Finally: The Official Blog Olympics Schedule!

It’s here! Finally! Sorry about the delay, it took longer than expected yesterday and my computer crashed halfway through doing it the first time today…yay! Anyway, it’s here now, and this is what it looks like…

blog olympics schedule (3)

Pretty busy, huh?

Just a couple of quick notes: ‘giveaway’ I think in all contexts here means you literally just have to click a button or two to enter – a ‘competition’, however, you have to do a little extra; to be revealed on the day! All straight giveaways will be open for a week, and competitions for two.

All Twittery stuff will be happening from our official account, @BlogOlympics, and all blog stuff (excluding discussions) on both blogs. The discussions will be taking place on the blogs specified on the schedule.

In terms of Twitter chats, see the schedule for each chat’s hashtag. I’ll be hosting the book soundtrack and genre stereotypes chats, Emily and I are both hosting the general chat (to help bloggers meet new, awesome bloggers) and Emily will be hosting the chat discussing sport in books.

There, I think that’s everything? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment here, tweet me (@booksteaonesie), Emily (@opinionful) or @blogolympics, email me at or the Blog Olympics team at If you haven’t yet signed up and would like to (please do – we’re nearly at 50 signups!), you can sign up here.

Now, who’s looking forward to Wednesday?!? What’s everyone most excited about?



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