMPICS DAY 1: Discussion Time // Sport In Books

  1. The Cantankerous Clandestine says:

    To be perfectly honest, the sports theme of a book hasn’t really been that much of an importance to me. If I do come across one with sports as a sub-theme, my usual reaction is, “Oh, it has sports… Ehh, why not?” But there’s also the fact that I couldn’t relate to the huge terms the authors use since I’m not a sporty person myself (with exception to Scrabble. Scrabble is a sport in my eyes. XD)

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    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      Hmmm, that’s probably quite r similar approach to me. I do like it if for example they include sports by writing in running playlists…I like finding new music! 😛 and yes, board games are totally sports…exercise of the MIND, PEOPLE! Haha

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  2. chocolatepages says:

    I’m not a big lover of sporty books. I haven’t actually read that many. One I have read and reviewed is this one:
    Book Review: The Cortlandt Boys, by Laura Vanderkam
    It was based in America, I did enjoy the book, but not sure I would pick up another one based mainly around sport. There would need to be large other story lines, whether romance or thrilling parts.

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    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      Ooh, someone on Twitter also mentioned The Cortlandt Boys, so I’ll definitely have to check it out! I think I would read a book solely about sport, so long as it had a clear plot and the characters had a clear purpose (like a goal). I do think it would need some subplots though, like you said. Thanks for contributing, by the way!

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  3. alwaysopinionatedgirl says:

    Personally, despite the fact am possibly the least sporty person on planet earth I really enjoy reading books about sport. So far this year, I’ve read three books heavily featured sport and really enjoyed them. Two of them were about baseball and one was about American football – sports I don’t understand as I’m English. Has anyone read any English books about sport?

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