End-of-the-Week Wrap Up vol.#10

weekly wrap up

Hello peoples!

As promised (OMG I KEPT A PROMISE I MADE ON MY BLOG) I have returned with my first end of the week wrap up for a rather long time…oops. Anyway, on we go!

On Le Blog

This is going to date back over a week, because I haven’t done one of these for ages and I want to self-promote (sorrynotsorry), and M8 I LIKE LIVING ON THE EDGE. Sorry, don’t know what’s got into me with all this caps lock. #THUGLYFE *weird music you hear in Thug Life videos on Facebook*. Right, what was I on about? Ah yes, self promotion…

  • Um, this is embarrassing…a whole MONTH ago, I gave you an installment of Tracklisting Tuesday that involved mahoosive (MAHOOSIVE? REALLY? WHAT HAS GOT IN TO ME LATELY? I can only apologise…) fangirling over the AWESOME producer Kygo. JUST LISTEN (to quote a Sarah Dessen book title…)
  • I then posted about going to Zizzi for my bezzie’s birthday party, followed by Pitch Perfect 2. Best day ever, amiright? Get ready for drool-worthy chocolate cake photos…
  • I did my first book review that I’ve been contacted and asked to do. WOOP WOOP. Look out for another one soon…Need a reason to click on that ^ handy link? Go support my excitingly fantastic milestone! 🙂
  • I brought back A Discussing Teenager to talk about the human tendency to be pretty judgmental at times.
  • It was the half term holidays, which heralded birthdays, burgers, revision and instant cameras…
  • I kinda-half-not really-got distracted half way through-participated in Armchair BEA…see my intro post here and my discussion about characters and my use of social media for this blog here.
  • I recycled an old TT post, An A-Z Of My Music Library, which seemed to go down well.
  • I reappeared! *waves* Hello there! This post was a general update and bunch of links to #CoolStuff. (It has a #, therefore it’s cool. It belongs on the #CoolWall. WHO GETS THE REFERENCE?)
  •  I had a random outburst of blog love. GO HERE FOR HAPPY FEELS.
  • I reblogged an awesome post by Look Through My Lens on why illness is never a joke. This blog has such reblog-worthy posts, it’s amazing. Go read, people.
  • A new blog happened, all because of Twitter. YAY FOR THE #BLOGSQUAD, PEOPLE! 🙂
  • I reblogged a post from said new blog.
  • I flew (like actually controlled) a plane, and wrote a post basically telling you how not to do it.
  • I wrote an open letter to all the keyboard warriors out there. Hip hip, hooray for my first open letter, everybody!
  • Yesterday I just wrote a couple of quick things, including asking for fanfiction recommendations.
  • AND THAT’S IT! FINALLY! *collapses in a heap of exhaustion, dehydration and starvation* *is essentially dead*

Now, I’m running out of time before I’m sent to bed, so I’m going to skip my normal roundup of other stuff around the internet, and the normal awesome gifs…though I shall try and edit them in at a later point! School is just calming down for me now really, with the end of exams (they went OK…A* in further maths, anybody?!? Shh, no need to mention an A was about 54% and A** is totally a possible thing in the messed up world of further maths). Unfortunately, as I’m Doing My GCSEs, homework and actual classwork is still a thing, especially in Spanish. And my physics teacher is threatening an end of topic test. Double boo. Still, at least I now have more free time. In which to procrastinate. Heehee.

In other news, I had Chinese takeaway for dinner (yay!) which resulted in accidently eating a FLIPPING SPICY JALAPENO PEPPER, which resulted in lots of milk drinking and awkward hopping around the kitchen.


How has your week been? What’s been your fave thing from around le interweb lately?



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